Muscle Car Rescue: They Need Your Help

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Muscle Car Rescue

They say that everyone needs a second chance, but what about everything? Muscle Car Rescue is a group that fights for the rights of underprivileged and abused automobiles that have been left languishing in fields, on the sides of homes and in vacant car ports throughout the country. Yes, their stories are sad, but hopefully, with your help, we can save some of these old steel beasts and return them to their former glory. Check out their video after the jump and make sure to click on the link below for more information.

Source: MuscleCarRescue.com

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Earth 2050 – Trailer : Watch This

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Earth 2050

I’m generally not one to post up about the environment, politics and or government affairs. After watching the trailer for “Earth 2050″ however it seems painfully obvious that if we want to keep enjoying the vehicles we love, that most of us should take notice of what’s happening to our planet. Click through and check it out.

You can also view the full length video (42:39) here.

Source: Youtube.com

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Crower Six Stroke

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We’re all familiar with the venerable Otto cycle—intake, compression, expansion, exhaust. But that’s just not enough for veteran race engine builder and performance aftermarket mogul Bruce Cower. He added another two. The Crower Six Stroke promised to boost power and efficiency while eliminating the cooling system altogether years ago. So what happened to the concept engine? 

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DRIVE: Renault Twizy Review

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Renault Twizy

Chris Harris can usually be seen thrashing about in some form of high end exotic. He’s a hoonigan of the first order and has left his tread marks on countless roads throughout the world. To do this however requires something with a bit of grunt which is why it’s so strange to see him in Renault’s new electric car, the Twizy. At it’s core the Twizy is not a long winded open road car, but a small urban vehicle that, as Harris states, is perfect for something like the rental car market at your favorite tourist destination. From an efficiency standpoint the Twizy is well… not so hot. For instance, it will take you 12 hours of charging to get 50-60 miles of driving, and that’s if you’re easy on the throttle. Keep the go-pedal flat however and you may get a max range of about 30 miles. Be that as it may though the Twizy is an interesting little car for the European market. I just find it amusing that we’ve had the same thing here in the States for years – we however just call them golf carts.

Source: Youtube.com/DRIVE

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How Green Do You Want to Be?

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Green Cars
*Image Source: gev.com

I’ve been in California less than a month and I’ve already seen more “green” cars then I’d seen in a year back in the New York metro area. The Toyota Prius for example – these suckers are EVERYWHERE. Then there are the gaggles of Tesla Roadsters, Chevrolet Volts and Nissan Leafs that roam the freeways. It’s strange, but I’ve got to admit it feels pretty good to see these cars on the road. Back in NY it was almost part of the culture NOT to be green as most New Yorkers I know simply didn’t take recycling seriously. Here in the Bay area though, it’s part of everyday life. From riding your bicycle to work, to having three different garbage cans for your waste materials, going green is definitely the thing to do around here. Now while it’s doubtful I’ll be getting rid of my 8-mpg muscle cars anytime soon, I’m actually considering buying something a bit more economical for a third car. Who knows, maybe these Californian’s are actually onto something…

How Much Do YOU Love Tofu?

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When it comes to diets, I’m an omnivore leaning towards the meatitarian side. I’ve tried tofu, which is essentially congealed soy milk, and to me it’s always tasted like sweat socks cooked in dishwater. That’s when it tastes like anything at all, which it usually doesn’t; imagine my surprise, then, when a vegetarian and PETA member in Tennessee purchased a license plate that read “I Love Tofu.” Read More…

East Coast Car Guys Brace For Hurricane Irene… Bitch.

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Hurricane Irene
*Image Credit: HuffingtonPost.com

Ugh… So this is how the 2011 car season on the East coast is going to end; by God deciding to mess up everyone’s plans by smacking us dead in the jaw with hurricane Irene. You see car storage in the Northeast, especially the boroughs (Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and NYC) is miserable. In fact it’s not uncommon to see the occasional $100,000 car or vintage muscle car parked on the street or in a driveway. This weekend though may seriously change that. Irene is supposed to hit the New York Metro area late Saturday night and into Sunday, and with it bring up to 12-inch’s of rain and wind gust of over 100 mph. That means that everyone who keeps their beloved rides in a car port, pop-up tent and or on the street is petrified right now of the impending doom that possibly awaits their vehicles. My advice is simple; tuck those cars in good and tight and try, if at all possible to get them into a secure location. Hell, if you live in a place with a secure parking structure then you may want to actually look at ponying up some cash and keeping them there for the weekend. Either way though, prep now because this bitch is going to hit with both fists and I have a feeling her impact is going to hurt.

Good luck Northeast.

Ferrari’s President: You’ll Never See An Electric Ferrari

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Image: FlyingPete

The problem with absolutes is that they’re, well, absolute. I’m quite certain at some point in Ferrari’s history, perhaps Enzo Ferrari himself was asked about Ferrari building cars with automatic gearboxes. I’m quite certain his reply would have been along the lines of “Ferraris are cars for the driver, and you’ll never see a Ferrari with an automatic gearbox.”

Times change, technologies evolve, and the only Ferrari still available with a manual transmission today is the California. That’s why I have to chuckle at Ferrari’s president, Luca di Montezemolo when he says, “you will never see a Ferrari electric because I don’t believe in electric cars.” Never is a long time, and technology changes in a heartbeat. We’d be the first to admit that electric cars lack practicality today, but their performance potential keeps us intrigued. At some point in the future, assuming technologies like smart roadways and inductive charging progress, electric cars will be lighter and more powerful than their gasoline counterparts. That’s why you never say, “never.” Read More…

It’s Official: CAFE Target For 2025 To Be 54.5 MPG

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Image: Jane M. Sawyer

Compromise means that no one walks away from the table happy, but no one walks away really pissed off, either. Such is the case with the newly agreed upon CAFE standards for 2025: no one’s really happy with them, but no one found them overly objectionable, either. The EPA, and the Obama administration, had initially pushed for a standard of 62 mpg before agreeing to back off to 56.2 mpg. Although it’s really splitting hairs, the administration and the automakers agreed on a target of 54.5 mpg. Read More…

Translogic Presents: EPIC 232se Electric Sport Boat

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Epic 232se Electric Boat

Man… it looks like just about everyone is jumping on the electric bandwagon. First it was cars, then motorcycles and now boats. I suppose it was inevitable that boaters would follow suit, however it seems like the cost of admission is unbelievably high. This is the EPIC 232se Electric Sport Boat, a boat that’s designed specifically for wake boarding. It’s sleek, fast and can hold a charge for up to 10 hours, however it also cost a whopping a $150,000 which is a lot of scratch for a 23-foot tow vehicle. Granted the EPIC 232se is filled to the gills with the latest and greatest in electric vehicle technology, but $150,000 just seems like and exorbitant amount of money to pay for a boat that does little more than tow you around a lake at speed.
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