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Car thieves foiled by gear shift

Posted in Cars by davidallen | June 21st, 2007 | 1 Response |

Two teenage muggers armed with a gun see that a man outside of a pizza restaurant would an easy target; they held him up at gunpoint and made off with his wallet and car keys. After finding the car, which was a Honda Accord they thought that they were home and dry, after all they only need to get in, start the car and then they off, no problems there then, or so they thought!

gear shift

In a situation like this speed is of the essence, hanging around can only lead to one place, the local police station. Naturally while all this is going on, the staff in the restaurant are calling the police, who will be dispatching the nearest car ASAP.

gear shift

To everyone’s total amazement the kids are still in the car, the engine is running, but they are going nowhere, witnesses say that the kids were tumbling around in the car as they tried to make their escape, what had stumped them was the car had a manual gearbox, it will not engage first gear unless the clutch is dipped first no matter how hard it is forced, but by now their time had run out, the sirens and lights kind of tell the kids that the game is up and they make off only to be caught a few yards away from the car.

So there are two lessons here, if you cannot drive a manual car, don’t use one as a getaway car and if you want to deter car thieves, get a car with a manual gearbox.

Source [RTE]

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One Response

  1. Hilarious. You would have thought they would have been smart enough to leave after they realized it was a stick. Even if they could have *started* moving, I’m sure they would have stalled the car multiple times, making it easy for them to be caught. Geniuses.