Modern Motorcycle Company

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Modern Motorcycle Company

For some of us creating something from nothing is easier then it looks. I mean lets face it, if you’ve got imagination, know how and the will to succeed, then there’s really nothing that can’t be accomplished. In the automotive and motorcycle world creation comes through the hands of the customizer. Existing designs are torn down and re-imagined, mechanics are gone through and re-engineered and design, well, that comes from the passion that lies within. Modern Motorcycles does just this but they follow one rule: Keep It Simple.

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The Media Merchants: Lamborghini Reventón

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Lamborghini Reventon

It has the look of a stealth fighter, hyper-car performance and an aura that has the ability to create fantasies. It is the Lamborghini Reventón and it is, without a doubt, one of the greatest cars produced in the last two decades. Recently The Media Merchants, a technology driven production agency out of Canada, got their hands on one of the 20 Lamborghini Reventón’s produced between 2009-2010 and created a projection based visual experience the likes of which we’ve never seen before. The use of sound and projection combined with the angular shape of the Reventón not only peaks our imagination but helps us see things in a very different light.


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IGUANA 29: A boat with an inferiority complex.

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Ever look at a vehicle and think WTF? That’s exactly what I was thinking when I first laid eyes on the Iguana 29. The Iguana is an interesting boat in the fact that it employs retractable tank tracks that give it the ability to run up on shore whenever necessary. The problem though is this. In boat mode with the tracks tucked neatly away, the Iguana zips across the water with no problems. However once on shore, it crawls along at a snails pace making it almost useless. I mean yes it has tracks, and yes it’s somewhat inventive, but I honestly can’t think of one application that would warrant the Iguana’s massive $290,000 asking price. In short, the Iguana 29 is nothing more then the answer to the question that nobody asked.

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Meet the N.A.R. (North American Redneck)…

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North American Redneck NAR

The North American Redneck (N.A.R.) is a marvelous creature that possesses a set of backyard skills that few others can only dream of. Generally you’ll find these beings hanging around garages, junkyards and or any manner of institution where broken down and out-of-date vehicles can be found. In fact I’m almost certain that the N.A.R. was the inspiration for the T.V. series MacGyver, as they truly are masters of backyard machinery. The below videos highlight what can happen when the N.A.R.’s are set free in a world where wheels, tires and engines of all sizes can be found free and readily available.

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2012 Motor Trend SUV of the Year – Competition Overview

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2012 Motor Trend SUV of the Year

Research, research and more research. That’s what you must do when purchasing a new car. Hopefully you’ll look at things like price, fuel economy, features and overall livability. It’s no easy task, but rest assured that if you do your due diligence you’ll wind up with the perfect car. Now, if for some reason you don’t feel like doing any research then you can turn to guys like us – the motor-journalists who do the research for you. Recently Motor Trend Magazine put together a group of SUV’s for their annual SUV of the Year competition. They judge just about every category and in the end, pick the best overall performer. The video is about 15-minutes long, but if you’re in the hunt for an SUV, then it may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Source: Motor Trend

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Here’s What The Subaru BRZ Will Really Look Like

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After years of hype, here’s what the Subaru equivalent of the Toyota FT-86 will look like in production form. The Subaru isn’t sporting a body kit like the leaked images of the Toyota, so it looks a bit more conservative than the “Fast and Furious” FT-86. The plain vanilla color doesn’t help add appeal, but I actually prefer the Subaru’s subdued lines to the over-the-top styling of the Toyota (and Scion FR-S). Read More…

Toyota’s FT-86 Revealed

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Toyota's GT 86. Image: Toyota of Europe

The official unveiling of Toyota’s much anticipated FT-86 sports coupe happens later this week at the Tokyo Motor Show, but that hasn’t stopped the Japanese automaker from leaking footage of the GT 86 (the car’s actual name, in Europe at least) in advance. We’re not sure if it will land on these shores under a Toyota badge or a Scion badge (since Scion did show a version as the FR-S), but we are sure of this: Toyota pretty much violated the gentleman’s agreement with Subaru to reveal the respective cars at the same time. Read More…

Is there anything wrong with automotive cross-breeding?

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*This AMX was powered by a Chevy LS-engine that looks as though it was made to be there – simply stunning conversion!

A few weeks ago I was walking around the SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV oogling the thousands of amazing show cars. The entire show is one gigantic aftermarket spectacle that must be seen to be believed, as it showcases just about every trend the automotive spectrum has to offer. One such trend that caught my eye was the crossbreeding of parts (power plants in particular) from one manufacturer to another. For instance, it seemed as though every hot-rod, rat-rod and pro-touring car out there had some type of GM LS motor under the bonnet. Now granted it makes sense, because in the scheme of things, who wouldn’t want a stout 600 hp, aluminum small block under the hood.

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Hyundai Can’t Wait For Detroit, Releases Genesis Coupe Images

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The 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe is the worst kept secret in years. First there were spy shots, followed by teaser images showing a headlight here and a wheel there, but Hyundai has finally grown tired of releasing the new Genesis Coupe one bit at a time. Today, the Korean automaker posted these images to its worldwide Facebook page ahead of the car’s intended launch at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. Read More…

Icon’s 1952 Chevy Proves That “Derelict” Can Be A Good Thing

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The world needs more twisted geniuses like Jonathan Ward. His company, Icon, is best known for building restored and bulletproof Toyota Land Cruisers and Jeep CJs, but it also dabbles in the fine art of what Ward calls “derelicts.” The concept is simple: take an original but worn car, then throw the best parts you can at the chassis, motor and even interior. Read More…