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Can You Say “Wow?” Madza Sets Out to Turn Heads with the Kazamai

Posted in auto industry, Auto Show, Concept Cars, Mazda by Bari | July 18th, 2008 | 1 Response |

Remember the days you spent as a kid doodling about what the coolest car in the world would look like – if you got to design it? Clearly, someone on the Mazda design and development team must have gotten their wish.

The Madza Kazamai, a sleek, stylish compact crossover, make its depute in the concept parade at the Moscow auto show Aug. 26. Russia overtook Germany recently as the number one car market in Europe; the main reason Mazda officials say they chose to show off their new baby in Moscow.

FYI: Thirteen percent of all new car sales in Russia are compact SUVs. The class represents the second largest segment for an avid car buying public.

The Kazamai, which means “swirling crosswinds” in Japanese, is the sixth in a series of Mazda prospects. It all started with the Nagare at the 2006 L.A. auto show and evolved with the Ryuga, Hakaze, Taiki, and the Furai, with designs representing such things as rippling water.

The maker describes the Kazamai as being inspired by the crosswinds in nature. It’s an evolution of the Nagare, but far more aerodynamically proportioned. It all comes down to more Mazda “Zoom Zoom.”

With a five-point grille, accentuated front-wheel arches over 22-inch wheels, and a sleek roof line, the Kazamai, if produced, would have a four-wheel drive train consisting of a next-generation direct-injection engine and a newly developed transmission.

Think spirited driving adventure – while saving fuel and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

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