Viral Dutch Ad For The Hyundai Veloster An Instant Classic

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Rumor has it that this ad was banned from Dutch television as being just a tad too shocking and tasteless. We’re not buying that the ad was ever intended for television audiences, because even the Germans wouldn’t run an ad like this. Our guess is that the ad was created specifically for the internet, since nothing is off-limits in cyberspace.

If you get past the whole shock thing (and I won’t ruin the video by telling you what happens in advance), it’s a pretty funny ad and a good way for Hyundai to promote the practicality of the third door on its upcoming Veloster model. Unless, of course you live in Japan, Australia, Britain or any of the other countries that drive on the wrong side of the road, in which case this ad won’t make any sense at all. Video after the jump. Read More…

It’s On: Tesla Sues BBC’s Top Gear

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Just in case you’ve never seen the BBC television series Top Gear, I’ll summarize it for you: Jeremy Clarkson, the primary host and stand up comic, hates anything that’s battery powered, hybrid powered or diesel powered. He also hates anything from America and most things from Germany, yet he rarely finds fault with anything made in the United Kingdom. His love for Range Rover borders on the absurd, especially when he routinely slams American cars as being prone to electrical component failure. Mr. Pot, I do believe you’re calling Mr. Kettle black. It should come as no surprise, then, that Jeremy Clarkson panned the Tesla Roadster during a segment taped in 2009. After all, the car is built in America (based on a Lotus Elise platform) and powered by batteries, not gas. Read More…

California Workshop Teaches Kids Auto Burglary

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'It's important to use a long enough slim-jim, kids.'

The Machine Project is a non-profit “community space” educational project, aimed at teaching kids age 7 and up their way around tools and mechanical things. While that’s something I entirely support, the Los Angeles program recently ran a class that just leaves me scratching my head. Called, “The Good Kids Guide To Being A Bit Bad: Cars Edition”, the class taught students the finer point of getting into (and in fairness, out of) a car when you don’t have a key. Instruction on the use of putty knives and coat hangers was given, and students were allowed to practice on Machine Project director Mark Allen’s personal car, a Honda Accord. Blood pressure up yet? Wait, because it gets better. Read More…

Former Ferrari Engineer Learns Crime Doesn’t Pay, But It Isn’t Terribly Expensive, Either

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Nigel Stepney (l) with Jean Todt at the '05 Italian GP. Photo: Silverarrows

Nigel Stepney could be a character out of a cold war spy novel. First, he’s got the perfect British-sounding name, so you just know that there’s a KGB agent out there waiting to jab him in the leg with a ricin-capsule-tipped umbrella. In this case, however, it’s not the Russians out to get Stepney, it’s the Italians. Stepney, you see, was an F1 engineer for Ferrari before his termination in July of 2007. Prior to his departure, Ferrari alleged, Stepney had been taking home more than just coffee mugs and staplers. Stepney, it seems, had been spying for the McLaren F1 team.

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Uwe Gemballa Found Dead, Shot Execution Style

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A Gemballa Mirage GT

When legendary Porsche tuner Uwe Gemballa disappeared in February, most of us just chalked it up to a once successful businessman going on the run to avoid prosecution. Unethical, perhaps, but not uncommon, and sooner or later Gemaballa would turn up, get handed over to German authorities, and face trial. Sadly, that isn’t the case, and it looks like Gemballa was the victim of an organized crime hit.

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Fear Of Group Sex Is No Excuse For DUI

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Artist's rendering, not the actual event.

Don’t you hate it when you get liquored up at a party, and suddenly it turns into a full bore, partner trading swap-a-palooza? Actually, I don’t hate that at all, but apparently an unnamed 50 something woman from Sweden hated the idea quite a bit. In fact, she hated it enough to climb behind the wheel with a BAC some 50% higher than “legally intoxicated” in Sweden.

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What Would You Pay For A Piece Of The Stig?

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If you’re Jeremy Clarkson, the answer is probably “quite a bit, as long as the piece is Ben Collins’ head on a platter”. Well, you can’t have that, but if you’re interested you can add the next best thing to your collection. Up for grabs is the Simpson Bandit helmet, complete with iridescent visor, as worn by the Stig himself for several seasons. The helmet is autographed by the Top Gear production crew, Richard Hammond and The Stig, though presumably he didn’t sign it, “Much love, Ben Collins”.

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The Stig Is Ben Collins? Maybe.

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Is this the Stig? Photo: Bidgee

Chances are better than average that RideLust readers are fans of TopGear; even if you hate the show for it’s British sensibilities and anti-American leaning, you still know who the Stig is. Just in case you’ve recently awakened from a 15 year coma, here’s a brief explanation: the Stig is a (somewhat) tamed racing driver, unleashed weekly to flog cars at maximum velocity around the Top Gear test track. Some say his testicles are shaped like the Silverstone circuit, and that his blood is actually synthetic motor oil. All we know is that he’s called the Stig, and his identity has been the subject of mystery and controversy for years.

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NHTSA Has Findings On Toyota Unintended Acceleration, So Why Not Release Them?

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When the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that the NHTSA had found the preliminary cause of Toyota’s unintended acceleration problems, I got a quick e-mail from my buddy Malcolm at Automotive Addicts. He called the breaking news, “more interesting by the minute”, and I was inclined to agree with him. Little did I know how correct Malcolm would turn out to be.

If you weren’t scoping the headlines yesterday afternoon, you may have missed the story. To sum it up, the Wall Street Journal reported that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had completed their initial study of unintended acceleration claims in Toyota vehicles. The NHTSA had reviewed data from dozens of recovered Event Data Recorders (EDRs), and found that in all but one case the cause was driver error. EDR data showed a wide open accelerator and no application of the brakes; in other words, the driver had simply mistaken the gas pedal for the brake. The single case to the contrary involved the California Highway Patrol officer, killed (along with three passengers) when the throttle of a loaner Lexus became entrapped on a floormat.

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Kanye West Drove A Porsche Panamera Turbo?

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2010 Porsche Panamera Turbo

No really, Kanye West drove one?

At least he did when he was in Hawaii. Until his cousin a gang of car thieves crashed it into a house near Diamond Head last Saturday morning. West is off island, so he’s in the clear. His cousin was trusted with keeping an eye on things (including the black Porsche) in West’s absence, and the car was mysteriously reported stolen shortly after the accident. Pure coincidence, I’m sure.

Residents of the area where West is renting a house say that, excepting the occasional loud party, street argument or arriving ambulance, West is a good neighbor.

Is anyone else surprised by the fact that Kanye West drove a Panamera? I thought the dude had style.

Source: KITV, via Jalopnik