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Bike Parkour -Streets of San Francisco!

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Bike Parkour

When I first heard about the sport of parkour I actually laughed a little bit to myself. I mean sure, it’s somewhat cool when people catapult themselves off interesting objects, but otherwise, it doesn’t do a damn thing for me. Bike parkour on the other hand… well, that’s something completely different.


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The Racers

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The Racers

For some people it comes down to the heat of battle. For others it’s the relationship they have with their machine. And yet for others still, racing is something that is so ingrained in their psyche that it’s almost unexplainable. Click through to see exactly what I’m referring to.


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50 Years of Mustang From Stern Pinball

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Stern Pinball Mustang

Stern Pinball has been making pinball machines for decades and to celebrate 50 years of the Ford Mustang, they’ve decided to release their best game yet along with one helluva video to back it up! Click through and check it out.

Source: sternpinballinc

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Full grown adult males, plastic ride-on toys made for children, and a very steep hill that’s riddled with dirt, rocks and trees.

Seriously, what could go wrong…


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10 Supercars in Film of the 1980s

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The 1980’s was a time when car phones were a sign of wealth and Thomas Brothers guides were essential.  Car manufacturers built in boxy and unappealing design elements that emphasized safety and practicality. Fortunately, the movies are a place where imagination intersects with disbelief.  During this era, Hollywood resisted practicality and reasonability to produce some of film and televisions most iconic cars. These cars spawned imaginations everywhere. Here is a list of ten top movie cars of the 1980’s.

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Opening GP Brasil 2013

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Formula 1

Ever wonder what Formula 1 racing would look like if you could follow it from its inception via a child’s imagination? If so, then great.

Now click through and check it out.


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Wagon Attack: Civic Attack

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Civic Wagon

Luke Wilcox, the owner of this 1989 turbo AWD Civic Wagon had a vision one day. It was to take his little shit-box to places it had never been before. He had no delusions of grandeur in the beginning, but over time he felt that his little Civic truly needed to explore the world. First stop was Detroit, MI and the second… Iceland. Go figure.


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An Honest Review of The Triumph Bonneville

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Triumph Bonneville

Sometimes motorcycles and cars are used for one thing and one thing only – transportation. The Triumph Bonneville is one such machine. It’s not overly flashy, isn’t really a great performer and honestly, it doesn’t do anything particularly well. It is however reliable and practical. Until that is, the stock suspension makes you cry.

Source: RegularCarReviews

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Grass Kart Racing – Crazy Speeds

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Grass Kart Racing

When I was a kid my father built me a go-kart out of wood, a few wheels from the hardware store and a piece of rope. It was a blast of a ride and as a young kid, the fastest thing I’d ever been on. It seems that fznowadays though home built rigs like that are few and far between, which is why I got so excited to see the following video. Sometimes all it takes is a hill, a little ingenuity and the will to go fast.


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Mustang vs Porsche 911 vs Buggy: SEMA SHOWDOWN

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A Porsche, a Mustang and an Ultra four buggy walk into a bar… That sounds like the beginning of a good joke right? Unfortunately, the outcome is pretty much as you’d expect, but that doesn’t mean shouldn’t click through and check it out ’cause the following video is actually quite enjoyable!


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