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Silver Slipstreams: Mercedes-Benz Ad Fail

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Mercedes Benz Fail

“The A 45 AMG is the epitome of performance, control and expression — essential attributes shared with extreme downhill skateboarding”.

Really Mercedes-Benz? You’re now comparing yourselves to extreme downhill skateboarding, a sport that maybe .001% of your perspective buyers know about. How’s this for an idea; fire your existing ad agency because they obviously have no idea how to showcase your automobiles, and then hire one that can do something other than come up with a cheap idea like chasing a skateboard down a hill.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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Paybacks a bitch!

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Road Rage

If you’ve ever been the victim of road rage, then you know all too well that it can be a very scary experience. Sometimes it comes at you as nothing more than a middle finger or stern look, but other times it can escalate out of control. What generally never happens though is punishment for the individual that’s causing the problem as most instances simply go unnoticed. Sometimes though fate steps in, and thankfully for us, it has a brilliant sense of humor.


Forgiato “King Camaro”: FAIL?

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King Camaro

Where does one draw the line between customization and poor taste? Is it in the paint job, the wheels or the final package as a whole. The other thing is, how does one decide who has good taste and who doesn’t. I mean it’s totally subjective right? What you are about to see is the Forgiato “King Camaro” and to some it’ll be an outstanding achievement, while to others it will be an abomination. I’m curious to know what you guys think, so please chime in via the comments.


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A look at the 1980’s…

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The 1980s

If you were to look at what was perhaps one of the greatest transition decades in the automotive industry, the odds of the 1980’s showing up would not be out of the question. It was the decade that saw the death of the carburetor, the inclusion of on-board diagnostic systems, and new safety features like airbags and anti-lock brakes. The industry centered around futuristic hardware and design, and promised people that amazing things were on the horizon. For the most part it was true, however looking back on it now, in 2013, we can see just how lost the 1980’s and the automotive industry as a whole, really were.


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A masterclass in parallel parking.

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NYC Parking

New Yorkers know that if you’re going to commit to owning a car in one of the five boroughs, then “parking by feel” comes with the territory. Now as strange as it may seem, a cars bumpers are actually used for just that purpose as demonstrated by the gentleman in the following video. While most people would have simply dismissed this space as being too small, this fellow simply bumps and grinds his way in. The same can be said for how he left. Is this the right way to park? Maybe not, but if you’re a true NY’r then this is just one of the many concessions you have to make for living in the greatest city on Earth.


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You’re Doing it Wrong: Getting Rid of Your Wife

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Dead Wife

This is either a case of EXTREME stupidity, or one husband found a way to get rid of his wife without filing for divorce.

Simply amazing.

Throttle Stuck Collision

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Throttle Stuck Collision

Six years ago I was involved in a very bad motorcycle accident. I was riding to work in New York City when a woman made an illegal left turn in front of me and I t-boned her at 45 mph. It was a situation where there was nothing I could do except brace for the impact and hope that I made it. Unfortunately there are times when accidents cannot be avoided, and when this happens you have little choice but to hold on for the ride and hope for the best. The owner of the following hot rod knows this all to well. Check it out after the jump.


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…with a turbo-charger the size of a bucket!

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BMW E30 Turbo

When it comes to track cars, bigger isn’t always better. You see power is a funny thing that has a way of getting out of hand if you’re not careful. On a track for instance, you need to focus on balance and weight. Yes, power is part of the equation, however it you can’t utilize it then it really doesn’t do anyone any good. Case in point – this BMW E30 turbo that cranks out an astonishing 1,192 HP. The car was originally built for Time Attack, but with this much power and relatively skinny tires out back, controlling it, even for former F1 driver Mika Salo, is a challenge.

Source: via Jalopnik

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Samir, you’re breaking the car!

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The world of off-road rallying is filled with obstacles. Trees for instance will truly fuck up your afternoon, as will waffling an animal, going off course or taking out a spectator. However I doubt there is anything more annoying than a co-driver who flaps his gums more than this guy…

No joke, I’d have killed this dude.


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Hayabusa Powered Golf Cart?

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Busa Cart

If you’re a golfer then you know that the most fun you can have during your round is when you’re driving the cart. Take that away and you’re really just having a long walk while carrying a heavy bag with some sticks in it. If however you were to take the best part of the game (the cart) and infuse it with a little Japanese engineering by way of a Hayabusa engine, well then NOW you could have a game that’s truly exciting!


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