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Leather Clad Ducati Chick Jumps from Helicopter: AWESOME!

Posted in Ducati, General, Hoonage, Motorcycle Rides, Rides, Videos by MrAngry | March 29th, 2011 | 1 Response |

Visa Black Card Ad

We’ve got a black helicopter, AC/DC, a hot brunette in a leather body suit, a Ducati Monster and a mega yacht… HELLO! Those are the ingredients for pretty much the best commercial ever made! Granted it’s a commercial for the new Visa Black Card, but quite honestly, who cares as it’s got all the right elements that car guys drool over. Visa’s gone ahead and sexed us up with little miss boom-boom in the cat suit, then we’re treated to the thunderous exhaust note from that Italian v-twin and to top it off, we also get a James Bond-ish feeling throughout the entire ad. Shit, this could have been an ad for Kool Aid and I wouldn’t have cared in the slightest. Now, does this mean that I’ll be going out and paying the $495.00 annual fee that’s associated with this thing? Well… no. I mean it does get you some nice services like acceptance into some swanky airport lounges and good rates on rental cars, but personally, I think I’ll just stick with my frugal ways and save the $495.00.

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One Response

  1. crispy says:

    That is one kick ass commercial, no question. Nearly dialed the number before I realized what I was doing; and put the phone down. I thought the model was Danica Patrick at first, but it isn’t. The point of the Black Card – and spending all that money on fees – is to live life to the fullest, on the edge, yes. So, while the motorcycle footage is very nice, the rider should have applied a little lean angle on those twisties, drop a knee even if it doesn’t drag. My grandmother can ride harder than whoever did the riding for that shot. Loved the photography of the helo blades too, very cool, especially in 720p HD full screen.