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California Highway Patrol Investigates Officer’s Sex Life, Is A Total Game Killer

Posted in Bizarre, Newsworthy, Traffic, Travel by Suzanne Denbow | September 24th, 2008 | 17 Responses |

In San Diego, California, the California High Patrol is launched an investigation to determine whether an officer “threw” a case in return for sexual favors. According to SignOn San Diego, Officer Abram Carabajal rendezvoused with Shirin Zarrindej at the GuestHouse Inn & Suites shortly after appearing in court for a traffic citation he had issued Zarrindej back in March. After requesting that the judge dismiss the case “in the interest of justice”, Zarrindej and Carabajel were observed checking into the motel for a brief stay (this is why your mother always tells you not to sleep on the top sheets).

When Abram was called to comment on the investigation, Abram admitted that this was the first time he’d heard of any such action, and he didn’t believe there was much to it.

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17 Responses

  1. ANON says:

    As a family member of Abie I can easily say that nobody is surprised. In fact, I’ve said for years he was going to get busted doing something for the “high maintenance” way him and his wife live.

    I wonder what his church thinks

  2. No One says:

    I know this woman. She has a serious history of hard drug use, and prostitution. She is now threatening those around her, into lying under oath, should they be supena-ed.

  3. livinlrge says:

    Who are you? I can tell you don’t know Shirin at all. Everything you have stated is history, 15 yrs past. Where does all of this neg. energy come from? Sounds personal…….

  4. Anonymous says:

    Gee, could you be a friend of hers? How obvious.

    Do the math, being sentenced for prostitution in 1999 is not 15 years ago.

    In 2008 admitting to investigators in this case to adultery is not 15 years ago.

    Sounds like someone hasn’t changed at all. Real class act.

  5. livinlrge says:

    Yes I am a friend of hers. why do you have so much hate for her? what has she done to you? If always makes me sad to see others slinging mud when someone is already down. How does this benefit you or add to your life? All of us make mistakes, so don’t you make the mistake of building your life with hatred towards someone you don’t really know. Shirin is a good kind person, who unfortunately got involved with a cop who was already being watched for his dealing with other women…
    Do yourself a favor and leave her alone, maybe then you can build your life in a positive fashion.. Instead of internet gossiping……

  6. Anonymous says:

    Prostitution in 1999 + bribery of a cop in 1999 + adultery with a married man + alleged perjury = a good, kind person? You still can’t do your math. Let’s hope justice works in this case.

  7. Big Bob says:

    These two people deserve each other!

  8. MAC says:

    She had just as much freewill as anybody else. I highly doubt a gun was pointed to her head.

  9. Abigail says:

    Shirin is a wickerhouse!!! why she calling or why she chase him after all to San Diego County? she live in Encino what’s hell she doing over there? it’s a tramp somebody pull her to bring over there in San Diego.
    if she knews Carabajal Officer is married, saw his ring on his left hand. then why she bug him for? expect him to fixing her ticket? I doubt that, I knew him, when I had ticket. he didn’t help me nothing. He’s good person, we are human mistake but why she go all the way south to San Diego County, she the one look for trouble, what a Bitch for ruin his career job. !!!! why everything so soon? look what happen in Orange county Chief Sherriff. didnt find a till after 10 or 15 yrs. so why to bother to investigation on officer Carabajal? should look after to Shirin. she s wicker clever pull to officer Carabajal

  10. Jamal says:

    Abie is not a good person. He’s a liar, a thief and a fraud. He deserves prison. I would give this chick an award for being a part of something that exposes what a sack of crap Abie is. Why Abigail defends this asshole? I have no clue cause apparently she DOES NOT know him at all.

  11. Abigail says:

    again Jamal? he s not thief!!!! i knew him, Jamal u dont know him as well. he shouldnt be in prison. should have forgive second chance.
    the homewicker had history bribe with cops in Los Angeles county. she doing repeat it.
    u Jamal CALLATE okay, you dont know him as well, that i knews him he not the kind that. he s not theif or fraud. just happen make mistake to have someone. cause all men are dog. not only him, no one perfect.
    Pendejo Jamal

  12. Non-Carabjalic says:

    “Uncle” Abie is a total scum bag. Let’s talk about his real estate fraud, tax fraud and forgery. Let’s talk about how he screws over his own family members over property to make more money cause he knows his lowlife wife will need all the money she can get while he’s in prison. Let’s talk about how his wife sneaks into relatives homes after they pass away and steals whatever she pleases. There are plenty of other reasons why he (and his amazon wife) should be in jail and this is only a smidge of the kind of crap he does. If he’s capable of lying to a judge he’s capable of anything. He wont be getting a second chance cause he is guilty as the sun is hot.. I’m just glad his parents aren’t around to see this. By the way. There’s no possible way a prostitute or anyone could just be driving along and trap someone into anything. He has prior complaints against him by female motorists which is what started a background investigation BEFORE Shirin came around. If she were a tool of the CHP to “trap” him she wouldn’t be up on charges as well.

  13. Abigail says:

    When he fix my ticket he was gentleman okay? I no sex but did other things. This woman is tramp.

  14. marty says:

    no matter how tramp she is , is the officer who broke the law, he abused his power. i always afraid to be stop by any law enforce men. We need a new Al paccino Serpico

  15. Xerro says:

    Four female witnesses against him and none on his side. He’s admitted to the sex and dismissing the ticket. He’s done with.

  16. No One says:

    Here’s the deal
    Having sex so you don’t have to pay for a ticket is ILLEGAL.
    Harrassing women into sex along the highway to avoid tickets is ILLEGAL.
    Bribing people 2,000.00 to testify in you behaf is ILLEGAL.
    Lying on while sworn under oath is ILLEGAL.
    Wasting valuable taxpayer’s dollars and resources is WRONG.

  17. He is not the only lying, cheating, wasting tax payers monies CHP officer out there. I knew one who moved to Oceanside from the Antelope Valley. I called his wife and put a stop to that!!