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Car Tattoos: Brand Loyalty at its Best.

Posted in Bizarre by MrAngry | March 18th, 2010 | 1 Response |

How far would you go for the love of the brand? Would you put a sticker on you’re back window, possibly buy a t-shirt with their logo on it, or would you perhaps show them the ultimate sign of loyalty and get them tattooed on your body. That is what the following group of boneheads decided to do. Some tattoos are actually pretty damn good and show style, while others are simply painful to look at.

Rpmgo.com was kind enough to compile a list of some of the best automotive tattoos on the net and post them for your viewing pleasure. We’ve grabbed a couple just to wet you’re appetite, but make sure you click on the link below to check out the full gallery.

See the full story over at http://www.rpmgo.com.

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One Response

  1. gautam says:

    I M a buisnesman in Gujart ( gandhinagr) and i have a one car and now m planing to bye a another car and i want to do branding on my car for 5 years so please reply me which co. will give me this benifit