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Carts of Darkness: A Homeless Story.

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Carts of Darkness

Shopping cart racing. It’s not an actual sport, but don’t tell that to the homeless residents of North Vancouver, Canada. The creator of this gem is director Murray Siple and he got the idea one day while speaking with a group of homeless residents who were collecting bottles for cash. At first the story was to be just about their experiences, but then one of the residents, Alan, turned Murray onto the fact that he actually raced shopping carts down the hills of North Vancouver. Siple, who is confined to a wheelchair due to a car accident, directed snow board films before he was injured so filming fluid movement for him was really never an issue. By employing a crew and utilizing his talents in motion direction, Murry Siple filmed one of the most interesting stories that I’ve heard of in quite some time. What’s more interesting than that is the fact that the participants who race these carts are genuinely having an amazing time doing so. Cart Racing… who knew? Click through for the vids!

• The Trailer

• The Racer

• The Story

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