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Car Washing

What would you do if someone told you that it was against the law to actually wash your own car on the property of a house that you bought and paid for. Would you be upset, repulsed, what? Apparently that’s exactly what happened to this gentlemen after his neighbor (who apparently doesn’t like him) call the cops over to do one thing. Bust. His. Balls.


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Flashback: VECTOR M12 Review

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Vector M12

America has been trying to produce legitimate super cars for years, but unfortunately, they’re few and far between. From 1995-1999 though, Vector Motor Corporation threw their hat in the ring with the Vector M12, a mid-engine performance car that was powered by the same 5.7L V12 that was found in the Lamborghini Diablo. Where the Diablo had some true pedigree though, the Vector was more of a cobbled together mess of a machine. Financial troubles forced the company to cease production in 1999, however not before 14 of these interesting autos hit the streets.

Source: DtRockstar1

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You’re Doing it Wrong: 4×4 Recovery Fail

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Stuck Bad

Here in the United States we’re never more than a few hours from help if our cars or trucks break down. But down in Australia, in the outback, that’s a different story entirely. In the Australian TV series “All-4-Adventure”, Jase & Simon (the series two main characters) get into a sticky situation with their rigs, and it all goes from bad to worse when the tide changes. Check it out after the jump.


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You’re Doing it Wrong: Tow Truck Fail

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Mazda Fail

Ever have one of those days were you should have just stayed in bed? I bet that’s what this tow-truck driver was thinking as he watched a newly recovered Mazda3 roll down a hillside as it snapped off its tow chain. You can feel the pain of this sheer fail as the poor driver simply drops his head in disgust.

Poor guy.


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10 Car Models That Failed Miserably

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10 Car Models That Failed Miserably

Aquatic cars, electric vans, over-sized limos with lifted tires and suicide doors… The inventiveness of the automotive industry never ceases to amaze — except when it’s a horrible flop and a total waste of money. Here are 10 car models that failed miserably and will leave you saying “aw, at least you tried.” Read More…

Silver Slipstreams: Mercedes-Benz Ad Fail

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Mercedes Benz Fail

“The A 45 AMG is the epitome of performance, control and expression — essential attributes shared with extreme downhill skateboarding”.

Really Mercedes-Benz? You’re now comparing yourselves to extreme downhill skateboarding, a sport that maybe .001% of your perspective buyers know about. How’s this for an idea; fire your existing ad agency because they obviously have no idea how to showcase your automobiles, and then hire one that can do something other than come up with a cheap idea like chasing a skateboard down a hill.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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Paybacks a bitch!

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Road Rage

If you’ve ever been the victim of road rage, then you know all too well that it can be a very scary experience. Sometimes it comes at you as nothing more than a middle finger or stern look, but other times it can escalate out of control. What generally never happens though is punishment for the individual that’s causing the problem as most instances simply go unnoticed. Sometimes though fate steps in, and thankfully for us, it has a brilliant sense of humor.


Forgiato “King Camaro”: FAIL?

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King Camaro

Where does one draw the line between customization and poor taste? Is it in the paint job, the wheels or the final package as a whole. The other thing is, how does one decide who has good taste and who doesn’t. I mean it’s totally subjective right? What you are about to see is the Forgiato “King Camaro” and to some it’ll be an outstanding achievement, while to others it will be an abomination. I’m curious to know what you guys think, so please chime in via the comments.


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A masterclass in parallel parking.

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NYC Parking

New Yorkers know that if you’re going to commit to owning a car in one of the five boroughs, then “parking by feel” comes with the territory. Now as strange as it may seem, a cars bumpers are actually used for just that purpose as demonstrated by the gentleman in the following video. While most people would have simply dismissed this space as being too small, this fellow simply bumps and grinds his way in. The same can be said for how he left. Is this the right way to park? Maybe not, but if you’re a true NY’r then this is just one of the many concessions you have to make for living in the greatest city on Earth.


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You’re Doing it Wrong: Getting Rid of Your Wife

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Dead Wife

This is either a case of EXTREME stupidity, or one husband found a way to get rid of his wife without filing for divorce.

Simply amazing.