eBay Deal of the Week: 1980 Lamborghini Countach

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Ken Imhoff Lamborghini Countach

For some people, the dream of owning a Lamborghini Countach is one that, unfortunately, never materializes. Ken Imhoff however is not just “some people” and instead of searching for one, he said “screw it!” and built one in his basement. The project took him 17 years and gained international notoriety through such outlets as NPR, Regis & Kelly, Paul Harvey and Ripley’s it Believe or Not. However now Mr. Imhoff has decided to sell his prized bull so he can move onto other projects. Ken’s creation is simply stunning from every angle. Weighing in at 2,400 lbs., this custom Countach features a 377 cu-in Ford Cleveland V8 making north of 500 hp, a Pantera ZF 5-speed transmission, Wilwood 4 piston Super Lite brakes and BBS rims with custom center sections. There are only 4 days left on the auction, so if you’re interested you’d better make your bid quick!


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eBay Deal of the Week: 2001 Ultima GTR

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2001 Ultima GTR

Remember the old saying, “Speed is just a question of money, how fast do you want to go?” Well, for owners of the Ultima GTR the answer is very fast. The Ultima GTR is one of those rare machines that was not designed for the masses. It’s a car owned by individuals who are looking for something a bit different as it offers up performance levels that usually bests those machines produced by the worlds leading manufacturers. The Ultima GTR’s are manufactured by Ultima Sports Ltd of Hinckley, Leicestershire, England and can be sold as a kit, or as full turnkey automobiles. This particular Ultima GTR is a 2001 model that was first registered in 2006, as it was primarily used for display. Sold as a “factory standard version” this GTR is powered by a GM sourced LS6 V8, runs massive 245x35x18 tires up front and 335x30x18 tires out back on custom O.Z. wheels and has a full custom Alcantara interior. It’s a car that’s not for the faint of heart and is something that I would consider an “expert” level machine. So if you’ve always wanted a true exotic but wanted to be different from those around you, then this is definitely your car.

Click through for more photos or click here to go directly to the eBay ad.

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DIY Detailing: Exterior Edition

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Regularly washing and waxing your vehicle is a good habit to have, but if you want your car to look like it just rolled off the lot, you’ll have to kick your cleaning up a notch. No, turning your hose up to full power won’t do the trick, either.

The more you focus on detail, the better results you’ll get, but if you don’t want to take your car in to get it professionally cleaned, there are ways you can make your car shimmer in your very own driveway. Here are a few tips for your DIY detailing.


You probably brushed over rims with a sponge and called it a day, but cleaning this area thoroughly is necessary for making your car look brand new. After you’ve hosed down the rims, use a brush or spray to apply wheel cleaner. Try to get all of those hard-to-reach places, and once you’re finished, dry the rims with a cloth.


If your headlights are dirty or foggy, your car won’t just look a little off — it might be dangerous to drive because the light won’t be as powerful at night. It’s important to keep your headlights clean, and to do so, you generally have to do more than wash it off with a sponge. Popular Mechanics offers a step-by-step guide that only takes about half an hour.

Rust Spot Removal recommends you use a 150 grit wheel and a handheld grinder to smooth out the surface and remove the rust.To remove the rust, carefully use a metal grinding wheel. Don’t overdo it or move too quickly or you’ll end up with a bad situation. For the rest of the rust, use sandpaper and hand buff it. Afterward, apply three coats of primer, waiting 10 minutes in between each coat. Apply the color similarly, but wait 2 hours between each coat. Wait overnight and then wax and wash the spot so as to ensure it blends with the rest of the paint.


Even if you need to clean the toughest grit from your car, it will pay off when you aren’t forking up extra money for a professional cleaning service. Tires, headlights, and rust removal are just the tip of the iceberg. You might consider giving detailing tools as gifts for car enthusiasts, mentions With a bit of a research, who knows what kind of projects you can take on to make your car look better.

Need New Gears? Here’s a tool to help you out!

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RPM Calculator

Ever been standing around a car show and heard one guy ask another… “Hey, what gears you got in that thing?” Ever wonder the reason for the question? Well, gearing has as much to do with how a car performs as the engine. The gears you’re running determine everything from your acceleration and top speed, to fuel economy. Here is a quick online visual calculator that is pretty basic, but incorporates everything you need to know. Simply input your rear axle ratio (you can add a custom ratio if you choose), your tire size, transmission gear ratio and then hit the gas… it’s actually quite a bit of fun to experiment. It may also answer some questions you may have about how to set-up your ride.

Psst… Wanna Buy A Test Track?

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Buried deep in the wilds of Collier County, FL, is a test track that backs up against the Everglades. To call it “remote” and “inhospitable” is like calling the Mojave Desert “sandy”; you’re guaranteed to have alligators, snakes and mosquitos, but you’re also guaranteed that you won’t have too many pesky neighbors to worry about. The location made the track ideal for hot-weather testing, which is why Ford originally built the facility. Ford sold it to Harley-Davidson, and Harley is now looking to divest itself of unneeded real estate. If you’ve got the $7.5 million asking price, the test track can be yours. Read More…

Brand X Engine in Brand Y: Sacrilege?

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1973 plymouth roadrunner
*Photo Credit:

As most of you know, I’m a huge fan of old school muscle cars. Their looks are timeless, their sound is legendary and their attitudes simply can’t be matched. In short, they’re a way of life if you happen to own one. However living the muscle car lifestyle does not come without its headaches. For example, old school engines, while easy to work on, are simply not as reliable or efficient as anything that’s being produced today. Sure having big cubic inches under the hood sounds great, but in the end it gets tiresome paying $4.50 per gallon whilst only getting about 8-10 mpg on a daily basis. Recently at a car show I saw a gentleman with a 1973 Plymouth Road Runner with a modern day 400 hp Chevrolet LS2 under the hood. Now for some, sticking a brand X engine in a brand Y car is a huge no no, but after talking to the owner for a bit, the swap made perfect sense.
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Five Non-Car Products To Use On Your Car

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This is why I said, 'be careful with a heat gun.' Image: Ward Kadel

After years of washing, waxing and turning wrenches on cars and bikes, I’ve got a good feel for what works and what doesn’t. The latest “miracle glaze” polish usually doesn’t look as good or last as long as a good-old-fashioned hand waxing, and I’ve given up trying new cleaners for wheels or preservatives for tires. I know the brands I trust, so I stick with them: ironically, sometimes the best products aren’t even designed for use on cars. Below are five things you probably have around the house today that can serve double-duty when cleaning, polishing or wrenching on cars. Read More…

Mind-Melting Tracked VW Bus

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Some art transcends the human experience, elevates its viewers to a higher state of consciousness—the glory of the Sistine Chapel, the gaze of the Mona Lisa. This astounding tracked VW bus has launched my mind into the stratosphere, has changed my worldview. It’s a life-altering experience. And it’s for sale.

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Dexter Work Sled: On Your Back Sexy

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Dexter Work Sled

There are two trains of thought when it comes to working on your car. You can either throw down some cardboard and wriggle around on your back, or you can go out and purchase a work sled and glide freely around the bottom of your ride. Personally, I’m more of a cardboard guy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate things like the new Dexter Work Sled. Created by designer Stephan Angoulvant, the Dexter Work Sled was designed to aid enthusiasts as they work on their rides. The sled features an ergonomically designed wooden frame with lockable casters to prevent rolling, magnets for holding your tools and integrated LED lamps to light up the underside of your car. For some this little creeper may be a little over the top, but for others it will fit the bill perfectly. Click through for the video.
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Five Car Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Image: Aaron Logan

Let’s be honest here: most of us are guilty of not following a manufacturer’s maintenance schedule to the letter. Sure, we change the oil and (probably) check the air in the tires, but how many of us rotate tires at the exact recommended intervals or change automatic transmission fluid on the maintenance book schedule? Despite this, today’s cars are more reliable that at any other time in history. I haven’t been stranded by the roadside since my Ford Taurus’ fuel pump died in 1990, and I drive a lot of cars from a lot of different manufacturers each year. Most cars today are smart enough to tell you when something is wrong, via idiot lights or flashing trouble codes, All warning lights denote a problem, but some are more serious than others. Below are five that get my immediate attention. Read More…