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Car Art: Yoshihiro Inomoto’s Technical Illustration

Posted in Car Tech, Classic, Collector Cars, Design, History, Science by Vito Rispo | December 2nd, 2008 | 3 Responses |

The blowhards over at Kevin Hulsey Illustration demanded that we take the images down. Sorry folks.

I have a thing for technical illustrations, especially automotive cutaways. There’s something about the high level of detail and precision and intricacy. I used to buy any automotive magazines and technical manuals I could find just to look at the diagrams and cut-away drawings of the cars. And for the past 40+ years, the king of those technical drawings has been Yoshihiro Inomoto.

Ferrari 1948 V12 Pencil

1981 Datsun Silhouette

Before the invention of Photoshop or Illustrator or any type of computer aided design, Inomoto was drawing these highly detailed works of art freehand, on paper.

Formula 1 Line Drawing

He would start with rough sketches and re-draw the car in greater and greater detail until it was ready to be painted, and then he’s use acrylic paint, not an airbrush.

Formula 1 Painted

Inomoto told an interviewer, “If I feel the car is powerful, the engine may be a little larger than reality, or if the brakes are very good, I will draw them a fraction bigger or exaggerate their appearance. Consequently, my drawings always contain the feeling I have for the car”.

Check out a selection of his artwork below:

The blowhards over at Kevin Hulsey Illustration demanded that we take the images down. Sorry folks.

The most amazing part, to me, is that he actually has to “create” some of the parts without ever seeing them or where they’re exactly positioned. For example, in some Formula 1 cars, parts of the engine and chassis are proprietary, so information about them is withheld from even the artist they commissioned to draw the car. There are no photographs, no diagrams, not even an written explanation on how the parts work. Inomoto has to rely on his detailed understanding of the inner workings of automobiles to come up with those bits on his own.

There are a few book collections of his artwork out there, but they’re increasingly difficult to find, and most are in Japanese.

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3 Responses

  1. Sofar says:

    Awesome. This is the sort of stuff with which a trainspotterish guy like me would decorate his house.

  2. […] February 16, 2009 · No Comments Found this while surfing today, and thought I would share.  A man named Yoshihiro Inomoto has been drawing these things for the past 40 years, and has evidently gotten quite good at them.  Here’s the link. […]

  3. Vito says:


    the point of the internet is to spread information. copyright is dead and people who cling to it are outdated luddites. I don’t apologize for exposing people to the artwork of Yoshihiro Inomoto. The people at Kevin Hulsey Illustration are selfish fools.