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Car & Driver Tackles the Goat or Flaming Chicken Debate

Posted in Cars, GM by will bee | June 20th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

2008 comaro conceptWith the new Chevy Camaro shifting from concept to production car many muscle car maniacs who’s hearts desire resides within the GM moniker are questioning when their beloved GTO or Firebird will be receiving its classic re-envisioning? That is what Car & Driver is being asked by their readers and that is the question Car & Driver put to the voice-boxes at GM.

Upon the critical and public success of the new Camaro redesign the decision makers at GM are busy crunching the numbers over the feasibility of affording two sport coupes in their corral. From the report in Car & Driver it seems unlikely that GM will jump at the chance to do both a Firebird and a GTO while at the same time producing the Camaro. Since GM’s presidents claim that global auto body sharing is a thing of the past you are not going to see a Firebird massaged out of the same mold as the new Camaro. While a logical reason for choosing to redo the GTO is that GM would get the chance to make up for the non-Exciting stylings of their last attempt.

Pontiac GTO

Even though the Australian imported Pontiac GTO has impressive street performance in comparison to the Ford Mustang, it pales in comparison stylistically (it is important to have both substance And style… or so I’ve been told).

Whichever way GM goes they are certain to receive plenty of feedback from their loyal followers.


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