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Car Art: CoopStuff As A Christmas Gift

Posted in Bizarre by Vito Rispo | December 19th, 2008 | 1 Response |

If you’re looking for a cool holiday gift for anyone who’s into cars and art, and you can’t find a Yoshihiro Inomoto book anywhere, Coop is a good bet. His website, CoopStuff.com has a ton of great merchandise, from books to clothes to jewelry and lunchboxes and all sorts of random bits and pieces.

If you want a poster, you can get silkscreen, giclee, or cheap 4-color litho prints. Or you can order some of his original artwork if you have the cashmoney. I think Manifold is still available, that’s the painting at the top of this post. If anyone is looking for a Christmas gift for me, I’ll take that, it’s only a few grand.

Check out some of Coop’s stuff (some NSFW):

These next seven pictures are from one long work, which I’m pretty sure you can buy as a giclee print:

And, if you have the kind of wealth that would allow you to spend $1000 dollars on a black and white sketch of a lifter arm, then you can even get some of Coop’s original artwork, check it:

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One Response

  1. Layla S says:

    Have you checked out a company called Car Facial??? They do more elegant designs and more suitable for women. I love their designs!!! Its real affordable decals that you can stick on to your car.

    What do you think????