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Car Show Quick Tips – DRIVE CLEAN

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Larry Kosilla

Larry Kosilla is the most anal human being I’ve ever met which may explain why he’s entrusted to take care of some of the most valuable vehicles the world has to offer. His clients include everyone from celebrities and professional athletes, to the average Joe on the street and because of this he’s gained a reputation as the best automotive detailer in the business. Thankfully for us he’s also got his own web show on DRIVE which means he gets to share his secrets with us, the common folk.

Before every car show or weekend drive with my buddies, I spend less than an hour prepping my car before it leaves the garage. Today’s episode discusses the idea of creating “contrast” on your vehicle that can help make it look its best. These techniques are designed to emphasize the different colors and textures of your vehicle, inside and out, and get you noticed on the road. – Larry Kosilla

Source: Youtube.com/DRIVE

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