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Demo Reel: Mike Flores

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The art of taking video and then splicing it together to create one fluent, entertaining movie is an art. It takes practice, patience and an amazing eye for entertainment. The above demo real is for one Mike Flores, off road and automotive filmmaker extraordinaire. The shots he manages to capture with the camera are some of the best I’ve ever seen. Tie that in with some amazing editing and you’ll see why he’s one of the best in the business.


Happy Independence Day

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Toasted Ferrari gets turned into art.

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Anthony James Ferrari 355

If you’re like most people you’ve always lusted after having a Ferrari in your garage. It really doesn’t matter what model it is as long as it’s got that prancing horse on it. If you’re like artist Anthony James you may in fact get what you’re looking for but in an entirely different sense. I have no idea what the story behind this toasted Ferrari 355 is, but I can bet that Mr. James probably picked it up for a pretty good deal.

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Spectacular 1970 Ford 4×4 Farm Truck

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Sure. it’s seen better days and the tinworm has attacked the body in a few places, but overall, this Ford F100 Bumpside is a work of art. Why? Because it’s actually a four wheel drive R/C model. Details on the build can be found here, but my hat is off to anyone with that kind of vision, patience and artistic ability.

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2010 Dartz Prombron Red Diamond Edition: Now With Russian Hookers!

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See those wheels? They're bulletproof.

OK, I don’t really know if the women in these pictures are hookers. Let’s call them “models with an affinity for cash” instead. Do you remember the Dartz Prombron? It was the Russian built uber-luxury SUV that allowed buyers to check the option box for whale-penis leather. They’re back for another go-around, this time touting the Red Diamond Edition of the Prombron.

Since I know you’re eager to pony up a downpayment on the truck’s $1.3 million asking price (it DOES have a tungsten exhaust and gem encrusted gauges, after all), I’m including lots of pictures below. In the interest of journalistic integrity, however, I will not publish the shot of the hooker model straddling the cannon shell, since it’s got nothing to do with the Dartz Prombron Red Diamond Edition. We have our standards, you see.

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Reader’s Rides: Roadrunner’s 1967 Lone Star Limited Mustang

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A reader that goes by the name of Roadrunner sent in pics of her 1967 Mustang Lone Star Limited edition. Painted in Bluebonnet Blue, inspired by the popular and omnipresent Texas wildflower, the cars quickly became known as Bluebonnet Mustangs. All Lone Star Limited editions featured Bluebonnet Blue paint, special fender badging and the Sports Sprint option package. All were coupes, and all featured a blue interior, but customers could choose between the 200 cubic inch inline 6 and the 289 V8. A total of just 175 Lone Star Limited editions were built, and only a handful are still on the road today.

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Reader’s Rides: 2006 Nissan 350z

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2006 Nissan 350z

The HDR effect adds a nice post-apocalyptic look

Reader ppwsixspd (Pike’s Peak white, six speed) sent in pics of his 2006 Nissan 350z, a daily driver he’s building for time attacks. Working with a limited budget (just like the rest of us), his mods are well thought out to give the best gain for the money. Starting with the motor, this Z breathes through a Nismo R-Tune CAI and an AAM plenum spacer. Downstream, it exhales through an HKS Hi-Power exhaust with test pipes replacing the cats (for off-road use only, of course).

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Greetings From The Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance

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Why, yes; that is an entire row of Porsche 917s you're seeing.

Sunday, March 14, was the 15th annual Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance, which yours truly attended for the third year. The event has grown from a regional show to one of international merit, and the cars seem to get better every single year. No matter what era or type of car you’re into, you’ll find the best examples at Amelia Island; it’s become the Eastern U.S. equivalent to Pebble Beach.

I’ll be putting up articles about some of the cars featured over the next few weeks, but here are a few teaser shots. Ever wondered what a party with 18,000 of your closest gear head friends would look like? How about if they brought 275 of the finest classic, street and race cars ever produced. Well, it would look something like these pics, after the jump:

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Hoon’s Heartache: The Land of Forgotten Beauties

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Beware fellow autonauts, for this be a forsaken land full of sorrow and heartache. Even the bold tremble and quake at the horrors that lie beyond these gates. If you choose to enter, be forewarned. You may not return.

Reader’s Rides: Ron’s 2006 Dodge Magnum SXT

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2006 Dodge Manum SXT

2006 Dodge Magnum SXT

Not all classics are old, as Ron Small’s 2006 Dodge Magnum illustrates perfectly. Like our own Mr. Angry, I’ve got a place in my heart for these cars, grossly underappreciated when new. Built on the Chrysler LX platform (shared by the successful Chrysler 300), Magnums were available in models ranging from ‘grocery getter’ (SE, with a 190 hp V6) to ‘holy crap what the hell just passed us’ (SRT-8, with the 425 hp Hemi motor). For added versatility, AWD was an available option on SXT and RT models, making the car more appealing to buyers in northern states. Manufactured for only four model years, Chrysler declared that the Magnum was not “earning its keep” and halted production in March of 2008. Magnums are destined to be collectible, as they represent one of the high points in the joint venture between Daimler and Chrysler.

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