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Cardok’s Cunning Carports

Posted in Car Care, Cool Stuff, Design, Garage, Porsche, Toys by Leigh | July 13th, 2010 | 3 Responses |

Have at least £42k ($63k) burning a hole in your pocket and need an original place to store your beloved ride?  Here’s a suggestion – British company, Cardok, specializes in custom-made underground parking solutions straight out of Q’s laboratory.

Here’s a clip of the Cardok in action at the Porsche Garden at the Royal Horticultural Society Show at Hampton Court Palace:

Breathtakingly cool.  It just folds away into nothing.

The Cardok can also be designed to handle multiple cars.

Photos: Cardok

The only drawback I can imagine is that it looks like there’s very little room for the random odds and ends that tend to accumulate in all garages.  But if you can seriously consider one of these, then you probably already have a marble-tiled wing just for garage junk.

In all honesty though, I know people who’ve sold single spots in their cramped, shared condo parking garages in Manhattan for over $63,000 so I really don’t think what Cardok is asking is that much for what appears to be a space-saving, nearly theft proof and thoroughly unique car storage facility.

No word yet on whether this clever contraption is available state-side.

via 911Nation

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3 Responses

  1. Lightnup says:

    Particularly useful for evading the repo guy.

  2. Kurt says:

    Down here in FL, that would put you into the water table. Great idea for those who don’t live in a swamp, though.

  3. Where did I park ? says:

    one word…..badass!