Detroit: Bankrupt, But Is Rich In History

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Detroit has essentially been “the Motown roller coaster.” It is worth looking at the history of this Michigan city, which dates back to 1701, to gain a perspective on it’s growth and eventual decline. At that time, what is now referred to as the Motor City, started as a fort in the wilderness. A French settler by the name of Antoine Laumet de Lamothe Cadillac founded Detroit, which was then a mere fort.

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Richard Hammond grants Emilia’s Rays of Sunshine Wish

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Richard Hammond

It’s rare in this day and age that we see celebrities doing completely selfless things. Granted, many charitable deeds are done behind the scenes that we’ll never be privy to, but sometimes it’s nice to see one that’s made public. Top Gears Richard Hammond recently got together with the “Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity” to help one little girl have a very special day…

Well done Mr. Hammond. Well done indeed…

Source: raysofsunshinecc

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Ridin’ High in 1977

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Super Van Movie

The mid-to-late 1970’s here in the United States was a pretty interesting time period. The Vietnam War was over, disco was in full-swing and people simply wanted to express themselves anyway they could. The custom van culture was a prime example of this and although considered to be EXTREMELY creepy by today’s standards, you’ve got to give these guys some credit as they came up with some pretty interesting rides.


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Honda Project Drive-In – The Reveal

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Honda Drive-In

The drive-in movie theater is just as much a piece of Americana as is hot apple pie or baseball. From the 1950’s throughout the 1980’s drive-in’s were scattered throughout the country. However over the last 25 years, with the advent of digital projectors, there popularity has sadly fallen. Honda has recently launched a campaign to save some of these wonderful theaters and help keep the tradition going strong. It’s called Honda Project Drive-In and thus far they’ve helped out quite a few family owned theaters. You can get more information by clicking on the following link:, but make sure to also check out the video after the jump.


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Patrol Vehicle Operation: 1960’s Style

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Old Patrol

Body roll, bias-ply tires and brakes so bad that maybe you’d get one or two good stops out of them before the pedal went to the floor. These were the Police cars of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Cars like the Dodge Monaco and Plymouth Satellite graced patrol fleets across the United States. They were big, lumbering beasts, but then again so was everything else on the road. The following film demonstrates not only how bad these cars actually were, but more so, how good patrol officers had to be to drive them!


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Ford GT Inspection: Should we buy or not?

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Ammo NYC

Common sense dictates that before you purchase any used vehicle that a pre-purchase inspection should take place. This is something that can be taken care of as easily as bringing the car to your local mechanic, or hiring an expert to go and check it out for you. Larry Kosilla of recently traveled to Pittsburgh, PA to inspect a beautiful Ford GT for a client and explains the ins-and-outs of what to look for.


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The Bianchina is an Unconventional Choice: Petrolicious

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1959 Bianchina

If you’re ever in the city of Rimini, Italy, then you may just be fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of Annalisa and her little blue 1959 Bianchina. It was chosen from her fathers collection to be her daily driver, and even though it’s not fast, the personality it exudes more than makes up for its lack of speed. It is perhaps, one of the cutest cars we’ve ever seen and we need to thank the crew over at Petrolicious for bringing it to us!


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Pixar Motorama 2013 – Jay Leno’s Garage

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Pixar Studios

This week on Jay Leno’s Garage, Jay Leno’s crew got the inside track on one of the coolest shows in Southern, CA, the Pixar Motorama 2013. This is a show that is put on for only the employees of Pixar Studios – you know, those guys who made the movie Cars, Toy Story and Wall•E. Everything from John Lasseter’s Woodie, to Steve McQueen’s Jaguar was on hand for the cameras to capture, so make sure to click through and check it out.


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A look at the 1980’s…

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The 1980s

If you were to look at what was perhaps one of the greatest transition decades in the automotive industry, the odds of the 1980’s showing up would not be out of the question. It was the decade that saw the death of the carburetor, the inclusion of on-board diagnostic systems, and new safety features like airbags and anti-lock brakes. The industry centered around futuristic hardware and design, and promised people that amazing things were on the horizon. For the most part it was true, however looking back on it now, in 2013, we can see just how lost the 1980’s and the automotive industry as a whole, really were.


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The 2014 Honda Odyssey–“Owner’s Manual”

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Honda Odyssey

You’ve got to hand it to Honda for installing a built in vacuum in their new 2014 Honda Odyssey. I mean if you have kids, then this thing is invaluable! I’m only surprised that their the first manufacturer to go through with it. Check it out after the jump as their new ad is pretty cute.


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