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Your Wait Is Over: 2010 Miss Tuning Finalists Announced

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Martina Ivezaj, proving that sometimes 'mistuning' can be a good thing.

Tuning World Bodensee has released images of the contestants for the 2010 Miss Tuning crown, currently belonging to Martina Ivezaj, pictured above. The winner will be announced during the 2010 Tuning World Bodensee event, scheduled for May 13 to 16. Knowing the Germans, I’m sure the contestants have to do something other than look good in a bikini. I’m not sure if there are hands-free bratwurst eating contests, but if not, there should be.

In addition to fame and fortune (and lots of pics on the internet), the winner gets a yet-to-be-identified “sports car” and will be in a photo shoot “somewhere in the U.S. Great Lakes”. Which of course makes me wonder if the runner up gets TWO trips to the Great Lakes.

Anyway, enjoy the contestant pics below:

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2010 Dartz Prombron Red Diamond Edition: Now With Russian Hookers!

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See those wheels? They're bulletproof.

OK, I don’t really know if the women in these pictures are hookers. Let’s call them “models with an affinity for cash” instead. Do you remember the Dartz Prombron? It was the Russian built uber-luxury SUV that allowed buyers to check the option box for whale-penis leather. They’re back for another go-around, this time touting the Red Diamond Edition of the Prombron.

Since I know you’re eager to pony up a downpayment on the truck’s $1.3 million asking price (it DOES have a tungsten exhaust and gem encrusted gauges, after all), I’m including lots of pictures below. In the interest of journalistic integrity, however, I will not publish the shot of the hooker model straddling the cannon shell, since it’s got nothing to do with the Dartz Prombron Red Diamond Edition. We have our standards, you see.

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Car Babes and Thier Inner Most Thoughts.

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Ever wonder what a car show Babe is thinking when she lays eyes on you at a show. Sure, you might be thinking that she’s into you because she flashed you that little smile. Or maybe you think that you’ll go for drinks after the show if you just hang around her booth long enough. Hell, you may even think you’ll go all they way if you pony up and actually plunk down some hard earned greenbacks on a purchase. Odds are though you’re all dead wrong. Sure, these booth Babes are nice too look at, but I can assure you that if you look a little deeper into those eyes, you may come away with a different message entirely.

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So You Want To Be A Car Show Girl: Part 3

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Bonus points if you can spot the car in this picture.

In Part 1 of this series, we covered the joys of being a local car show girl. Part 2 covered the next rung up the evolutionary show girl ladder, the paddock girl. Today, we present the pinnacle of car show girl achievement: the international motor show girl.

More pics after the jump.

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Insurance Spokesmodels, US Versus UK

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The Geico gecko, so cute you could step on him

There are a lot of good things about living in the USA, like driving on the correct side of the road or being able to own guns. On the other hand, living in the UK has its own unique advantages, besides being able to buy a Ford Focus RS.

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So You Want To Be A Car Show Girl: Part 2

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Behold, the tireless Umbrella Girl

Last week we introduced you to the glamourous world of tuner and local car show girls. We gave you a glimpse into their world of small town convention centers, unemployed boyfriends and endless attempts at upskirt photos from kids and adults alike. At RideLust, we recognize that some women want more from a career in auto show representation, so in this installment, we’ll cover the next step up the Car Show Girl Ladder: Umbrella Girls, aka Grid Girls, aka Paddock Girls.

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So You Want To Be A Car Show Girl: Part One

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We here at RideLust get a lot of questions from readers. Most ask how they can have a fabulous career as a jet-setting automotive writer, in which case we tell them that blackmail pics of industry execs having sex with farm animals is a really good way to start. Or to get really, really good with Photoshop so you can create blackmail pics. Sometimes people ask us what it’s like to drive the Bugatti Veyron, and all of us on staff can answer with authority, because we’ve flogged the snot out of one in Need For Speed: Shift. Not to brag, but we’re all pretty good behind the wheel of a Ford GT, Lamborghini Murcielago or McLaren F1, too.

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SEMA 2009: VIDEO of DEFENDER WORX Camaro Photo Shoot With Blond Bombshell


There are going to be a proverbial ton of custom Camaros at this year’s SEMA 2009 convention. Everyone’s been almost constipated in anticipation of Chevy’s pony car returning to the streets, and now we can begin the regularity accordable any popular American muscle car–which means almost daily receiving news of some special custom and tuner model from every little father-and-son garage with a dream.

Let’s begin with the Defender Worx Camaros here. They have been working on their display models for sometime, and have just completed a professional photoshoot and posted those photos for all the fanboys at Camaro5.

So what do you guys think? Yeah, me too. The grille is a bit strange. But the wheels are cool. Yeah, the mirrors are neat, too.

Wait? You can’t see the car in that photo can you? Clumsy me. But the fact is, the hottest blond in these photo shoots is the one with the built-in dual air bags you see above you, and since Defender Worx was so kind to include clips of the dame slowly stripping down in front of the Camaro, we doubt very seriously you’ll care much about another wheel and fender job. And yes, I’m talking about the car. It seems that even they are aware that their cars are a bit boring and need ornate hood ornaments to make us look.

For more semi pornographic photos information and and a full gallery of Defender Worx’s two Camaros, click the jump.

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Vredestein Offers Serious Summer Tire Option

Squatting: The Best Way To Appreciate Good Tires

Squatting: The Best Way To Appreciate Good Tires

The rather uncomfortable staging of this poor girl by the wheel well of a Mustang is a startling reminder of one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of car ownership. No, not the harmful effects of self-tanners on paint or the misuse of scissor doors on a Ford, but proper tire selection. Surely our Ridelust readership does not need to be reminded that a quality set of rubber is easily the most cost-effective way to add performance to your car. But as young Misty here can no doubt confirm by her vantage point, tire manufacturer Vredestein provides one of the more striking examples with their Ultrac Sessanta summer tire . Read More…

Lamborghini To Offer Alternative-Fuel Exotics! Extreme Ambivalence Prevails!

Which one would you rather see with a Turbo-Diesel powerplant?

Which one would you rather see with a Turbo-Diesel powerplant?

1. Psychology. the coexistence within an individual of positive and negative feelings toward the same person, object, or action, simultaneously drawing him or her in opposite directions.

Lamborghini is taking its own steps to save the environment through the kissing of environmentalist-ass!

Like most companies, the Italian manufacturer finds itself under pressure to make-nice and reduce C02 emissions and increase the fuel-efficiency of their cars. Though Lamborghini is technically exempt from the harshest wave of Emission Laws in the European Union per a clause pertaining to “manufacturers of ‘specialty’ vehicles (with fewer than 10,000 new cars made per year) who run their own production facilities and design centres, even though they are part of a group of associated producers,” Lamborghini nonetheless is doing their part to at least look like they care.

In a new press release, Lamborghini details their plans to clean-up their factories by attaching solar panels to the roofs of their plants, really a smart move considering factories make up the portly midsection of those Pollution Pie Charts.

But their plans involve the possibility of Lamborghini Hybrids as well. Read More…