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Car Thefts Most Common In Western States

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Live in Laredo, Texas? Make sure you lock your car and use a secondary anti-theft device. You may want to have your windows etched and put in a Lojack system as well, since the area around Laredo, Texas, has the highest incidence of auto theft in the United States. Vehicle theft rate is calculated by dividing the number of thefts by the area’s population, then multiplying by 100,000, which controls for population. Laredo, for example, has a theft rate of 742.22.

The other top five cities and their respective 2009 theft rates are Modesto, CA (727.29); Bakersfield, CA (684.91); Stockton, CA (663.69) and Fresno, CA (641.89). The first city east of the Mississippi to make the list is Detroit, which comes in 12th with a theft rate of 536.01.

Want some good news? Overall, car theft has been declining for the past six years, and is expected to drop as much as 18% from 2008 to 2009 when the final numbers are tallied. Do you need some tips on how to keep your ride from getting stolen? We covered that here, but feel free to hit me with any questions you’ve got on keeping your ride parked in your driveway.

Source: NICB

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