Muscle Cars at the Playboy Mansion 2011

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Muscle Cars at the Mansion

Muscle Cars at the Mansion is a yearly event where 40 or so of the coolest hot-rods, muscle cars and motorcycles gather for charity at the world famous Playboy Mansion. This year we were lucky enough to get an invite and with that a chance to cross off another item on the ole’ automotive bucket list. We brought our 1969 Dodge Daytona tribute car to display, and thankfully the big black beastie was pretty well received. Understand that this is not some backyard car show, but a gathering of some of the coolest cars on the planet. As for the Playboy bunnies… well, there was no shortage of them either. The Mansion was everything I expected. From the dark hidden paths that led to the game room, boom-boom rooms and zoo to the dim lighting of the fabled grotto, this place had it all. It also must have been an absolute riot back in its heyday. Here are some pics to give you an idea of how the night went down…

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Take That MOMMA! Son Scares Mom in 1,250 hp Lambo.

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Twin-Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo

One of the great parts about being an adult is that your parents don’t have the authority to tell you “NO” anymore. I mean sure they can still give advice, but in the end it’s your prerogative to make the right decisions. For instance, if I were 17 and I told my folks that I wanted to build a 1,250 hp car, I would have been shot down in an instant. However now, being in my late 30’s, I’m free to make all the irresponsible decisions I want. This is Robert Himler, the owner of a 1,250 hp Lamborghini Gallardo that was tuned by Underground Racing. It seems that Robert wanted to have a little fun, so he decided to take his Mom out for a quick spin and then film her reaction with a hidden camera. Even though the car itself is pretty insane, I think you’ll agree that his mother’s reaction to it is even better.
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10 Lustworthy Pin-Up Girls!

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Automotive Pin-up
*Photo Credit: RA64FREDDY

In the world of automobiles there is perhaps no better sight than a beautiful girl and a finely tuned hot rod. They conjure up R rated images in our heads and make us think naughty thoughts about what they do in their off time. These women are sexy, tough and at the end of the day, they help us bring a little style into the sometimes brash world of automobiles. These are pin-up girls and we here at Ridelust simply love them to death! Click through for the pics!
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Pixeleye Presents: Bottrop Kustom Kulture 2011

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Bottrop Kustom Kulture 2011

As odd as it may seem Bottrop, Germany is home to one of the biggest moto-culture car shows in all of Europe. For 2011 Pixeleye Interactive shot this little number for Dickies Clothing and in doing so managed to capture some of the coolest pre-1965 cars, trucks and motorcycles out there. Aside from the vehicles the Kustom Kulture Show in Bottrop also showcases some of the best known hot rod artists the world has to offer, as well as an 1/8th mile drag strip where show entrants can drag their rides.

Hmm… I might just have to put this baby on my international bucket list.
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Powersliding Cleavage is Awesome!

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Drift Session

I don’t know what it is about fast cars and cleavage, but they seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. This is Abdo Feghali, the Red Bull sponsored Lebanese rally driver who has one goal in mind… give fans a taste of what it’s like to run full tilt in a race prepped Subaru STI rally car. Now we could show you the video of how a passenger lost their lunch in the back seat, or how one grown fan was seen whimpering like a scared puppy. Since this is a weekend though, we’d figured we’d just stick to a subject that we know you’ll love – boobs and speed. Click through for the video and enjoy.
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Let Serene Show You The New York Auto Show

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This concept is brilliant, and I wonder why no other auto show thought of this first. Hire a stunning, leggy blond, put her in skin tight dresses that show off her, um, assets, and have her give you a highlight reel of the New York Auto Show. As you may have guessed, it’s chock full of sexual innuendo, but you have to expect that from videos like this. Sadly, RideLust doesn’t have the budget to hire someone with Serene’s talents, and neither Mike nor I can pull off a sheath dress and five inch heels. That said, I think this series has more life than just the New York Auto Show; speaking for me, I’d watch Serene take us on a tour of a sewage treatment plant, a Shriner’s convention or even a trade show for morticians. Enjoy the extended coverage from the New York Auto Show below. Read More…

9 Full Minutes of “Fast Five” Footage!

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Fast Five

Over the past few months we’ve been posting video snippets of the upcoming film, Fast Five. If you haven’t guessed it’s the fifth flick in the Fast and the Furious franchise and the one that could go down in history as the most profitable installment to date. has just posted an amazing video that not only gives us some great behind the scenes footage, but also gives us some greater insight into the plot and how our favorite automotive fugitives plan to heist $100,000,000. This time around director Justin Lin has taken queues from movies like the Italian Job and Oceans 11 by filling the script with what looks to be a proper plot line. Combine that with new cast members like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a hopped up federal officer and you’ve got the makings of over 90 minutes of adrenaline filled action. Click through for the video and get ready to get your horsepower fix for the day.
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This Is One Lucky Lincoln…

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One Lucky Lincoln

What is it about hot chicks washing old cars that gets our juices flowing? Could it be perhaps that in some way, shape, or form we as modern men secretly want to be the cars themselves? Or is it perhaps the thought that if we buy an old car that this will happen to us every Saturday morning as we read the paper and sip our coffee. Sadly, as a classic car owner, I must report that neither of the above will happen to you if you own a classic automobile – trust me on this because I own two of them. In fact the only way that this would happen is if first, I got divorced, second I paid some big money to some modeling agency and third, I rented a beautiful house that was far, far away from Queens, NY. So, with that being said click through for the video and enjoy watching a beautiful woman wash a car that you’ll never own. Sorry guys, but sometimes the truth hurts…
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Ralph Lauren Finds Inspiration

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Since we all know Ralph Lauren has one of the most sought after collections of automobiles, it should come as no surprise he takes inspiration from these vehicles for his various creative endeavors. In the past he has created a furniture line and produced several articles of clothing that take queues from his collection. This year Mr. Lauren has come out with new racing inspired clothing for his higher end Black Label line. Although it’s a bit unfair to come out with such cool jackets for such an expensive price, I wonder if Ralph will ever consider creating automotive inspired clothing for his less expensive mass marketed lines. Click through for my top picks from the collection:
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The Lexus LFA Takes On… A Bikini Model?

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Fair warning: this commercial features a Lexus LFA spinning donuts around Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Rianne Ten Haken. Aside from that, it seems utterly pointless, and it lacks the embedded humor of Nissan’s recent SI Swimsuit commercials. I’ve watched this Lexus ad a few dozen times now, looking for some hidden meaning in the dialogue (because I’d never watch a video just for the bikini model), but I keep coming up empty. It does need less dialogue from the director, Yu Tsai, and even Rhys Millen manages to speak without saying anything relevant. I’d have to call it Nissan SI Swimsuit model ads FTW, but you be the judge. Video below. Read More…