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Can America get over its consumption problem with oil?

Posted in General by will bee | July 13th, 2007 | 1 Response |

To some it is a sign of a truly industrialized nation. There may have been a  time in some cultures where being fat was an indication of great wealth and was revered by the starving others in their society. In todays economic world America can certainly stand proud as the fattest consumer of oil in the world; dwarfing all others in our oil fed global society. As the graph below indicates as of 2003 the United States consumes more fuel than 20 other nations combined, and pays less at the pump than any other industrialized nation.

Oil Consumption in 2003

If people lived in shoes like in the fairy tale then we here in America would strive to live in an assemblage of 10 Prada shoes excessively accessorized, while maintaining a summer home in Timberland. It does not seem enough that we consume. We have been taught in our society that to consume is human, but to save is… what poor people do. And so it is with fuel consumption as we buy buy buy ever so much and only stop ever briefly to express our concern over such wantoned consumption when  we finally have to pay for it.

Now go out there and support America….  Buy Something!


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One Response

  1. Dee says:

    Yikes! I complain about paying so much to fill my car’s tank.. yet these other countries pay so much more. Good to be in America!