BMW’s New M5 In The Flesh

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Image: BMW, via Auto Zeitung

Until now, all we had were thinly disguised spy photos of the new BMW M5. Sure, BMW even released a few teaser vids, but they were careful not to show too much sheetmetal. Thanks the the German magazine Auto Zeitung and 5Post, we now have the official BMW stock images, before BMW has them up in their press section. If you were looking for a radical re-style, you’ll probably be disappointed; on the other hand, BMW knows what M5 fans expect, and subtle changes will draw more buyers into showrooms than a complete styling makeover. Read More…

The Five Most Stunning Race Cars

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Even Porsche's 'Pink Pig' 917 looks good. Image: Big Ben 212

Ask a dozen race fans what the best looking cars of all time were, and you’re liable to get a dozen different answers. I suppose it depends on which series you follow, as well as when you were born and who you watched race. I’ve been a big fan of open wheel racing since as far back as I can remember, but formula cars don’t do anything for me from a design perspective. That’s the point, really, since everything that goes into a formula car is about making it faster or improving handling; design really can’t be factored into the equation unless it coincides with improved aerodynamics. Read More…

Streetcars of Desire: San Francisco Style

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Fiat 500

I was cruising around San Francisco today and just couldn’t help but notice all the old vintage iron that was parked on the streets. New York City is currently experiencing snow, freezing temperatures and salted roads, all things that are not conducive to the longevity of an old car. Around here though it’s friggin’ paradise. After cruising the streets for a few hours I just knew that I had to start snapping some photos. Old Corvairs, El Camino’s, Ford’s, Dodge’s and even a bunch of old VW’s littered the streets. The best part though… they’re all driven! Back in NYC seeing anything that was built prior to 1975 is a rarity, but here in San Francisco it seems to be the norm. I’ll be heading home in a few days and truth be told I’m not overly happy about it. In fact I’m so bummed that I actually met with a realtor today just to see what kind of pads I could get for my hard earned dollar. Who knows, maybe it’s time for ole’ Mr. Angry to head west to the land of 75 degrees and sunshine and give these folks a little bit of my New York charm. Click through to check out all the street side beauties. Read More…

Epic Roadside Graffiti WIN!

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Epic Roadside Win


There’s Slammed, Then There’s Subterranean

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By bolting on a sharpened front bumper, Tiny found that he actually enjoyed mowing the lawn in his truck.

Source: That Will Buff Out

There’s Such A Thing As ‘Too Much Lightness’

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A strict believer in Colin Chapman’s advice to “add lightness” Doug never could make his Jeep Cherokee as fast as a Lotus Seven.

Redneck Ricer

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Cletus insisted his custom rear spoiler added serious downforce, but it made the garage smell a little gamey on wet days.

Source: That Will Buff Out

2010 Rides ‘n Smiles Was Epic Fun For Drivers And Passengers Alike

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Being a journalist occasionally has its perks, especially for members of the Southern Automotive Media Association (SAMA). Every year, on the Saturday following Thanksgiving, SAMA hosts an event at Miami Homestead Speedway for pediatric cancer patients, their families, and the doctors and nurses who treat them. Called “Rides ‘n Smiles”, the event puts kids into sports cars and race cars, and SAMA members get the opportunity to drive them around Homestead Speedway’s road course at safe but entertaining speeds. At the end of the day, the patients get a bag full of donated prizes, a certificate welcoming them into the “100 Mile Per Hour Club” and sore cheeks from laughing and smiling so much.

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This Is Why You Don’t Leave Food In A Hot Car

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There’s a lesson that most of us only have to learn once: never leave food in a hot car, or the stuff will kill you. Even plastic hamburgers, pumped full of more preservatives than they used on King Tut, will go bad in the hot summer sun. It’s hard to say what’s going on here, but I’m pretty sure that it’ll take more than bleach to kill the fuzzy green stuff in this car. I’d start with napalm, personally.

Source: You Drive What?

You Can Have Too Much Of A Good Thing

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“If dual exhausts are good,” thought Vitaly, “then ten exhausts must be better.”

Source: That Will Buff Out