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Can you trust your Sat Nav?

Posted in Car Tech, General by davidallen | April 30th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Well we have all heard the stories of people being sent the wrong way down one way streets and there are those who have ended up in the middle of nowhere, but just imagine for a minute what would relying on your sat nav would be like if somehow a hacker has managed to get into the system that you are using and change it! Could not happen, well you maybe be surprised.

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For some people using sat nav has become a way of life, some people use it virtually all the time no matter where they are going, it may even be just a trip down the road to the shops. This may at first appear to be over the top, but the sat nav is updated to warn users of traffic and road works etc, so by using it would appear to be a sensible move, after all nobody wants to be caught up in long traffic jams etc.

Yet it appears that two security experts, Andrea Barisani, chief security engineer for Inverse Path Ltd. and Daniele Bianco, a hardware hacker at Inverse Pathhave, proved that it is most defiantly possible to get into the sat nav system and change the information being shown, now it seems that they have used some very standard equipment that anyone can buy from their local computer store to enter the system and change the data that is on the sat nav system sitting on your dash board.

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This frightening revelation will be announced at the CanSecWest a security conference taking place this week in Vancouver this Friday. They will present evidence of a test hack that they managed to breach a system and where able to send messages through the system which would eventually end up being shown on the sat nav in users vehicles, now do you believe what you sat nav is telling you?

Source [Top Speed]

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