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Carbon Motors Engineers Better Cop Car, Prepares For Impending Doomsday Scenario

Posted in General by Suzanne Denbow | October 1st, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

In response to law enforcement’s growing need for faster, more capable vehicles, police car manufacturer Carbon Motors has announced they will begin producing vehicles exclusively designed for law enforcement. This week, Carbon Motors Corps unveiled a RWD prototype that they began showing to police departments in Detroit. On October 14, Carbon will take their tour of duty on the road, launching a nationwide campaign intended to attract departmental and financial support.

Explaining their ultimate goal, Carbon Motors advisory board member Lee Brown likened the company’s business model to those currently used to market emergency rescue vehicles to local fire departments. Said Lee, “If you look at public safety and public service, the firemen design the trucks. That is what they want. You look at ambulances, they are designed to be an ambulance.” With that in mind, one of Carbon’s first objectives was integrating one of the most valuable police resources, the laptop information center, into a more streamlined, efficient unit. In most police cars, the laptop is a bulky fixture protruding from the center console; in Carbon cars, the laptop is incorporated directly into the center stack.

Essentially, what Carbon ultimately intends to offer is a better equipped police car at a much lower price. Explained Carbon CEO William Santana Li, “Today, [law enforcement agencies] buy the cars for $24,000, $26,000. Then they add up to $55,000 of aftermarket equipment for computers, radios, light bars and other equipment.” Carbon’s police vehicles will be sold to agencies completely equipped, lifting the burden of costly modification from the purchasing department.

What this means if you’re a cop: When the U.S. economic infrastructure finally collapses in a few months, you’ll have a faster, more efficient vehicle with which to wade through the rioters/looters.
What this means if you’re a future rioter/looter: Practice running faster.

[News/Photo Source: AutoNews.com]

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