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Castrol “Flossie” Bot Can Learn To Ride Any Bike

Posted in Motorcycle, Oil Industry, Sportbikes, Videos by Chris | July 20th, 2009 | Leave a Reply |


Castrol has a special little helper to assist the performance tests of their oils in motorcycles. “Flossie,” a lovely–if headless–robo biker chick, allows testers to analyze engine performance over extremely long periods of time while riding on an extremely loud dynometer without incurring any worker’s comp. lawsuits or calls from the Geneva convention.

That’s because “Flossie” is the perfect woman: able to perform under adverse conditions without complaint. Her A.I. drive also allows her to learn the subtle nuance of clutch take-up and throttle control, meaning she can learn to ride any motorcycle or scooter. She’s also consistent, allowing her to duplicate precise inputs and enabling Castrol to repeat performance runs without variation.

To see a video of “Flossie” in action, follow the jump.

SOURCE: Hell For Leather Magazine

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