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Cars and the Wanderlust

Posted in General by Ryan | December 1st, 2006 | Leave a Reply |

This blog is to satisfy my love of cool cars and other consumer vehicles, including motorcycles, scooters, jeeps, trucks, and whatever motorized item that gives you mobility. And to talk about the consumer experience of vehicles and even urban and country driving, how to avoid traffic jams and road rage, how to subsidize your car habit, and anything else relating to the “wanderlust” of vehicles and motorized travel.

I’ve had the wanderlust since I was a kid, growing up seeing the older kids with their decade old Mustangs and El Caminos (my two dream cars – Red 1969 Mustang, and any El Camino). We spent a lot of time driving – something my father loved to do. We did a lot of visiting, across the US but not so much across Canada, despite being citizens. (Although I made many a trip to Montreal in my then new green Subaru GT, which resembled a BMW so much.)

Over the years, dad bought several cars, including two Chevy Caprices, an Audi, two Porsches, and now at 76, he has a slick black Mercedes. But he wants a sportier model. At 76, if you can believe it. (He still wants to ride a motorcycle. My mother, who turned 61 two days ago, wants to hang glide.)

My brother is on his fifth, or is it sixth, Subaru. I’ve had two, my mother 3. About 10-11 in our family. And these are all the cars I can remember. Oh yeah, a few Mazdas, at least 4 – 3 of which were my brothers, as winter alternates to his Mazda RX7. My mother’s Mazda 323? Well, I crashed that in an unfortunate situation, on a downtown road undergoing construction. As a result, I didn’t know there were two lanes, including the left turn lane. In retrospect, because I was blocked by perpendicular drivers, there’s nothing I could have done. Que sera sera.

We’ve run part of the spectrum of brand models and originating countries. Despite all that, I’ve only actual had two cars, both Subarus. And I haven’t driven for 2-3 years now. I still have my license, and didn’t do anything. I simply went through a period where I couldn’t afford the insurance, let alone the license renewal. And I still haven’t bothered because I haven’t needed to drive. Though I’m missing my Subaru GT badly lately, with it’s incredible AWD and amazing traction, even on wet roads and snow. The wanderlust is upon me again.

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