Ten Vehicles We’ve Been Waiting a Century For

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Here’s a gem we should have never forgotten. In the year 1900, Jean-Marc Côté and a collection of other French artists created a series of postcards for the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris. The subject of the postcards: France in the year 2000. The idea caught on and Russian and German prints were released in the years that followed. The result, a number of incredibly awesome new modes of transportation. The world would be so much cooler if this is how we got around.

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Django Django – WOR / Wall of Death Riders

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Wall of Death Riders

What would you do in order to make a living? Would you risk life and limb on a daily basis and, if so, how would you justify it to others. India’s Wall of Death Riders are a group of daredevils who look death in the face for a bit of fame and very little in the way of fortune. Some people say their insane, but for these men, it’s just another day at the office.


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Muscle Car Rescue: They Need Your Help

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Muscle Car Rescue

They say that everyone needs a second chance, but what about everything? Muscle Car Rescue is a group that fights for the rights of underprivileged and abused automobiles that have been left languishing in fields, on the sides of homes and in vacant car ports throughout the country. Yes, their stories are sad, but hopefully, with your help, we can save some of these old steel beasts and return them to their former glory. Check out their video after the jump and make sure to click on the link below for more information.


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Stupidy at its finest: Saudi Style

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Two Wheeled Fail

From practicing drifting on public highways, to performing balancing acts on two wheels, the young men of Saudi Arabia have perfected the art of being jackasses on the open road. Check it out after the jump.


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Flake & Flames – Kustom Kulture Film

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Hot Rodding

There’s really no one way to describe what hot-rodding is to people. Some perceive it as a bunch of guys that roll around in shitty old cars trying to look cool. Others view the hobby as one that brings out the best of your automotive imagination. Whatever group you fall into though, rest assured that most true hot-rodders could give a shit what you think and simply roll to their own tune. Flake & Flames is an upcoming documentary that explores rods in general and gives us all a little insight into why the custom car culture is one of the greatest hobbies to be associated with. Click through and check it out.

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Vannin': A Documentary Trailer

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They’re shirtless, somewhat creepy and into a genre of the motoring hobby that gets absolutely no respect. They’re Vanner’s, and apparently no one told them that the 1970’s have come and gone, and for good reason. You see vans are inherently sketchy. They’re a fathers worst nightmare and a delivery guys best friend. However, when someone shows up with a viking, a black panther and Neptune (the ocean God) painted on the side, well then, it’s time to close the gates and bid them farewell. I’m not saying it’s wrong mind you, but you’ve got to admit, there’s a reason this segment of the hobby is often overlooked.


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Seattle To Maine, In Under Five Minutes

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I-90, somewhere in Montana. Image: smithje77

You Tube user smithje77 was moving his family from Seattle to Maine, so he did what any of us would have done: he wrote a script in python to have his Droid take an image every ninety seconds, then he set this to video and dubbed in a Woody Guthrie tune, which he also performed.

And by “any of us,” I mean not me. I’m adept with an iPhone, but I draw the line at writing apps. As for setting images to video, I still struggle with Photoshop, and I’m fairly sure that people would pay me large amounts of money to NOT sing. I sure as hell can’t play guitar, but I have driven across this country more times that I care to ponder. Read More…

Best Automotive Sticker Ever…

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Me and Your Mom Sticker

Ever see those white outline stickers on the rear windows of SUV’s and minivans that depict a nice happy family? Kurt seems to think that there’s a conspiracy theory at work here and that the stickers were actually designed to be used as a tasting menu for murders and pedophiles. As for me though, I just think they’re heinous… that was however, until now. What we have here is perhaps the best automotive sticker ever. It’s short, to the point and gets its message across in no time flat. It’s genius I tell ya’… pure genius and I want one for my car!

This Can’t Be Good…

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Gator Back

So there you are all pissed off that Mother Nature has decided to water the Earth and royally screw up your weekend plans. Then to top it off you find out that not only is your car half-submerged, but that the local reptile farm has had a security breach. Now normally neither one of these incidents should affect on one another, but just imagine if they did…


Richard Hammond to Get Own U.S. TV Show

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Richard Hammond
*Photo Credit:

Apparently the rumors are true as it seems that Top Gear’s Richard Hammond is all set to get his own automotive related TV show right here in the U.S.. The show, titled “Hard Drive with Richard Hammond” will air on BBC America and feature the hamster criss-crossing the U.S. in search of some of America’s most extraordinary vehicles. According to the site,;

Top Gear has consistently rated as one of BBC AMERICA’s most successful shows. Now Top Gear host Richard Hammond will star in a brand new original series called Hard Drive with Richard Hammond (wt) (6 x 60). Produced by BBC Worldwide Productions and based on the BBC format, World’s Toughest Driving Tests, it features Hammond traveling the U.S. and competing with local experts driving some of America’s toughest and most extraordinary vehicles. The executive producers for BBC Worldwide Productions are Rob Fox, Elli Hakami and Jane Tranter.

Now, we’re not sure how Hammond’s new show will impact shows like Top Gear U.S. and The Car Show, but I’ll you one thing, we’re eager to find out!