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Car Design: What’s Old Is New

Posted in Design by Ryan | December 7th, 2006 | Leave a Reply |

I’ve been browsing through various car blogs the past year, as well as seeing TV ads for the past 2 years, noticing that many of the current designs are chunkier variations of classic muscle and sports cars. I mean, look at the Mustang for example. I love it, but it’s just a beefier nod to original designs from the late 60s/ early 70s. Then there’s the Accord Coupe Concept that looks like a cross between an Audi TT and a Porsche – at least from the angle the illustation shows. And there’s the sexy GM Pontiac designs Bob Lutz came up with for a roadster and coupe model and Winding Road thinks might be used for a Solstice Coupe. The concept design looks highly reminiscent of my all-time fave car, the Jaguar E-Type, with a bit of classic Datsun thrown in (which itself resembled a more affordable E-Type).

Now I’m not complaining. And in fact, it makes a lot of sense why this is happening. Were I a car designer at this time, I’d be of an age where I’d grown up seeing some of the originals for real, either in the year of their release or shortly after. I’m speculating that if current designers are plus 10 years or minus 7 years of my age, they’d be doing the same thing. Well I love it, but I have no plans to buy a car any time soon, as I’m planning to move back to Toronto, Canada, late next year. And that’s for the very reason that I don’t have a car and want to try to keep living without one. (I’ve lived in Toronto with a car, a Subaru wagon, and I have no plans to repeat that.) I might have the wanderlust, but there are other ways to satisfy it, including simply salivating over the alluring pics and illustrations.

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