Ten Vehicles We’ve Been Waiting a Century For

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Here’s a gem we should have never forgotten. In the year 1900, Jean-Marc Côté and a collection of other French artists created a series of postcards for the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris. The subject of the postcards: France in the year 2000. The idea caught on and Russian and German prints were released in the years that followed. The result, a number of incredibly awesome new modes of transportation. The world would be so much cooler if this is how we got around.

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Show the Drive – What is it about?

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Show the Drive

Road trips are without a doubt, one of the best things you can do with your car. Pick a spot on a map, get in your ride and go. It’s not rocket science and it’s a great way to spend a day, weekend or full week on the road. I’ve crisscrossed the United States 8 or 9 times by car and every time I travel I find new and more interesting places. is a cool website that allows drivers to not only plan a wonderful route, but catalog and share it with other motorists. Find new and interesting stops by visiting their “Challenges” section, or simply compare your route to the one others have taken. Wherever you decide to go though, make sure to check this out first as it’s a pretty cool concept and one that I’m sure I’ll be using soon.


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Seattle To Maine, In Under Five Minutes

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I-90, somewhere in Montana. Image: smithje77

You Tube user smithje77 was moving his family from Seattle to Maine, so he did what any of us would have done: he wrote a script in python to have his Droid take an image every ninety seconds, then he set this to video and dubbed in a Woody Guthrie tune, which he also performed.

And by “any of us,” I mean not me. I’m adept with an iPhone, but I draw the line at writing apps. As for setting images to video, I still struggle with Photoshop, and I’m fairly sure that people would pay me large amounts of money to NOT sing. I sure as hell can’t play guitar, but I have driven across this country more times that I care to ponder. Read More…

I’m Back – Made it to California!

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Welcome to California

That’s right, we made it! We just conquered 2,987 miles in a 22-foot Penske box truck with a bench seat, 71 mph top speed, archaic suspension and an average fuel economy of 7.4 mpg. It was a long road (literally) but thankfully one that was void of any bad tidings. I’ve done a lot of cross country driving over the years, but I have to say that this particular run was very special. You see this one was a life changer for this native New Yorker, as California is about as close to New York as oil and water when it comes to people, weather and life philosophy. One thing however that remains constant though are the cars… those wonderful, wonderful cars.
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Which States Have The Highest Speed Limits?

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Image: Pat Hawks

From 1974 though 1987, 55 miles per hour was the national speed limit. In the early days, the limit almost made sense, since those were the dark times between our first and second gas crisises. Back then, most cars on the road weren’t getting 30 miles per gallon, so restricting speed in the name of fuel savings became the logical thing to do. Somewhere along the line, groups embraced the 55 mile per hour speed limit since it was “safer” than the old 70 mile per hour limit. When the double-nickel fell in 1987, those opposed to raising the national speed limit predicted carnage, death and highways flowing red with blood. Read More…

It’s Time… I’m Moving to California

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Heading to California

It’s true… I’m moving to sunny California. In fact I’m currently 625 miles into my journey as I type this from my hotel room from someplace in Ohio. Understand that moving 3,000 miles away from the Motherland (New York City) for me is a big deal. You see I’ve lived my entire life in and around the boroughs of Manhattan. In fact I was born in NYC proper at the now defunct St. Vincents Hospital down in Greenwich Village. I’ve lived in 5th floor walk-ups, battled giant rats one-on-one that would kill a normal man, and had all manner of guns, knives and pipes pulled on me on the subway. I was also right there in the mix on 9/11, a day that will forever be burned into my psyche as one of the worst days of my existence. In some ways being a New Yorker has made me hard and mean with a short fuse that can be ignited at a moments notice, but it’s also made me sharp as a f*ckin’ razor when it comes to people who try to get one over on me. New York is a blessing and a curse, but in the end, it will always be who I am.
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BMW’s Ultimate Drive App Finds The Best Roads Near You

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Ever try to find entertaining roads if you’re new to an area, or just passing through? You could try to hit up locals, but that takes time and research. You could go to Google Maps, but that doesn’t tell you much about road conditions, speed enforcement or even average traffic volume. It certainly doesn’t rate the roads on their entertainment value, which means you’ve got to eat a lot of soggy, tastelessly sweet popcorn before you snag a prize. Read More…

The Five Worst States To Speed In

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Image: Fábio Pozzebom, Agência Brasil

Mike and I are just back from One Lap of America. In case you’re not familiar with the event, it involves driving ten or so events at about eight different tracks over an eight day period. Race tracks in the United States are not conveniently located next to one another, and part of the One Lap Challenge is the transit legs. One leg in this year’s event involved driving nearly 700 miles after racing two events; in other words, you don’t even start the drive until mid-afternoon. Technically, you can go from event to event driving the posted speed limit (as some teams do), but you forgo a significant amount of sleep. It comes down to this: you need to push hard enough to get as much rest as possible, without jeopardizing your license or becoming a temporary resident of some backwater county jail. Read More…

Time-lapse of San Francisco-Paris Flight.

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From San Francisco to Paris

A standard flight from San Francisco, CA to Paris, France is just under 5,600 miles and can take anywhere from 13-15 hours. It’s a hell of a run and after all that time sitting in one place the odds of a person getting a little shaky are about 85%, that is unless, you have a way to keep yourself occupied. Photographer Nate Bolt did indeed have a way to occupy his time, in fact he was able to condense his entire 14 hour flight in to just two minutes, by using time lapse photography, some great editing and a little music. Using a time lapse camera, Bolt snapped an astonishing 2,459 photos (2 every 30 seconds) over the course of his flight and in the process captured some of the most amazing images that you’re likely to see. The video was constructed by using a Canon 5d2 camera, a time-lapse controller, and a 16mm – 35mm lens with edits and pans done in After Effects CS5 and iMovie. The entire compilation is pretty incredible so make sure to click through to view the final product.
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Things Are Bigger In Texas, Including Speed Limits

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If any U.S. state secedes from the nation, it’s likely to be Texas. That’s OK with me since my wife was born there, which kind of gives us diplomatic immunity and automatic citizenship. Besides, I’m a firearms instructor, so I can claim that I’ve got a necessary and valuable skill, which is critical anytime you’re asking for political asylum. In the mean time, Texas is about to give those of us who like to drive one more reason to call the Lone Star State home: legislation is in the works that will raise the 70 mile per hour speed limit to 75. Better yet, it will do away with the “nighttime only” speed limit of 65 miles per hour currently in place (Texas is the only remaining state to have a different daytime and nighttime speed limit). Read More…