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Car Glass: Cleaning and Polishing: /DRIVE CLEAN

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Drive Clean

We all know that washing and waxing our car is good for the paint and body, but what about the glass. Most people simply hit it with a little glass cleaner and call it a day. However, if you’re as OCD as AMMO NYC founder Larry Kosilla, then have no fear because he’s about to show you how to bring your pitted and contaminated windshield back to life!

“It is important to clean the glass and windshields on your car regularly in order to maintain maximum visibility. It only takes one track day, or highway cruise, to notice how quickly the windshield becomes impaired. This week on DRIVE CLEAN, we demonstrate how to clean automotive glass using proper tools and techniques. In addition, for those heavily weathered windshields, we also point out the benefits of glass polish.” – Larry Kosilla, Founder AMMO AUTO CARE

Source: AmmoNYC.com

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