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Car racing goes very green.

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Motor sport has always had a bad press when it comes to eco friendly matters. Which is only natural, they burn up fuel, creating huge amounts of emissions, use rubber, oil and other materials that are not remotely green. Even when the governing bodies attempt to reduce costs and wastage etc, the sport still cannot ever be classed as being green, until now that is!

eco one

Enter Eco One, the racing car that can reach speeds of up to 150 mph and made mostly from vegetables and plants! If you exclude the engine, wheels, and electrical system.

The tires are partly made from potato starch, which helps with fuel economy because there is less friction. The bodywork is made from pulped hemp, which is then injection molded into shape. Brake pads are made from Cashew nut shells, as the dust is eco friendly. Oil is produced from plants. And the fuel that is runs on is made from fermented wheat and sugar beet.

eco one

This car cost $41,000 to produce, the power comes from an old motorbike engine, nut apart from the running gear, the majority of the parts are in fact very eco friendly and could be utilized in some manner to be used in regular autos.

The car is estimated to be around 95% biodegradable or recyclable, which is a fairly high and very interesting considering that autos are defiantly eco unfriendly these days. The Eco One will be on show at the National Science Museum in London, UK on the 28th to the 30th August 2007.

Source [Gizmodo]

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