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Car Commercials That Hit You In The Heart…

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Mercedes-Benz Faithful

Have you ever owned an automobile that’s an extension of your being? You know every sound it makes, every scratch and at days end, it feels more like an old friend then a mere transportation appliance. Cars have a way of doing this to their owners. They get under our skin and at days end become members of our families. We rely on them, trust them and cherish them, and for some of us, our rides will be with us forever. Car companies know this and every now and then they’ll release an ad that reminds us just how strong our passion is. Below is a listing of 5 ads that have the ability to not only choke us up, but make us want to go out an hug our four-wheeled friends.

• Mercedes-Benz

• Porsche

• Chevrolet Camaro Spec Commercial

• Dodge Challenger

• Chevrolet Corvette

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