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Can You Name The Racer By His Helmet?

Posted in Cool Stuff, Formula 1, Games, IndyCar, NASCAR by Kurt Ernst | February 15th, 2011 | 7 Responses |

OK, sports fans, here’s a challenge for you. Without going to the internet, how many of the helmets below can you associate with the racers who wore them? I’m going to make it particularly hard by mixing up the racing series; some are from F1, some are from IndyCar (and its predecessor, Champ Car), and there are even a few NASCAR helmets thrown in for good measure. Some ore (relatively) recent, while others go back a few years. I’ll throw you a few clues along the way, but I’m not going to give away any answers. Up for the challenge? Reply with your best guesses and I’ll publish the answers towards the end of the week.

1. I'll give you a hint: he didn't race WRC. Image: JMJ Auto

2. Think of a character from Gilligan's Island. Image: JMJ Auto

3. He raced for Butch Cassidy. Image JMJ Auto

4. He's still turning left, and occasionally right. Image: JMJ Auto

5. The following year, he was world champion. Image: JMJ Auto

6. Here, his teammate was Paul Tracy. Image: JMJ Auto

7. This helmet is from his last year as world champion. Image: JMJ Auto

8. Eight years later, a crash in Germany nearly killed him. Image: JMJ Auto

9. The helmet is in this driver's national colors. Image: JMJ Auto

10. He's still racing, but finished last season in 21st position. Image: JMJ Auto

Let me know if you like this kind of stuff, because I was thinking about something similar with cars (or specifically, parts of cars). It’s almost time to kickoff the 2011 motorsports season, so I’ve got to get you primed somehow.

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7 Responses

  1. SNAK3 says:

    The original looks like a something someone in the metal mulisha would wear
    1. Dale Sr
    2. some indy/f1 driver
    3. uhhh
    4. dale jr
    5. mark martin?
    6. idk
    7. was it shumacher that ran for marlboro i can’t remember
    8. richard hammond haha
    9. i realize how bad i am at this now haha
    10. no idea…….

    in the related articles it says can you name the racer by the helmet, then underneath it it is f1: lotus renault tests with nick heidfeld- looks like he is wearing the helmet haha

  2. Kurt Ernst says:

    Snak, I guarantee that Nick Heidfeld’s helmet isn’t in the collection. You’ve got three right so far…

    • ds440 says:

      1. Dale Sr.
      2. Alain Prost (the Williams years)
      3. Mario Andretti
      4. Dale Jr.
      5. Fernando Alonso (the Renault years)
      6. Mr. Ashley Judd :) (…Franchitti…)
      7. M. Schumacher
      8. Alex Zanardi (wouldn’t have gotten it without the hint)
      9. The. Greatest. Driver. Of. All. Time. Ayrton Senna da Silva.
      10. Jarno Trulli? (needed the hint again….he changes his lid every year.)

  3. Taylor says:

    Throw some car parts out there!!