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10 Awesome Front End Conversions.

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Awesome Front End Conversions

I was over at when I spied this crazy Nissan 240sx with the front end of a 1979 Pontiac Trans Am grafted onto it. Granted this is not my personal taste, but it got me thinking about what other front end conversions have been done. Through the years I’ve seen a lot of GM and Ford conversions, but with the crazy amounts of imports roaming the streets I just figured, what the hell… they’ve got to be out there. Enter, one of the coolest forums around and home to some really funky rides. After a quick bit of searching I came up with 7 wild front end conversions that are sure to make you do a double take.
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Are you an Autoholic?

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As we all know the internet is a very vast place. People search day in and day out for information on everything from boats to boobs in an attempt to further educate themselves on topics for which they know nothing about. We here at for example, do our best to bring you a daily dose of everything that pertains to automotive culture and or mobile transportation. Our hope is that it will convert you into becoming more enthusiastic about the hobby that we love and treasure. We know it’s a tough job, but it’s one that we’re more than happy to grab the reigns on. As it happens there are also a few other sites out there in cyberworld that have the same mission as us. This brings me to, a off-shoot of the wildly popular site
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Redneck Ricer

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Cletus insisted his custom rear spoiler added serious downforce, but it made the garage smell a little gamey on wet days.

Source: That Will Buff Out

Mr. Angry’s Gift Giving Advice for the Holiday’s.

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Holiday Gift Ideas

Isn't that Vette' awesome?

As car enthusiasts we’d like you to take a moment to realize how important the holiday’s are to us. It’s the one time of year that we actually have the opportunity to get what we want, but that only happens if you follow the rules. For example, you as the gift giver, may think that a $100 gift card to the local mall is a wonderful thing. You’re thinking, “This is a perfect gift, my special someone can go out and get some socks, a shirt and maybe some pants”. Well… you’d be wrong, as this is in fact a terrible gift and one that will ruin our entire holiday and most likely our New Years as well.
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5 Automotive trends that are thankfully fading away…

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Throughout the years the automobile has been the subject of countless tacky and tasteless trends. Arguably some are better than others, but in the end the majority of these are downright reprehensible. The 1960’s for example saw the advent of vinyl tops, the 1970’s brought us louvers that covered our rear windows and the 1980’s saw the creation of cars that actually talked to us via a funky digital microchips. Most of these trends were created by the automotive manufacturers themselves, but then in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s the aftermarket industry seemed to kick into high gear, and with that came some of the most heinous pieces of add-on trash the world has ever seen. Below is a quick list of five items that are thankfully starting to disappear into the annals of automotive history.
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RideLust Asks: What’s On Your Holiday Wish List This Year?

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The holiday season is upon us, whether you’re ready for it or not. If you’re a gear head, that means certain disappointment unless you spell out, in specific detail, exactly what you want. Don’t expect your wife or girlfriend to know that the Magnaflow exhaust puts out five horsepower more than the Ansa exhaust; unless you lay it out in detail, she’s going for the one that’s cheaper or comes with free shipping. If you don’t want argyle socks or a bottle of cologne, it’s best to give your significant other a list, providing as much detail as possible.

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RideLust Asks: What’s The Most Disappointing Car You’ve Ever Owned?

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We’ve all been there before: as a kid, you get a new toy only to realize that it’s nowhere near as cool as it looked in the commercial, or maybe it doesn’t even survive from Christmas to New Years without breaking. Later in life, maybe you realize that the hot blonde exchange student you’ve been trying to close the deal with has personal hygiene issues, or breath that smells like rotting fish and ass. Maybe you work hard to join a country club, only to realize that every other member is a complete tool, and you’ve got nothing in common with any of them. No matter what the details, one thing is for sure: life will disappoint you.

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Catalytic Converter Theft: One More Thing To Keep You Up At Night

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Stolen catalytic converters. Photo: KSL

If you drive a lowered MX-5, chances are good you don’t have to worry about getting your catalytic converter stolen. Drive an SUV, on the other hand, and it’s something you may want to think about. All it takes is a tweaker with a battery-powered Sawz-all, and your platinum-rich catalyst can be gone in a few minutes, even if your car is safely parked in your driveway. He gets up to $300 from a metal recycler or scrap yard, and you get a bill from your dealership that ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

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Top 20 Cars Named After Animals.

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Mercury Cougar

Over the years automakers the world over have used animal names to describe their newest cars. These names are supposed to immortalize the true essence of these cars and portray to their owners the automobiles inner spirit. More often than not however these names are ill-seated at best and unfortunately at the end of the day, don’t do the poor animal any justice at all. Below is a listing of 20 cars that have taken their names from members of the wild kingdom. Some are appropriate, others, well… not so much. Either way though you can’t blame the manufacturers from trying to put a little personality into their rides.
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Shelby Out of Gas in Factory Five Court Case.

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Factory Five Racing

The Shelby Cobra is probably one of the most recognizable automobiles ever created. Its shape, sound and persona are legendary, as are the vast amount of replicas that have been produced over the years. Factory Five Racing is one such replica company, as they’ve been pumping out beautiful recreations of these cars since 1995. Over the last few years though FFR has been tied up in a court battle with Carroll Shelby, due to the fact that Shelby felt that he had the right to trademark the iconic shape of the 427 S/C Cobra. Keep in mind now the original Cobra was base off an AC, a car for which Shelby had nothing to do with.
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