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“The Car Show” Loses 30 Minutes AND John Salley

Posted in Best of, General, News, Television, The Car Show by MrAngry | September 26th, 2011 | 11 Responses |

The Car Show

I suppose it should come as no surprise that “The Car Show“, starring Adam Carolla, Matt Farah, Dan Neil and NBA star John Salley is in trouble. First off the producers have no idea how to shoot cars, and second their format is just a wee-bit too long. Apparently someone at SPEED has taken notice of this because Jalopnik is now reporting that not only has Salley been dumped by the wayside, but the shows format has been cut to 30 minutes. Here’s the deal, if they want to make this show work they need to do three simple things. One; let Farah show the producers how to actually shoot cars and help with the script. He’s extremely talented, knows how to capture the audiences attention and really knows his shit, plus he can drive. Two; let Dan Neil keep being Dan Neil. The Ying to Farah’s yang, Dan brings a wonderful sophistication to the show that works beautifully. Third; ditch Carolla, as the guy is simply not funny and his pot-shot jokes at Farah and Salley are childish and humorless. I think they’re on the right track with the current changes, my hope is that they just haven’t come too late.

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11 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    They should definitely not drop Carolla. The only reason this show was greenlit in the first place is because Carolla is on it. His podcast (the largest in the world) brings potential Car Show exposure to over 100,000 listeners daily. Matt Farah is a cool guy but he isn’t well known enough to carry this show with Dan Neil.

  2. Watching paint dry- says:

    …called this awhile back. Salley was the token, and had no business on a “car show”… Carolla is just not funny or relevant anymore, and the format is laughable. Farah and Neil might be able to save the show, but it would require much work.

  3. Michael says:

    They should have dropped Carolla. Salley wasn’t that bad. Listening Carolla slam everyone with his I am better than everyone else attitude had a short shelf life. I didn’t really car to see how many datsuns he owns and he came off again as snobish. Carolla your just not that funny. You are irritating. Too bad you will be the one that will cost this show it’s end. Farah is awesome and he knows his stuff. I really thought he should have been on TGUSA. I had never heard of Dan, but he knows his products and is a good presenter. Get rid of the in studio crap and let the guys do what they do best. Let Farah be himself and take over the show. They need to drop Carolla and add Justin Bell. Do some more challenges, racing and stuff guys like about cars. No game show crap. There is a reason Top Gear works and they could incorporate some of those things, but expand on american performance and US tracks. The show could be great and 30 minutes is not enough for a properly produced car show. It could be done right if Carolla was to leave. Make him a producer because I am tired of his insults to hosts who actually know the cars

    • Kurt Ernst says:

      Michael, I couldn’t agree with you more. Adam Carolla comes across as a snob, and he seems to lack even the most basic “car guy” knowledge.

      Justin Bell, Dan Neil (who I’d call the smartest auto journalist working today) and Matt Farah would make an ideal cast. All three are real car guys, and I’m guessing that would come across well in filming.

  4. Agree, Agree, Agree. They need to get Tom on set to shoot a few segments for them.

  5. Don says:

    Losing John Salley on The Car Show is a sin. He brings a realist mentality to the show. I’m 6’4″ and it’s great to finally have a car guy that understands that we all can’t fit into a Miata. He has a definite, likeable edge that I can relate to. I never felt he was there to be the clown or butt of jokes.

    Adam Carolla is a character that can grow on you if you give him the opportunity. Yes, he’s crude and vulgar, but that’s his act. If you’ve ever seen the movie “Hammer” you know he does have some sincere qualities.

    The bottom line is that we get to see some cool cars in action, and there can never be too much of that?

    How many clones of Top Gear do we need? The USA version has a long, long way ro go before it’s even on the same planet as the BBC show.

    The Car Show has offered us something completely different. Besides a few segments that missed the mark I liked it the way it was. Bring back JS and go back to the 60 minute format.

  6. Ryan says:

    Whoever wrote this is a fuckin idiot! Dans ok a lil gay but ok Matt is kind of annoying Jon salley is the man and carolla yes is dry but the four of them made it work. I will not be watching the show any longer not only for the reason that jons gone but you can’t fit shit into a thirty minute show! Way to go speed you idiots!!!!

  7. Ryan says:

    Also half the people who wrote comments are as stupid as it gets. What a waste of a good show!!!!

  8. PFULMTL says:

    Although I didn’t enjoy the show much, I still watched it ;/

  9. Rob says:

    I wasn’t impressed with Episode 1 at all. However, there’s no question that the show is much, much better now. Like most shows, I believe it had some teething issues that needed sorting. Now, it seems to have more of a “Top Gear (UK)” feel which I do appreciate.

    Even though Adam Corolla is undoubtedly crass, crude, and misogynistic, he is America’s closest analogy to Jeremy Clarkson. He’s a good “love to hate him” guy for the front spot.

    Matt Farah and Dan Neil are both relatively knowledgeable and have distinct, yet different, personalities. I think they both fit well.

    I’m sorry to see John Salley go. He seemed like a very nice bloke, but I agree that 3 hosts is more than enough. Besides, John did seem to have the least personalty and chemistry with the rest of the group.

    I like that:
    1) they cut out the comedy monologue at the beginning.
    2) it’s no longer “Carolla’s show.” Equal footing for all 3 hosts, please.
    3) include more situational, off-the-cuff comedy.
    4) the 0-60 segment.
    5) the pointless yet fun segments such as the Tank Race.

    I wish they would:
    1) include more non-scripted dialogue and banter
    2) do some work on the voice-overs and delivery. It sometimes seems a little “Motor Week”
    3) improve the video editing; the outdoor segments need to be more engaging and spectacular.

    All in all, they’re getting very close to the mark with the newer episodes. Thank you, Speed.