McLaren 50 – Courage

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Bruce Mclaren

Icons are not imagined, they’re made from will and perseverance and have the ability to change our culture as we know it. Bruce McLaren was such an icon, and thanks to his ability to push boundaries, his name lives on in automotive culture as we know it today.

“On that beautiful summer day, on that race track, I did something more than leave a name and a memory…”


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“A” Story

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A Story

We all drive for different reasons. For some of us automobiles are just basic transportation, for others they’re an escape from the everyday, and yet for others still (like me) they’re a way to make a living. There are those however whose cars are a family affair, and when that happens it’s pretty much the best thing ever.


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Luna Park Flatland BMX

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Luna Park

Visually striking in every way, historic Luna Park sits on the beach in a suburb outside Melbourne, Australia. The creepy vibe notwithstanding, this old amusement park served as the perfect shoot location for some very talented BMX riders.


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Vannin': A Documentary Trailer

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They’re shirtless, somewhat creepy and into a genre of the motoring hobby that gets absolutely no respect. They’re Vanner’s, and apparently no one told them that the 1970’s have come and gone, and for good reason. You see vans are inherently sketchy. They’re a fathers worst nightmare and a delivery guys best friend. However, when someone shows up with a viking, a black panther and Neptune (the ocean God) painted on the side, well then, it’s time to close the gates and bid them farewell. I’m not saying it’s wrong mind you, but you’ve got to admit, there’s a reason this segment of the hobby is often overlooked.


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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: Michael Richards

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Michael Richards

This is the reunion that every Seinfeld fan has been waiting for. Jerry and Kramer back together again. For the season finale of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”, Jerry talks with old friend and co-star Michael Richards about comedy, little girls and an odd visit to comedian Jay Mohr’s house..


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Chasing The Dream: The Dick Eytchison Story

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Dick Eytchison

Wine, wisdom and your favorite pair of jeans. Three things that always get better with age. Automobiles though… well, that’s actually a tough one. In some respects they’re just like people. They’re parts were out just like ours do, however that doesn’t mean that at some point we each can’t get a new lease on life. 68 year old Dick Eytchison is recovering from open heart surgery and to celebrate he decided to have a little fun by revamping his 1965 Chevelle four door and racing it in events all over the Southwestern United States. Click through to check out his story.


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Danny MacAskill Vs San Francisco

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Danny MacAskill vs San Francisco

Calm, collected and soft spoken is what makes Danny MacAskill such a joy to watch. One of the best trials riders in the world, MacAskill makes even the hardest and most technical tricks look easy. He rides for fun which in turn has allowed him to travel the world sharing his talents with all those willing to watch. His latest adventure brings him to the city of San Francisco where he navigates its streets, hills and natural landscapes in a quest for trials nirvana.


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Would you rebuild or buy new?

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Charger Crash

As most of you know I am the proud owner of a 1968 Dodge Charger. It’s a car that I wanted since childhood and back in 2003 I was finally able to make it happen. Since then I’ve done A LOT of stuff with that car. I’ve been on TV, driven it across the country six times, raced it and even drove to my wedding in it. In short, this car is a part of our family and the memories I have because of it are priceless. A buddy recently asked me if something were to happen to it whether I’d rebuild it or buy something new, and without hesitation I said- rebuild. For it was a total no-brainer, but for others the answer may not be so easy. So I’m curious, if you owned a car that was very special to you and your family, would you re-buy or re-build?

The American Eagle Flies Again: Louis “Rocket” Re

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There is no question that Louis “Rocket” Re is a bit on the crazy side. I mean anyone that wants to emulate famed stunt icon Evel Knievel would have to be, right? Re has not only followed in Knievel’s footsteps, but he’s even attempting the same exact stunts on the same antiquated equipment that Evel used all those years ago. Case in point; his 1970 Laverda 750 American Eagle motorcycle. Keep in mind that this bike wasn’t that great from the factory, so attempting to jump it is well, suicide. Re’s philosophy though is simple as he states, “Most people are scared to follow their dreams. They had rather keep those dreams back in their minds and say: “Well – maybe someday.” And usually that someday doesn’t happen.”

This is something we simply can’t argue with. Click through for the video.


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Automotive Secrets: Do You Keep Them?

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Top Secret

Being a new transplant to the state of California I’m trying hard not to piss people off until after they get to know me, however it’s proving more difficult then I anticipated. Yesterday was just another sunny day here in CA, so I decided to take my ’68 Charger out for a spin. I cruised around for little bit, hit the highway and some back roads and finally came to rest at a little coffee shop where I figured I treat myself to a nice cup-o-joe to round out my day. I parked out front, walked in and proceeded to order. As I was in line a gentleman began to inquire about my car and mentioned that he too had an old Charger of the 1970 vintage. He asked me about the engine, suspension modifications and what wheel and tire size I was running, all of which I answered honestly.
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