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Camaro Performance Accessories, This Time With Video

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While sifting through the leaked photos of the performance modded 2010 Camaro [pictured here], I also came across a few other upgraded Camaro’s. There were so many noteworthy custom jobs that I couldn’t choose just one, and therefore decided to post them all.

To kick things off, here’s a hilarious clip I found, filmed by a group of friends mudding out in the country. Video Bonus: when the Camaro drives by, there’s a hush of awed silence that falls over the onlookers, as if Bigfoot had just walked through the clearing.

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This is footage of a Camaro SS on 22’s doing a burnout. In a residential neighborhood.

Here’s a Camaro sitting on Big Johnson 27’s [yes, that would be twenty-seven-inch rims]. Bonus: the owner’s head barely clears the Camaro’s window. Hey, if you’re going to compensate for something small, might as well go really, really, big.

And just to keep it classy, here’s a clip from the Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters wherein Adam and Jamie put the Knight Rider signature stunt to the test using a custom built Camaro.

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