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Car Commercials Too Offensive For Our Delicate Sensibilities

Posted in auto industry, Fiat, Ford, Funny Videos, General, Mercedes Benz by Kurt Ernst | March 28th, 2010 | 1 Response |

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There’s a bizarre double standard in the United States. It’s perfectly suitable to show a horrific traffic accident on the evening news, but we can’t show T&A in advertising because that’s ‘obscene’. We can show a gunshot / hunting knife / chainsaw murder on television, but God help anyone who pushes the boundaries with too much sex in advertising: you’ll have people picketing outside your office the very next day. You can choose from a dozen or so televangelists who’ll save your soul for the low, low price of $59.95 per week, but you can’t listen to an unedited rock song on the radio.

And then there’s the PETA crowd. I love animals, and have had dogs for a lot of years. At the same time, I can recognize the difference between animal cruelty and satire; sure, I’d jump right in if my neighbor was abusing his dog / cat / trunk monkey, but I can laugh at these commercials without feeling guilty.

Enjoy these, or not. Your choice.

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One Response

  1. Gary B. 'Artillery' says:

    Those are hilarious, getting those banned was sad…that’s what happens when you put the weak in charge! I’d tolerate more commercials if were that funny! Mercedes and Sport Ka are the best especially the ‘Cat Decapitation’…hhehehe priceless!!!!! :)