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Ridelust Tip: What Side is Your Gas Cap On?

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Fuel Gauge Tip

If you’re anything like me then you’ll jump at the chance to drive anything that’s different from your daily driver. I could care less if it’s a twenty year old Toyota Tercel or a brand new Lamborghini, if you offer me the keys, it’s very doubtful I’ll say no. Because of this mindset I’ve manage to finagle myself behind the wheel of some pretty trick hardware over the years which in turn, has helped me build up my knowledge of cars. There is however one tidbit of information that, regardless of the car, I just can never seem to remember: what side of the car is the fuel tank on? I know it seems insignificant, but in reality it’s not. I hate, and I mean really hate pulling up to a crowded gas station only to find that I’ve pulled up on the wrong side of the pump. So here’s a quick little tip that’s applicable to most late model cars.
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The RideLust Guide to Dog-Proofing Your Car

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My dog possesses a remarkable talent – the ability to projectile vomit. I’d put him up against any grade schooler or member of GWAR in terms of quantity, color and surprise factor. My dog will do it at any time most inconvenient for me – while I’m eating dinner, when I’m walking him past a school bus full of kids stopped at a red light, on my pillow at 3 a.m. – you name it. I’m a conscientious dog owner and had the vet check him out numerous times, and there’s never anything wrong with him. Normal dogs vomit every now and then – he just does so like the Bellagio fountains.

As car rides are one of my dog’s hallowed activities, I was rather concerned that the back of my WRX would wind up looking like a frat house bathroom. My car has cloth seats and although my dog will happily “clean up” after himself, his vomit leaves stains and odors that linger. Additionally, as those of us with cloth seats know, dog hair sticks to cloth like Velcro, which is particularly annoying for me as my dog is white and the interior of my car is black. Suffice it to say, after my dog enjoyed a few trips in the WRX, I did some research on preventative measures, which I detail below.  Please note that these are my own recommendations and I did not receive any compensation from the manufacturers listed. Read More…

Heads Up: Car Thieves Don’t Take New Years Day Off

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One way to keep your car safe. Image:

According to the latest data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, you’re more likely to have a car stolen on New Year’s Day than on any other holiday, and New Year’s Day even trumps the average daily theft rate. The NICB just released their latest analysis of car theft rates in 2008 and 2009, and it includes a handy breakdown of theft rates per holiday. In 2009, an average of 2,276 vehicles were stolen per day in the U.S. On holidays, the theft rates were:

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The Idiot’s Guide To Idiot Lights

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Back in the stone ages of motoring, cars came with real instrumentation, typically including a tachometer (to measure engine speed), a speedometer (to measure road speed), a voltage gauge or an ammeter (to measure voltage or current to the battery), an oil pressure gauge, an oil temperature gauge, fuel gauge and a coolant temperature gauge. Over the years, car makers realized two things: it was cheaper to replace functional gauges with idiot lights, and people actually paid more attention to idiot lights than they did gauges. Thus was born the modern instrument panel, which now typically includes a speedometer, a fuel gauge and (maybe) a temperature gauge and tachometer. All of the other critical information your car can display to you is now done via the driver information display or via idiot lights.

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Catalytic Converter Theft: One More Thing To Keep You Up At Night

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Stolen catalytic converters. Photo: KSL

If you drive a lowered MX-5, chances are good you don’t have to worry about getting your catalytic converter stolen. Drive an SUV, on the other hand, and it’s something you may want to think about. All it takes is a tweaker with a battery-powered Sawz-all, and your platinum-rich catalyst can be gone in a few minutes, even if your car is safely parked in your driveway. He gets up to $300 from a metal recycler or scrap yard, and you get a bill from your dealership that ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

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Weasels Ripped My Flesh? No, But Rabbits Ate My Wiring

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If you park at Denver International Airport, specifically the Pikes Peak lot, you may want to throw a roll of chicken wire in your trunk to wrap your car after you park. Break ins aren’t a problem, but hungry rabbits are. Rabbits and mice, it seems, are attracted to the wiring used in 2002 and later vehicles. The wiring contains a soy-based ingredient that critters find delicious. If the cases reported on in the video are any indication, German cars taste better than American or Japanese cars, so consider yourself warned.

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The Idiots Guide to the Rear Differential.

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Ever try to describe how the rear differential on a car works? Honestly, it’s a total bitch with the outcome usually ending up with confused looks by both parties involved. The above video was made by General Motors in the 1930’s and is so easy to follow that it’s painful. At first it seems like something that should be shown in an elementary school, but the more you watch it the more you’ll realize how truly easy it is to understand and more importantly, why GM produced it. If you’re a car guy or gal and always wondered what made your wheels spin, well then look no further because this little flick explains it perfectly. Wouldn’t it be great if all of life’s mysteries were so easy to explain.


New iPhone App Gives You Instant Car Repair Estimates

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Wouldn't it be good to know what a repair should cost?

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was an app that told you, based on local rates in your area, just how much a specific repair should cost? Wouldn’t it be even better if it broke things down separately by parts and labor? How about if it gave you steep by step directions, compiled by mechanics and complete with photos, on how to do the repair yourself?

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Should you stop to lend a helping hand?

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Here’s a question for you. If you were driving down some dark deserted road, be it in an urban area or in the middle of nowhere and you came upon a motorist in trouble, would you stop to help? Instinctively I bet that you’d want your answer to be “Yes”, but just stop and really think about this for moment. 9 times out of 10 the odds that something bad could happen from your actions as a good samaritan are very small. What about if something does happen though, then what? When I was younger and saw people in trouble the odds of me stopping to help out were pretty good. I’d first assess the situation and then see if there was truly anything I could do, if not I’d usually offer up a cell phone, or a ride if the person was stranded.
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Conventional Oil vs. Synthetic Oil: A Brief Explanation

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The guys over at Edmunds Inside Line always put out some great stuff. Take this quick video they did on the differences between conventional motor oil vs. synthetic. Sure it’s not that long, but it doesn’t have to be to answer a few simple questions that the general public has been asking for years. Obviously at the end of the day you want to read your cars owners manual for the straight truth as it pertains to your specific vehicle. At least now though you’ll have a better understanding of what makes your car tick.