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Automatic Transmissions: How they work

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Automatic Transmission

There are certain things in the universe that will always remain a mystery to all but the smartest of individuals. Things like black holes, figuring out what women want, and of course, how to fold a fitted sheet. In fact those guys can go fuck themselves. Taking it down one notch from the aforementioned top 3 is the automatic transmission, or more appropriately, how it works. The following two videos take us through, in layman’s terms, how these marvels of engineering help to get us around on a day-to-day basis.


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How Low is TOO Low?

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Lowered Cars

I always get a kick out of street cars that have been lowered within an inch or two of the tarmac. Sure it looks good, but 9 times out of 10 lowering these things makes them completely undrivable. Road imperfections, potholes, speed bumps and even foul weather are the enemies of a lowered car. Hell, even getting in and out of a driveway can be a hassle. Understand that manufacturers go through great lengths making sure that their cars will perform flawlessly in all sorts of conditions, because in the end, these are street cars. That doesn’t stop the masses though from tinkering. It’s a tough choice… do you go for looks alone or usability?

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3 Ways Cars Are Just Like Facebook

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Facebook is an innovative way to socialize online, but a realm for sharing information and communicating existed long before Facebook came around — and no, I’m not talking about Friendster.  I’m talking about the realm of the road.

Before the Web 2.0 way of doing things, people used bumper stickers and decals to express the details of their lives.  So if Facebook perishes in the future, don’t worry — there’s an old-school way to express yourself to the masses.  In this article, I’m going to address the three best ways cars are capable of communicating Facebook-esque information.

  • Activities and Interests

Facebook devotes a whole section to a user’s interests and favorite things to do.  A friend can browse your page and discover you’re one of the 12 million people on Facebook who like “Twilight” or one of the thousand people who like trapper keepers.  (Someone’s going to have to explain that one to me.) But think about it: Cars parade around the drivers’ interests, as well.  Consider the car below:

Apparently, this person likes diving, Earth, healthy eating, Apple products, short people, and covering important life investments with stickers. Bumper stickers and Facebook interests are a lot alike. Now all we have left to do is slap a “Facebook Like” on every car with awesome decals.

  • Relationship Status/Family

Oh, the family-oriented.  You know the type: the Facebook friend with a professional photo of her baby grinning as her profile picture or the acquaintance who was recently tagged in 47,000 wedding pictures. These people are proud of their relatives, and they love flooding the news feed with tragically forced family portraits.

You can show off your family while driving, too, and people have been doing it for years.  They stick little decals of adults, children, and even pets to their car windows in order to display their families’ character.

Instead of posting a picture of their baby for all to see, they put a “Baby on Board!” sign in the passenger window.  Now everyone knows your neighbors have two boys, one baby girl, and a dog that looks to be a mix between Labrador retriever and an ink blot test.

  • Political/Religious Views

Religious and political views passively hang out on a person profile all year, but that’s not enough. Many people have to voice their specific opinions on political policy by joining groups or posting political status updates.

Bumper stickers can play the same role.  When an election is just around the corner, drivers love displaying their political stances on their bumpers for all to see.  It doesn’t matter if it’s on the Internet or out in public — people want their voices heard.


These aren’t the only things cars and Facebook have in common.  People who paint, “Happy 16th Birthday!” or, “Just Married!” on their cars are essentially announcing events in the classic Facebook manner.  People who read your bumper sticker and let you into their lane are basically clicking “like.”

Communication and interaction might not be as explicit while driving as it is while posting on Facebook, but it definitely exists. If Facebook ever crashes, rest assured, we can always scramble to buy thousands of bumper stickers and create a mobile profile. Or we can just use Google+.

Using Facebook while driving can be dangerous for your car insurance quotes . The same can be said for reading bumper stickers. We’ve all inched a little too close in an effort to read that hilarious tiny print. So, stay safe out there drivers, and enjoy the conversation.

Nissan Juke R Blends Juke CUV with Nissan GT-R

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Nissan's Juke R concept. Image: Nissan

I’ll let you down up front: Nissan isn’t bringing it’s Juke R uber-crossover to market, and you won’t be able to buy one any time soon. In fact, Nissan is only building two, one in left hand drive and one in right hand drive, and we seriously doubt that anyone outside of Nissan will have an opportunity to take one for a spin. Read More…

A Visit To APR Tuning

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APR's 34,000 square foot headquarters in Opelika, AL. Image: APR

When it comes to cities with ties to world-class tuners, what comes to mind? If Mercedes is your thing, you’d probably say Affalterbach, Germany, home to AMG. Perhaps you’d say Asaka, Saitama, Japan, home to Mugen, if fast Honda’s are your passion. Closer to home, Livonia, Michigan, home of Roush Performance, may come to mind if you’ve got a penchant for fast Mustangs.

If you’re a Volkswagen or Audi fan, your performance mecca is Opelika, Alabama, home to APR, LLC and one town over from Auburn University. Founder (and Auburn grad) Steven Hooks simply wanted to create a shop where VW and Audi owners could go for repair and tuning services, without fear of getting ripped off. What started as a hobby has grown into a worldwide business that includes both street and track performance for Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat, Audi and Porsche vehicles. Read More…

Powerblock Projects Rock

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Image: Powerblock TV

Every weekend, I can guarantee you my husband will be watching the entire Powerblock TV lineup on Spike.  In between my domestic engineer duties (read: housework), I try and catch the episodes as well.  I absolutely love seeing them take what is usually a hunk of junk and turn it into something really special.  If we had the means and the space, we’d each have a pet project car.  Alas, we have neither but at least Powerblock allows us to live vicariously. Read More…

The First Car Blues

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Not my exact car, but close. Needs more rice.

[Kurt’s note: This article marks the official debut of Jen Stadler on RideLust. You’ve already read her stuff in the “Learning To Fly” article, and I think you’ll agree that she’s got a RideLust sense of humor. She’s another misfit with 5w30 in her veins, so please welcome her to the RideLust family.]

My retinas are still smoking, but my appetite finally came back from reading Mr Angry’s list of 30 Custom Cars from around the world. Unfortunately for me, I saw more than a few similarities between those chariots of fire and my own first set of wheels. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say many of those in my age group made dubious “modifications” to our cars in the name of coolness, so at least I wasn’t alone. The difference between, say, my parents’ generation and mine is that their Mustangs, GTOs, and Roadrunners still look awesome and fetch big money at Mecum; our Civics and Focuses? Not so much. Read on, to see what I mean. Read More…

Too Much Isn’t Enough: Lingenfelter’s Latest CTS-V Upgrade

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Horsepower and art combined. Image: Lingenfelter

If you’ve been holding back on buying a Cadillac CTS-V because 556 horsepower just wasn’t enough for you, Lingenfelter Performance has your back. Go ahead and buy that CTS-V, then have it shipped to Lingenfelter in Decatur, IL, for the full-meal-deal LPE package install. The net result will be over 700 horsepower at the crank, and 623 rear-wheel horsepower. The full LPE package will also give you 617 ft lb of torque at the rear wheels, which ought to make light work of turning those expensive Michelin Pilots into tire smoke. Read More…

So This Is What A $670k Fiat 500 Looks Like

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Opulance, I has it... Image: Carscoop

I’ll say this upfront: if spending $670,000 to customize a Fiat 500 sounds like a reasonable proposition, you have too damn much money. One Chinese businessman (name and address withheld) is guilty as charged, because the car pictured here was more than just a design exercise; it was, in fact, built to the man’s specifications. The starting point was an Abarth edition Fiat 500 convertible, but things went downhill from there. Read More…

Are You Ready For The Zombie Apocalypse?

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We here at RideLust have given you lots of useful information on surviving the zombie apocalypse, but I have to give props to this video tutorial created by the guys at Mighty Car Mods. Not only does it show you how to build the ultimate zombie mobile (from materials at hand), but it also gives you useful information on weaponry and, um, sourcing food (not for the faint of stomach). Overall, the advice is solid, but I’d disagree on a few key points (like cutting a hole in the roof). A stand-up gunport is of limited use (ever try to make a head shot from a moving vehicle?), and it just gives zombies one more point of entry. Personally, I’d advise against it, and I’d advise against taking out the windows before you screen them. Tempered glass (behind metal screening) still offers reasonable protection from bodily fluids and zombie intrusion. I say leave it in.

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