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Muscle Cars and Chicks in Latex: Sway

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Chicks in Latex

Hot girls in latex and vintage American iron all in the same place – are you kidding me! Click through immediately to check it out.


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Paint Correction on a Porsche Speedster – DRIVE CLEAN

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Drive Clean Paint Restoration

Paint correction is one of the most difficult—and most satisfying—detailing skills to master. In this episode, we show how to restore paint that’s been damaged as a result of poor washing habits. The techniques we review can be performed by anyone with a dual-action polisher and microfiber-cutting pad (as microfiber pads are extremely safe, even for novice detailers). We also review scratches on the microscopic level and illustrate how abrasives work to remove or diminish paint scratches and imperfections. – Larry Kosilla

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Muscle Cars at the Playboy Mansion 2011

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Muscle Cars at the Mansion

Muscle Cars at the Mansion is a yearly event where 40 or so of the coolest hot-rods, muscle cars and motorcycles gather for charity at the world famous Playboy Mansion. This year we were lucky enough to get an invite and with that a chance to cross off another item on the ole’ automotive bucket list. We brought our 1969 Dodge Daytona tribute car to display, and thankfully the big black beastie was pretty well received. Understand that this is not some backyard car show, but a gathering of some of the coolest cars on the planet. As for the Playboy bunnies… well, there was no shortage of them either. The Mansion was everything I expected. From the dark hidden paths that led to the game room, boom-boom rooms and zoo to the dim lighting of the fabled grotto, this place had it all. It also must have been an absolute riot back in its heyday. Here are some pics to give you an idea of how the night went down…

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Professional Racer In SUV Versus Hot Model In Evo X: Who Wins?

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Here’s the deal: take former IndyCar driver Roger Yasukawa, give him a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport and have him turn the best time possible at Willow Springs. Next, take smoking hot Alicia Whitten, give her a Mitsubishi Evo X SE, and see if she can beat Roger’s lap time in the Outlander. Any guesses as to who wins this battle?

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Harley-Davidson Forty Eight: The Pace Bike Of Choice For Canadian Roller Derby

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What better way to shoot the new retro Harley-Davidson Forty Eight than with a pack of roller derby girls? There’s probably a lot of better ways, but that’s besides the point. Our neighbors to the north have a different perspective on things, and who are we to question them? Blame it on the poutine and long winters.

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Being A Grid Girl Can Be Hazardous Work

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Let’s face it, standing with a sign in your hand in the hot sun can be dangerous, especially when your daily caloric intake consists of a Red Bull, two stalks of celery and a piece of lettuce (without dressing, since that’s for fatties). This grid girl, working an ADAC GT Masters race, found out the hard way that locking your knees isn’t a good idea, either.

The driver, Ronald van de Laar, repeatedly asks his crew member to check the car after the grid girl falls on it. I’d like to think that I’d show a bit more compassion, perhaps making sure the girl is still breathing before I worry about the car. I guess van de Laar is more focused than I was, which is why he races cars for a living and I don’t.

Source: Video: Grid girl faints on Porsche GT3 at starting line

2010 Bennets Babes Want To Sell You Motorcycle Insurance

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You probably change the channel when a Geico or Esurance ad comes on; I know I do. Still, I have a feeling you’ll want to watch this video, for reference purposes only of course. It’s important to know what’s going on in the world of UK motorcycle insurance, even if you do live on the other side of the pond.

Source: Meet The 2010 Bennets Babe Squad

Your Wait Is Over: 2010 Miss Tuning Finalists Announced

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Martina Ivezaj, proving that sometimes 'mistuning' can be a good thing.

Tuning World Bodensee has released images of the contestants for the 2010 Miss Tuning crown, currently belonging to Martina Ivezaj, pictured above. The winner will be announced during the 2010 Tuning World Bodensee event, scheduled for May 13 to 16. Knowing the Germans, I’m sure the contestants have to do something other than look good in a bikini. I’m not sure if there are hands-free bratwurst eating contests, but if not, there should be.

In addition to fame and fortune (and lots of pics on the internet), the winner gets a yet-to-be-identified “sports car” and will be in a photo shoot “somewhere in the U.S. Great Lakes”. Which of course makes me wonder if the runner up gets TWO trips to the Great Lakes.

Anyway, enjoy the contestant pics below:

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2010 Dartz Prombron Red Diamond Edition: Now With Russian Hookers!

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See those wheels? They're bulletproof.

OK, I don’t really know if the women in these pictures are hookers. Let’s call them “models with an affinity for cash” instead. Do you remember the Dartz Prombron? It was the Russian built uber-luxury SUV that allowed buyers to check the option box for whale-penis leather. They’re back for another go-around, this time touting the Red Diamond Edition of the Prombron.

Since I know you’re eager to pony up a downpayment on the truck’s $1.3 million asking price (it DOES have a tungsten exhaust and gem encrusted gauges, after all), I’m including lots of pictures below. In the interest of journalistic integrity, however, I will not publish the shot of the hooker model straddling the cannon shell, since it’s got nothing to do with the Dartz Prombron Red Diamond Edition. We have our standards, you see.

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30 Smoking Hot Booth Babes, Totally SFW

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Unlike RideLust’s previous salute to the Auto Show Girl, this titillating pictorial is completely tame enough to avoid an awkward Monday-morning chat with HR, yet still guaranteed to take your mind off the daily grind.

Enjoy, and as I said before, you’re welcome in advance.

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