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California employs new tactics to crush illegal street racing

Posted in Cars, Legal by will bee | June 21st, 2007 | 108 Responses |

It seems that California has decided to take a different approach to combating illegal street racing. Not only will the police ticket you and impound your car, they are now going to Crush your car.

IMAGE: Manuel Hernandez and crushed carsAll that money spent on parts and tuning and styling will be folded up into a deck of playing cards as a warning to all illegal street racers.

Until the process of crushing cars reaches its full potential the deterrent they intend it to be may only result in more racers running to avoid capture. For some racers the $10,000 or so in extra parts on the car is a bit harder to replace.

For California the message is clear: leave the racing to your XBOX or on the track. If you want to race on the streets they will be seeking to crush your spirits.


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108 Responses

  1. Jon says:

    Wow, way to go California. Let’s take away these kids’ cars and leave them nothing to turn to but drugs and violence. Sure less people will die on the road from street racing, but more will be killed by these youths whose dreams were destroyed and have nothing to live for.

    Give these guys an outlet to express their creativity instead of destroying it. What is wrong with California law makers??

    • leo says:

      yeah cuz racing car is way safer than doing drugs.. i say crush them piece of craps

      • siemon says:

        Leo your thought process shows that you are an idiot! use the tax money they spend to try and stop street racing and open an area where they can race bet and do it with out risk to the general public. and let the racing location be free to all racers.

  2. dynamix says:

    Something tells me pursuits will increase.. some people aren’t going to give up that easy knowing their car is going to be crushed. People that tune their cars become attached to the car, trust me, I know. It would be very difficult to watch.

  3. JJ Peterson says:

    Wow i agree with these guys.

    California is just going to get more pursuits, and more people will end up injured or dead. Street racing isn’t a great idea, but the people that take there time and money to put into there cars aren’t going to let there cars be destroyed. I know this.

    Oh yeah!!
    Cant forget might as well get rid of the four stroke bikes as well as the two strokes.

  4. Rich says:

    Wow, Cali has seriously crossed a line that shouldn’t have been crossed. I agree 100% with the comments of the others on the page…If these tuners dont have their cars to put there time and money and heart into what do they have??? Most of these tuners dreamed of building their rides into what they are now, and for Cali law makers to find it ok to take that away from them and destroy, I find to be absurd!!! I live on the east coast and I race, but you don’t see Maryland law makers crushin cars!!! Take Florida for example, they’re big on illegal street racing themselves, but they’re cars aren’t being crushed.

    Cali needs to re-think this whole car crushing issue.

  5. nitrokid says:

    yes i agree with all of you i,m a street racer i have a 1998 mitsubishi eclipse its my baby and i have put alot of money in to my car and if any cop try’s to crush my car theirs going to be one less cop in this world and a lot of my frinds fill the same it’s just gonig ot cause more problems and ps cop go to hell you f**kin a$$ holes if you want i can help yaw with that lol and im not playing

  6. Alex says:

    Maybe these street racers should do something productive with their time. Instead of wasting $10,000 on mAd tyTe JDM yo parts, they should put $10,000 towards an education. This would eliminated the waste of money on a Honda (notice the cars in the picture…. of course, who else?) and would enable them to be able to spell. I would feel uncomfortable watching a race where the driver is unable to spell “friends,” “feel” and instead of saying “y’all” at least, he would say “yaw.” If it is one’s dream to build a riced-out Honda, then he or she has his or her priorities messed up. Street racing is illegal and dangerous, 1 in 20 people involved in street racing are injured. Cops are not assholes. People like you should be locked up or deported. Stop wasting your money on japcrap and get an education. Every time I see a civic pull up next to me, unnecessary wing on the back (note FWD), revving his little 4-banger as the exhaust tone sounds like a fart in a can of Folgers, I laugh at the “str33t raycer 4 lyfe, yo. Type R!” Race track, not street.

  7. Trent says:

    This guy “alex” is an idiot. Not every car you see on the street is a “ricer”. I have a 95 Honda Civic that will walk away from ANY and I do mean ANY c5 vette, mustang gt or cobra, trans am, camaro… The list goes on… But the state of California has NO RIGHT to crush someones car. If you street race then thats your thing, but many more lives will be lost by police pursuits than actuall racing. There is no way in hell that the poeple who happen to have a decently modded car are going to stop for police if they know that there car is going to be crushed. Congradulations California law makers YOU’RE IDIOTS!!

  8. Daddy says:

    Well, the state of florida just passed a law allowing enforcement to crush the vehicles of street racers. I ride through the streets in orlando and see kids racing the cars their parents bought them for turning 16 years old. These young kids don’t have any fear for consiquences, thus leading to stupid reactions in their vehicle that kill there peers. I have seen a kid get ran over, first hand! The immaturity on the streets is what keeps me at the local drag strip on saturday nights instead of the street races. I’m not trying to get my ride crushed.

  9. zack says:

    i agree if u tryed to crush my car good luck catching me… stupit cops..

  10. Big Dave says:

    I’ve a relative that was killed when two racers ran a red light at 10pm and slammed into her minivan as she was going home from work. I do not condone street racing, it is illegal for a reason. Also the states do have a legal right to search and seizure. Which means they can take your car, and once they have it they can do what ever they want to it.

    With that said, I think that police sponsored races, where, much like parades roads are cordoned off to allow the tuners to show their stuff is a much better approach to the situation.

  11. John says:

    Hmmmm….. The good thing is those cars in the stack are just ricers. I really dont think its right to crush their cars because as an import enthusiast and a customizing business owner myself If i were to have my car crushed personally I wouldn’t let that grudge go. I wouldn’t go crazy and hurt people but Id make sure Id get even with the city up until it evens up with the value of what my car was worth. I’m a man who respects everything (the value of money, friends, family, work, especially the law) but to me my car is way more then just a bunch of iron and plastic. The money I have put into my car is a little out there but the time and personalized work to make my car stand out is way more higher then what people can imagine. I must have spent a few hundred hrs on my car building custom parts, painting it and a whole lots more. Id much rather have my car sold than crushed because et least my work is still there, but others can enjoy it. Its better than nothing at all. Plus even if they did crush it Id just go out and buy something twice as fast.

    Crushing peoples cars isn’t right, nobody should let that happen and do nothing about it. Eye for an eye. Finding an empty cop car isn’t hard at all. But other then that, California is one of the strictest states but is also one of the states with the most shoved up their @sses. What they should have done and I’m sure they probably do this but what do I know. Instead of crushing the cars, they should sell them and use the money to get more cop cars or enforce the boarder or do something that will do more then just piss off somebody who just lost their car. If you have a 98 ricer its maybe in best intension’s to be crushed but if its something nice like a 06 miata special edition or a 2000 supra it can be sold for some good loot.

  12. Alex says:

    Agreed on the selling v. crushing issue. If it something worth selling, sell it. However, with California spending, it would take about $6 million to sponsor a single race. I am not saying any Japanese car is slow, but when some “AZNGANGSTA” pulls up next to me in his chicken-wire-adorned, $50 ebay “R-SPEC” muffler, $50 BOMZ racing aluminum spoiler, his knock-off super-heavy “racing rimZ” and more counter-productive exterior body pieces than your average riced-out civic, I laugh at him before I even think of giving him a taste of my Bavarian engineering. It is no doubt that the extra 16bhp and 14ftlbs from his “AEM” sticker helped him pull away from me as I hear the whine from his ebay-purchased “electric turbo”

  13. Chad says:

    So as long as no one races the cars they can still be modded to they’re full potential without being crushed correct?

  14. Alex says:

    within legal parameters. However, If would see you floating by on I-15 in any variant of a honda civic or the like, I would gladly pay for it to be crushed. Watch yourself.

  15. brittany joesoph says:

    what the hell is wrong with you poeple? street racing is the stupidist thing i have ever heard of. you dont know what the hell your talking about until you loose someone from it, you should all wake up and realize that your saying oh lord there gonna turn to drugs. truth is there probably already on them dumbasses.

  16. m james says:

    What a foolish thing to do !

    They could have removed the front and rear glass,
    the tires and wheels to sell at auction and proceeds
    to fund projects.

    I understand the engines were / are stolen,
    scrap them but to waste the entire car in a crusher
    is just plain stupid .


  17. m james says:

    re: NitroKid..

    you need to study more and learn english instead of racing !

    You also imply you will harm law enforcement,
    ‘one less cop on the street’.
    very stupid person you are.

    nitrokid spouted…. (crap)

    yes i agree with all of you i,m a street racer i have a 1998 mitsubishi eclipse its my baby and i have put alot of money in to my car and if any cop try’s to crush my car theirs going to be one less cop in this world and a lot of my frinds fill the same it’s just gonig ot cause more problems and ps cop go to hell you f**kin a$$ holes if you want i can help yaw with that lol and im not playing

    Words by nitrokid on November 14, 2007 at 8:49 am | #

  18. Eddie says:

    Just to clarify this what you people call street racing isn’t organized street racing. I go to street races every Saturday night out in the middle of no where, with out any innocent bystander’s insight. If you street race make sure its away from people that don’t want any part of it such as those innocent bystander’s. So the next time you say street racers make sure you realize that there are some of us that care about other people and keep it away from all the high traffic areas.

  19. robert says:

    i simply dont think it is right them to make a law to crush a vehicle for racing…and dont get me wrong im not supporting illegal street racing..i have a 2008 mitsubishi evo, and a 1992 eagle talon and myself i go to a track and race if i want….i would especially cause hell for my state if a police went up pulled me over gave me ticket and crushed my car….and reading from lot of individuals comments if a lot of you feel that all of us how would you say “ricer” races deserve this…well then i believe, all these middle aged men with their 1968, 1967, et. etc etc..the .list goes on, on, those vehicles should be crushed as well. They are basically doing what these kids are doing..they say they are fixing up old classic cars…but basically the word ” fixing” for a lack of better works is modifying…And im sure everybody should know, by any state law as far as im aware any modification to any car is illegal…bcuz face it the cars they “fix” will have more hp, more torque, and more power, from what it once had…so those out there towards the negative comments, that think this is acceptable…just think you were just crusing down the road in your crovette stingray, your chevelle, or camaro. and a cop pulled you over gave you a ticket, and took your car and crushed…just for driving….bcuz the statement that california is stating is that if your drive your “fixed up, ricered out car we will crush with no hesitation.”

  20. Chgo resident says:

    Seems like the youth feel it is ok for drag racers to endanger others because they feel like having fun.

    On New Years Eve a couple years ago; a 16 year old youth was drag racing down our street at 4am. He totalled his car and was lucky not to be killed. He hit 6 other parked cars. There were 6 cars totalled of 7.

    This past summer 4 joy riding youths hit 3 parked cars…in broad daylight.
    They got out of the car and started running. There was alot of blood streaking down the sides of the car….so some must have been seriously hurt.

    No…drag racing…down city streets…is dangerous…and should be stopped at any cost.

  21. robert says:

    i have a honda civic that is not a ricer but i feel that the crush law might be necessary. i think that if the race tracks or local government brought back some of the free test and tune nights at the race tracks that you would see a decrease in the amount of street racing.

  22. eddiesixem says:

    screw that,if i knew that my car would be crushed for being modded i def would not stop for the 5-0’s! im 17 and ive owned a variety of different cars…jap and otherwise.we put our heart and soul into these things and to crush them would provoke alot of bs grudges which i am 100% positive would cause more problems than racing itself.i know more than a couple people who have lost their lives due to street racing…that doesnt mean i have to get on the pity trip and talk about how bad tuned cars and street racing are?i dont even street race with the exception of stop light to stop lights, but drifting is starting to draw as much attention in florida as racing! i would be pissed if they took my car because of someones sob story!

  23. Daniel says:

    they may be able to crush car but they will never crush the dream for tuners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F#%$ing pigs

  24. william says:

    they would never get my car they can try they wont get my car

  25. JJ says:

    Man, they think by making stupid laws they are going to stop people from racing dam they are so Wrong. That just makes people go and do it! And who ever say its the right thing to do, u can go F#$! Your slef!

  26. Cyrus says:

    oK this laww is s**t dawg

    What the heck is wrong with ya’ll cccccccccccops, im have a 1998 orange toyota supra turbo (fast & furious replica) with nitrous and all the shit on it, makes 1300 hp. I have a 1995 red rx7 also with nitrous, and a 1999 green mitsubishi eclipse thats pimped. If cops komee ima blow the nitrous in there engines and thell screw thereselfs wid there law shit.

    ima go to there stations and crush THEre cars does stubid retards,, street racing is fun itz NOT goinna stoop and ima continue dion it all the time

    ill do it right in front of polie and run screw the law this is sum fun shit werl taklkinn’ ’bout, yawl. ima do whatever they did in fast and furious movies

  27. the real eddiesixem says:

    what the hell? a biter on my name? hahaha….get your own name kid…and quit giving mine a bad name….

  28. Audi Driver says:

    This is pointless…This will cause more pursuits…

    Honda fan-boys need to get it through their heads though… Keep it on the track.

  29. DSM FO EVA says:


  30. Derek says:

    well i agree with lots of people Call has gone way to far i mean i spent tons of money on my car and my dream is to have one the best racing cars out there on the street one day and if they take away my car i wouldent be veary happy and it would prob lead me to do more stupeder things than street racing i mean thats my dream and if u crush that u take away my life some people dream of having a asome car that was my dream sience i was little and iam still going for it but it wont stop us street racing it will get worse because il still do it its just proving how everyone hates us and its stuiped we pay taxes to for high ways and streets so we should have the right to race on them were not hurting anyone we block off rodes to be safe and usually it is because for me safty is the nummber one priority iam in charged for the races and the safty of them so belive me its preety safe yea crashes happend but not all the time as people say they do so Call u need to thaink through what u are doing instead of acting !!!!!!!!!!

  31. mugen 2000 says:

    the laws suck in cali. i used to get pulled over for just driving a civic that looked modified.then i would get tickets up the ass for any mods.so weather you race on the track or street cali cops will harass you just for the look.it is like racial profile or stereo type for your clothes.personally i say tack it to the track yeah its more fun on the streets just for the rush.but with all the money and time spent for the true racers not the pepboy special bolt on people to me the risk is to high to lose my car.street racing has been around forever and will never stop.nowadays whe have to many people among us so that is where some accidents happen and people who cant control their cars.so to those who race on the streets watch yourself and maybe just pay your 20$ and keep it on the track and race anotherday

  32. juve says:

    Can they please leave the owner in the vehicle during the crushing process? If not, they’re just going to go buy/build another one and continue being a public menace. Okay maybe not actually crush them, just putting them behind bars for a few years would be fine.

  33. SDcivicRiot says:

    the laws have always been fucked in california. now they are going to dismember personal property. if you want fast cars, lazy cops and leaniant laws come to south dakota. this shit is cake

  34. drake says:

    all these people are saying “once you lose someone from racing you’ll regret it” no i wont. peple are to f***ing stupid to realize everyone dies sometime. crushing these cars is just another step where america becomes closer to communism. if my car got crushed i do jus as someone else said, theres always an empty cop car somewere. but im in illinois, and i dont htink thats gonna happen anytime soon that i need to worry about.

    on the other hand, im glad its mostly ricers getting messed up. if it was a mustang or camaro or trans am, then thats when this is getting really out of hand.

    also, cali def. will have more deaths from these pursuits than from actual street racing. racers try to do it places where not to many people are. but if their being chased throughout cities, there bound to get in an accident and kill more people that way.

    good luck

  35. Tony says:

    Well, the problem is that you do not know that your car will be crushed until you get pulled over. Now a cop may ask you to pull over just for a minor violation or speeding or no stop on a right hand turn on a red light and such. Now, are you just going to run as soona s a cop flashes his lights? That would be stupid.
    But then, they can always pull you over for something simple and then possibly open the hood and find some illegal racing stuff in the car (like nitrous kits and such).
    So I don’t think running is a practical option. Because until you get pulled over, you don’t know if your car is gonna be crushed.
    Even for speeding, the cops dont’ always open up the hood or trunk and look for racing stuff.
    I’ve been pulled over several times for speeding, they never looked in my hood or trunk.
    I’m in california. But I agree california day by day is becoming a pussy state. No one has balls here to stand up to the state. They might as well take of our testasterone and cut of all our balls and live like Eunuchs. What’s the point of a living a life, without having some fun.
    We call say it’s a free country, but if you go to the other parts of the world, the law isn’t this nuts! There is a lot more freedom there. But lesser money. The only thing here is there’s more luxury, money and a better environment.

  36. Brian says:

    thats jacked up i think california shuld make tracks for us to go race at that are oppen 24-7 cuz seriously if they pull this shit then i know there are going to be pple out there that would proudly rebel how i wouldent know, but it would happen.

    I wonder whats cheaper crushing a bunch of cars or making a track and saving lifes ? HMmm…???

    that being sad cuz if they crushed my ride id just go make another and it be a never ending story.

  37. Scot says:

    There was an RX-7 on top…. So sad… The rest below that are crap. People have to understand the difference between a ricer and a car enthusiast. There are dumbass kids who buy a civic and run red lights. I own a 1986 RX-7 series four, I enjoy tunning and upgrading my car just as much as a Mustang, or Corvette enthusiast enjoys doing the same to their car. I keep my racing to the track though and thats where racing should be done. California should make it easier for people to get on tracks and creating an outlet for kids rather than making it hard. Personally I’ve been three times by drunk drivers and been in pretty bad wrecks, but you don’t see laws that crush a drunken drivers car…

    I guess you could be like every other person and just get an S.U.V. that will obliterate everything you hit and sucks half the earths resources dry.

  38. concepts anthony says:

    this is bull sh@#….i agree with the rest of yall…..not only is tuning and moddin out your car a hobby….for some its a way of life…you bring your ideas and creativity and cram it onto a four wheel canvas….its art….as part of the street scene i think this is a bunch of horse shit….i seen the impound lot crushn that blue civic hatch….it wasnt ma car but hurt me…lol…the driver was ther along with it bein televised on the local news station….cali and ther laws…im good here in the south west….

  39. letty says:



  40. BMW>ALL says:

    Isn’t that an Acura Integra on top?

    dumping money into a civic or a mustang is a waste of money. Put your money somewhere better spent… on a BMW.

  41. Robin says:

    Are they impounding cars for racing only or anytime they stop someone & look under the hood? And do CARB parts added mean the engine is modified? How could they be CARB certified if you can’t use the parts on the street? Like Headers & Intakes with certification.

  42. scrappy says:

    anyways im a detective and i do street racing come on its not the cops crushing the cars its the damn state doin it i think we should all get together go down there and riot trust me when i say this i have been street racing for about 12 years now i have only been beat 2 times i have got a 1993 nissan altima with a bomz kitt ,bomz carbon fiber wing , 17inch mottegi mr7 wheels , roush rice canons,adjustible suspention, 16v dohc 2.4l ,,,, it does 0 to 60 in 3.6sec wanna see pics of it during the making go to ,,,,, myspace.com/ssl12001 . and if any of you all want some shit done to your rides hitt me up ,,,,peace

  43. justin says:

    wow ya u guys r stupid now they have no cars so their just gunna do drugs n shit n wut not n go steal other cars n crap u guys shouldve just gave em a big fine impound the car n do a overnighter or wut not.

  44. james gallagher says:

    no one will crush my 1995 5.0 mustang itstaken me years to get it how it is. im a father a productive member of society and most of all an american, remember america?. fuck the cops, i will drive how i want and race who i want. that law will make people run from the pigs, and cause more accidents and deaths. think about it you think a gear head wants his car taken? charge a fine with a certain amount of time to pay and let that money go for something good like education or infastructure. there laying off state workers because theres no money but yet there destroying something that they could sell and get money, think about it costs money to crush a car, how stupid! street racing is as american as grandmas house and apple pie and it wont stop!

  45. JP says:

    OK not all cops are bad. As matter of fact I’m a cop and I have a 90 Honda CRX and a Mazdaspeed3. Now I’ll admit I’ve been to a few street events before I became a police officer but never participated. I always took my cars to the track and I still do from time to time. I can’t really say that I’m for or against the street racing scene. One it IS dangerous and TWO with the wrong person behind the wheel things can get ugly. Trust me I’ve seen some pretty awful results. I don’t really agree with crushing the cars at all. But I don’t think it’s a good idea to re-sell them either. Who do you think is going to buy it in the first place? Your grandmother? These cars weren’t built to get groceries and your girlfriend’s Midol. They built to go at excessive speeds so all it will do is attract more tuners or immature teenagers who will most likely just race with them. And yes these racers do get into accidents but in my line of duty I’ve seen accidents from drunk drivers, people who talk on cell phones and bad drivers in general. What the state of CA should do is if they’re going to take their cars and crush them why don’t they have more sanctioned events or build more race tracks? Hey, they did it for skateboarders. And for anyone blaming the street racing scene strictly on Japanese imports let me tell you that I’ve seen plenty of Vettes, Mustangs and Camaros wrapped around a street light from….you guessed it….ILLEGAL STREET RACING! What the hell did you think did back in the 50’s, they sure as hell weren’t racing with Hondas and Toyotas.

  46. Matroshka says:

    Lol, to all of you who think anything will beat a properly modified Mitsubishi or Honda, think again. They’ll rip you on the starting line when shifting properly, they’re more aerodynamic for the long-run, and even more affordable. American automobile engineering is dead. The South killed it. Not only does nearly every American vehicle chug gas, they break down more easily and always assume bigger is better.

    Police don’t have a right to take your vehicle and immediatly crush it. They may seize your vehicle and impound it, but it can’t be touched until a court date is met. Should it be crushed? Possibly. Will the street racer take it as a ticket to the realization that what he/she has been participating is dangerous? No. My money is on them buying a new car, modding it again, and racing again before their liscense suspension is up.

    Also, to anyone who believes that street racers are all illiterate, uneducated hoods; think again. Only two types of people in this world can automatically be pegged to be ignorant fools: Politicians and Catholics. Enjoy your day. =)

    PS: Bavarian engineering? Don’t make me laugh.

  47. james gallagher says:

    a properly modified 1995 5.0 mustang will smoke your mitsubishi, its simple math bro, more cubic inches, get on the freway well see whos faster. =) enjoy your day!

  48. […] the Fast and Furious series.  This is supposed to be a deterrent.  But then I read articles like this one and realize the caliber of people that are participating in these street races. These people are […]

  49. you-dont-need-to-know MR2 2gen engine says:

    juts dont get caught…if you want to go fast do it by urself dont race anotehr guy next to you..or just race in the track..meh DONT CRUSH OUR DAM CARS YOU COPs!!

  50. CJ says:

    i’m a domestic person but this just pisses me off that they crushed them

  51. jimmy says:

    I’m a person that loves to drive fast and i think its BS that they wont let us street race…..
    And now they want to crush our cars i think that they should have to pay us for the cars if they want to do that….
    Back off and leave us alone

  52. franklin says:

    I think lawmakers in California are idiots in passing this law. No one in their right mind, no import enthusiast or tuner or anyone who work on their cars in their right minds would stand for getting their car crushed after spending thousands upon thousands of dollars perfecting their dream. Most of these people would rather run away from the cops, even destroy their own vehicles in the process needlessly endangering innocent people just to try to get away from these beuarocratic lawmakers that are running that damn state. There is also another problem with this method the state of California has embraced. Individuals who’s cars have been crushed might take things to the extreme and would gladly do anything from vandalism to felonies to get even with the state for the monetary loss they suffered with their cars and now you have more unneeded violence and people going to jail for stupid reasons. I don’t want to hear the state of California bitching that violence is on the rise and wonder why while they’re destroying peoples dreams and hard earned money too. Shit keeping a bottle of vodka in the car and downing half a bottle while running from the cops is a far cheaper method of avoiding someones car being crushed. I rather get a damn DUI any day than loose my car. Either way we look at this, this option is not only ineffective but adds the necessity of endangering innocent people in the process while trying to get away. Also for all those ignorants out there suggesting us to get an education and stop spending money on our cars…. What the hell do you think was happening in the 50’s and 60’s when some of you old fucks first started racing? Did your cars get crushed? We must admit there are ignorant and immature 16 year olds out there driving like crazy and killing people but guess what? people die everyday from walking to the supermarket. How many people do you think died of drug and alcohol abuse in the state of California this year? Why don’t that state spend more money on rehab programs and maybe infrastructure or health care instead of paying cops up the ass to take peoples cars away. Go ahead California enforce harsher penalties for street racing, shit raise the tickets who gives a fuck, but touch my car and people will damn make sure they get even with you by any means necessary. PS. go to hell congressman who passed this law.

  53. Noctem says:

    I disagree with the state/fed gov’t having any right of taking none prohibitted property. Street racing is not going to stop… Ever… Its been around since the invention of the car. its not going away. I dont blame the cops for this law(they didnt pass it) and not all cops are assholes. however there are a large number of them that are.
    Street racing is not the problem. The problem is teens that have fallen for all the proaganda in the passed 10 years. These teens see images of a glorifyed life of street racing then participate without knowing the risks involved. These are a large portion of these sad storys about kids dying.
    True racers know accidents will happen. They know the limits of there cars and there own limitations. These people look for areas with least danger to test there car and reflexes. Every racer will wreck eventually. Thats just part of the lifestyle. Constantly pushing yourself and your car to do better. Continually pushing ur limits.
    People say go to the track. Its not always that easy. Not all people have tracks near them. Personally i’m more interested in time trials/drifting then drag… The closest track to me for that is over a 2 hour drive. Not the easiest thing when u hardly have money for the tank.
    Stolen parts and engines. In california if your caught with a swapped engine it will be assumed that its stolen. Much of the time its not. but who would believe a punk teenage street racer.
    “1 in 20 people involved in street racing are injured.” i dont really know where u got that statistic from. I would assume that nearly 100% of true racers will get injured eventually. but concidering everyone that drives will most likely get in an accident at one point in there life. Also I would expect that its impossible to caluculate a statistic about an underground sport.
    Cops can be assholes. There are some good cops out there. but many of them are on a power trip and will stop at nothing to find something to harrass you about… whenever your a teenager driving a modified import many follow the rule guilty untill proven inossent.
    I guess i should get back on subject. For the government to steal what we worked so hard for. To just destory our “art” before our eyes. That car that our own sweat blood and tears when into. Countless hours spent making it just right. Countless hours spent learning the car. The car becomes more then just a possesion. Its part of us. When driving u are a part of it, its a part of u. It is our love, our passion, our life. Its nothing less then cruel to take that away. To all that have lost a loved one to street racing u have my deepest simpathy. But personally if i died racing i’d be proud to die doing something i loved. Something i worked so hard for.
    I dont condone needless wreckless behavior. If u street race know what ur getting into and keep it to sucluded areas. always check the area before running. take as much time as possible getting to kno your car. and dont be a dumbass…

    PS- All racers on here. U bitch and moan. And yell and scream. The more u act like this the more people will hate u. U dont own the road so stop acting like u do. respect gets respect. so try giving some and maybe the people as a whole will back up our cause. Our government shouldnt have a right to take our possesions for the pure reason of destorying it. And random acts of violence will not change anything.

    Disagree? my aim screenname is C4rpeNoct3m@aol.com feel free to email or message me.

  54. Dain says:

    this fool said a miata!!



  55. gamerkiller3000 says:

    damn do you see that civic hatch on tha bottom! DAMN! i hate cali now im scared to do anything more with my ride! haha! but im still on da streets! LMAO! XD

  56. […] racing, and they take the term "street racing" very liberally… from my understanding California employs new tactics to crush illegal street racing I don’t know if other states have a car crush program like that though. __________________ ..: […]

  57. trevor says:

    everyone sayin that they would run from the cops good luck with that. u will ended up losing that f*ckin battle. it is wrong for cops to crush cars like that but that is the only way they know how to try an stop street racing

  58. Alex says:

    Way to go California, (f**ing terminator) instead of giving people a place to compete safely you go ahead and make things worse.
    Police crushing cars = more people running = more accidents= worse law ever. California’s best option -> Give place to safely race= charge to enter=more $ for State=save lives= everyone Happy. I don’t get why law makers make everything so complicated.

  59. JT FRANKLIN says:

    I would run before handing my car over to be crushed and im sure others would do the same. What is more dangerous a couple kids out racing each other for fun or running from the cops so my car doesnt get impounded?!!

  60. tacoma dude says:

    damnn that eg at the bottom of the pile must have looked bomb as eff with its red track Rs… but yeahh rofl reading peoples comments about this law is kind of funny, and i agree with the majority who think this is bs. but then again you gotta just keep it on the tracks. u got money to eff with ur car tuning it and all that jazz why dont u have money to bring it to the tracks? but im glad i live in washington. most theyll do is impound the car :D but damn.. i would sock a random effin person in the nostril if a cop ever just pulled me over out of no where and took my car to be crushed. it is also funny how just because the pics show integra and 3 civics, people think that its all just about crushing hondas. im pretty sure other cars like old school muscles, classics and all those other bomb effin cars get crushed to, its just shows the hondas because they are a more common vehicle in the street racing scene since they are so inexpensive and easy as eff to work on so they are more likely to be crushed if caught. well idk. my opinion about this law is that it is sorta a good thing just for the fact to have people keep it to the tracks. but then again people have their own opinions on everything

  61. Cris says:


  62. mudd says:

    i honestly think its a good idea, maybe the more intimidated will stop it all together (yea i know fat chance but it sounded good) i just think they should have a area of land out in the middle of nowhere and open it up for them to race in for free, or a really small fee, would probably make more of a difference, but then again the thrill of doing it on the street will more then likely keep kids doing it….

  63. openminded says:

    i know for a fact that there are organized events and meets where racers get together (away from everyone else who choose not to be around) and do their thing. everyone who participates or spectates knows exactly what they are getting into and what the concequences are. I do admit that street racing in random places and with regular traffic is dangerous to both the racers and anyone who happens to be around but i do not see why the cops should bother anyone who is going through the trouble to organize something to ensure no one is hurt. and yes accidents do happen but it is rare and like i said everyone participating knows what the chances are. i would never agree with the state having the ability to damage anyones property. i understand a ticket and getting your car impounded but i believe that the owner should have a chance to have what rightfully belongs to them returned. I also agree that it is not the cop who is the bad guy as they are only looking to do their job and keep people safe. the problem here is the lawmakers who do not seem to understand racers. contrary to popular belief, the majority of racers are not ignorant. on the contrary, they are just as smart and hard working or even more so than everyone else. this is a hobby for them and as such, it takes money, time, dedication and plenty of know how to get your car the way you want it. and believe me, most would not readily hand over their cars only to see them crushed. i believe that something can be done (the right way) to persuade california lawmakers to come up with another solution, prefferably one that will not add to the problem.

  64. […] laws Team Sheriff Racing – Illegal Street Racing hers a link for crushing your vechicle California employs new tactics to crush illegal street racing So yeha just leave the racing at the TRACK! Or risk the […]

  65. dfghasdfjk says:

    dude i honestly would cry ta hafta crush those cars… all those kids hard work, money and dreams destroyed!

  66. PK says:

    California laws are funny I never expect to see them crush steet racer cars. If they really want to get rid of the car, at lease sell them to Asia and Europe to help the economy. Think about it, we Americans always get imports. Now start selling them to get our money back for the US! In that picture I could have sold each of them at lease $13-$22,000 for the whole car if it was mod to the maxed plus shipping and handling also exporting, that’s a lot of money you know. So racers don’t race or you’ll get the chase. Hate to see all them mod go to waste, OMFG!!! California Laws SUCKS @SS!!!!!!

  67. KB says:

    LOL @ Trents comments on Dec 5th 2007. So you say your 95 Civic will beat “ANY c5 vette, mustang gt or cobra, trans am, camaro..this list goes on”


    Sigh. What a ignorant fool.

    As far as this law I agree its overboard.

  68. andy says:

    to alex……..screw you..ill promise my 2001 integra gsr will tear a v8..hell here in south dakota racing is what is done friday night cops try but havent succeded in catching us yet

  69. turbo busa says:

    Start racing bikes, theyre cheaper and go faster.

    And Cyrus, theres no way you own all the fast and furious cars and if you do ill bet a million not one of them makes 300bhp let alone 1300bhp

  70. jay says:

    Street racing is not the smartest thing to do , i mean come on everyone likes a little thrill until u hit a familys car and kills someone right?, i am all for hooking up your car, whether it is a honda,chevy ford,toyota or dodge etc., you should be able to make it express who you are. i do think if you are pulled over for racing then yeah crush it,thats better than burying a loved one or a loved on burying you!!. but california needs to know there will be a some issues because people will run so basically your damned if you do and damned if you dont!!!

  71. Zimbabwe says:

    I really like this legislation. I love all the people who are sticking up for the street racers. These people are thugs, period. They put innocent people in harm’s way and I think crushing their cars is only a first step. If an innocent bystander is murdered by their negligence during one of the races… EVERY single one of the racers that is apprehended should be charged with murder in the first degree. Get this trash out of neighborhoods and off the streets.

  72. Armstrong says:

    California is going to hell with all there fucking bull shit laws!
    The cops only profile import cars! and if i were to drive a chevy camaro
    modified. you think the cops are going to fuck with that car. No way thats
    the american life style. they just want to control! they want to take everthing away from us our rights,cars,guns.
    This country wants sheep. and if you don’t want to be a sheep then fuck you!

  73. moni says:

    The people have spoken!! I agreed that if I get caught racing I should be punish some how according to the law,but the latest,should be a law abide itself to normal y logical parameters!! Fu,,,ing lawmakers screw up too and go beyond the limits and this California law it’s one of them!!! Sometimes the remedy becomes worst than the disease and this might be that case!!! That matter is that the government is and can be some times mind handicapped and not always been right!!! In fact!! many times they lie and manipulate things in behalf of a few of them,not the people but a few of them!!!

  74. That looks to be quite the deterrent. I wonder, however, if this will lead to more high speed and deadlier chases as speeders will not want their cars crushed? Could this be a catch 22 resulting in more unnecessary deaths?

  75. kasey says:

    i agree that street racing is a problem, i agree that racing should be delt with at the track, however what i do have a problem with is the mindset of the cops and the general public toward import vehicles, i have 2 nissan 240sx’s, one ka24det and one sr20det, i keep my racing at the track and have a respect for the rules of the road, but when cops and the general public confuse noise with speed, they confuse noise with racing. i know this for a fact becuase my cars are relatively loud, it comes with the performance, and i’ve been pulled over doing 45 and cited for racing but thanks to cameras in the area and the cops camera the charges were dropped, so when this law goes over and affects those that werent street racing because of a cops accusations there will be more problems. Im 21 i have a degree in mechanical engineering, im not in debt im not a f *ck up and honestly my cars are my life, so dont go generalizing import drivers just becuase you’re pissed off that a 4banger beats your v8.

  76. azraelracer says:

    I think it stupid to crush a car. When i got caught street racing i got caught couple months after wards cause someone ratted me out because there was a wreck. and screw you people on here who said buy an education because I do got an education I’m going to University of Northwestern Ohio which is one the best rated automotive schools in the USA. Im taking hi performance and sure i did make a mistake,but if they really want people to stop street racing they need to make a track around here. My car did not get crushed, which i would have hid it anyways because its a BMW that i have spent headaches fixing it and putting performance parts in which i will be taking to the track because im going to be racing for NASA at Mid Ohio, but how ever i did have couple months probation, 30 days house arrest, i had to do community service and pay a shit load of fines. But people who are talking crap on here forget that a lot of guys who street race grow up to be there auto mechanics and with out us you would not have anyone to fix your cars. I’m not against street racing,but if you have a track around you, you have no excuse to street race or if you don’t have a track you should race on country roads which is what i did so less people are harmed.

  77. Number 1 Yota says:

    Ok street Racers are not all idiots, I’ll admit a lot are but not all, just like everything else in the world. Idiots are everywhere in everything and thats where the problem is. from 2001 to 2008 only 804 people nationwide were killed from street racing wrecks, that includes drivers, people watching, and people cought in the way. If it wasn’t for street racing there wouldn’t be any racing sports in the world. No Indy, NASCAR, Rally, or any other you can name. As far as crushing the cars they would be better off selling them as track ready cars and not as street legal cars, because lets face it most aren’t. As a former street racer myself I would run knowing my yota was going to be crushed. And yes I have run from the law before after a race. Ive seen people hurt and killed from it, but Ive seen people hurt and killed doing lots of other things. Some towns have come up with alternatives like closeing some streets on Friday and Saturday nights to let racers race without the heat coming for them, I would go to that. Nobody wants to go to a drag strip and pay a $25 entry fee and sit and wait in line to race 2 maybe 3 times down the strip. Indy closes down city streets to race their 1000+ hp cars on the streets, why can’t we do something like that for us street racers. As long as there are cars people are going to race, its human nature. They need to figure a way to work it out with the racers instead of crushing cars, sure we can get more cars but some people put lots of money into some of these cars. Just give us a place to race.

  78. Anonymous says:

    you tards that advocate no drugs and gang related deaths are just helping the fucking problem by asking them to crush street racer cars. Street racing and tuning is a way of bonding for them, something to turn their attention to rather than drugs and killing each other with guns. If you are willing to advocate legislation to crush the cars, then please dont you dare fucking complain about drug problems or gang problems. so stop being hypocrites.
    oh yeah if someone you know has died from a street race as a bystander or something, you have by all means the right to blame the tards that drive in a street race who cant drive for their life.
    Also youre not helping the problem by just crushing cars, sure you crush one, the tuners are only going to get another one.
    one the topic of education; if they really wanted that education they would have gotten it right? They wanted to race, not sit in class its, just because you like doing it, doesnt mean they do.
    Lastly, you cant stop it! its human nature to race, we race planes, we compete on the world market, and its only natural we compete our cars. It is, after all, much better than competing the gangs in a neighborhood.

  79. Eddie says:

    Custom rides a hobby to take away such hobby from someone is wrong. Illegal street racing is wrong but to ban and have police harrass the people that cruise with them on the streets is wrong it should be marked against the law for police that proceed not to care and harass these people anyways. If a vehicle is modified to the owners liking then let it be now they have cops harassing people for where they live what they drive .

  80. Russell says:

    This is bullshit. they should attleast sell the parts and make money to put it towards something. even if you crush the car sell the rims motor and use the parts for people whole are less fornate to have these things and maybe people with more repsoblity can have the cars. Crushing the car is retard and its showening nothing cali. And i will always rip around on the streets.

  81. Chris says:

    ok so its cool to crush these cars for street racing but yet people kill hundreds of people a year DRUNK DRIVING? Crush there fucking cars! but you wont see that happen, its not worth losing the money…. more money in fees and such in drunk driving then street racing! if they want to cut down on street racing, open tracks 24/7 and make them free! but its not worth the cost vs making money off tickets, things are not going to change, people are going to bitch and moan and not do a damn thing! grow up all of you!!

  82. name says:

    thats great. it was about time that this stupid people learn a lesson, and it has to be the hard way

  83. jerry sniffapeter says:

    i think california should suck a big hairy peepee

  84. Taunt says:

    I have been reading most of these comments and i agree with most and other i dont.
    I agree about them selling the cars instead of crushing them. Would be better for the state and also would help other things in example, economy maybe.
    As for everyone who says its okay to crush a ricer but not a muscle car, heres what i have to say to you fools. A ricer is just as good as a muscle car and most likely better in many ways. I own both a tuner and a muscle but im just saying they are equal so stfu.
    As for street racing, i do both on the track and on the streets but what we do is on our way we will stop and pick up the construction signs and close the streets of when we race.
    Never pulling over for cops is something we already do. If they crushed my car, i would make sure that every inch of that place is destroyed so it wont be able to crush any more cars. Im from California and i sure as he11 dont support them.
    So thats what i say. Dont like it then i dont really care.

  85. Joel says:

    “Maybe these street racers should do something productive with their time. Instead of wasting $10,000 on mAd tyTe JDM yo parts, they should put $10,000 towards an education. This would eliminated the waste of money on a Honda (notice the cars in the picture…. of course, who else?) and would enable them to be able to spell. I would feel uncomfortable watching a race where the driver is unable to spell “friends,” “feel” and instead of saying “y’all” at least, he would say “yaw.” If it is one’s dream to build a riced-out Honda, then he or she has his or her priorities messed up. Street racing is illegal and dangerous, 1 in 20 people involved in street racing are injured. Cops are not assholes. People like you should be locked up or deported. Stop wasting your money on japcrap and get an education. Every time I see a civic pull up next to me, unnecessary wing on the back (note FWD), revving his little 4-banger as the exhaust tone sounds like a fart in a can of Folgers, I laugh at the “str33t raycer 4 lyfe, yo. Type R!” Race track, not street.

    Wow. First of all because we race does not mean we can’t spell or never went to school. Secondly you are just plain retarded if you think every person who races talks like that. Also just because we are not rich and spoiled like your dumbass or playing video games all day long and saving all your money to buy more video games doesnt mean we all have “unneccesary wings”. If racing at the track was free, I would go. Cops have no right to be crushing cars. Honda or not. Getting pulled over for no license plate in the front is one thing but getting a ticket for it instead of a warning because your jealous of my lowered air intake headers, camgears, exhaust and rims on my talon is another.

  86. Dylan says:

    i have a 1971 datsun 510 wagon that ive poured my heart and soul into. because its considered a classic, ive taken advantage of not having to smog my car to dump in all sorts of modern goodies. you can presume this isnt a normal grocery- getting wagon (even though i do on occasion). its my daily driver and some say my affection toward my car is sickening haha. but its the truth. ive been around cars my entire life. its a passion to tinker with these expensive toys. i personally think street racing is a washed out fad. i wont lie, once in a while ill slam the pedal down and feel the rush, but for the most part, i just cruise it. i think crushing cars will do no good to society. people are gonna do stupid things no matter what. were not north korea, we have fun. sometimes wrong fun, but fun none the less. there is no way that crushing a few “ricers” is going to put a dent in the streetracing scene. it used to be big out here in san bernardino california, but now everything is calm and quiet. i cant remember who it was… but i remember someone posting something about street racing in the 50’s. i completely agree with them. just because cars nowadays are MUCH faster than cars back then, it doesnt mean that it wasnt called street racing back then. i grew up in an american muscle family. currently my family owns a 68′ mustang, 68′ beetle =), and a 66′ american rambler/ rogue. 1 of 2 in cali i believe. back in the day… these were the road rippers. just like supras, rx’s, silvias, z’s, etc. are today. would you like to see a piece of history such as a 57′ bel air get crushed?
    keep racing on the tracks, thats what i say. even though it wont happen any time soon because of the stupidity of people…. dont make the rest of us suffer by literally crushing our dreams.

    by the way…. im 17 and a senior in high school. tables have turned huh.

  87. Cody says:

    California’s laws are way wack. I’m 16 and kind of new to the scene but not really new to racing, but what I do know is that nobody that races is just gonna give up there car, like me. If my ’98 Eclipse were taken from me, I’d go nuts. My car is my baby and nothing gets in between me and her. Plus if my car was flattened there would be hell to pay. All I’m saying is nobody will just flat out give up. Nobody just let’s there car be taken. So if California really wants to reduce “ILLEGAL STREET RACING,” then they should hold planned events for racers, or at least supply a track, and if the track is to expensive, then they should get a place that can be used as racing grounds. The California government just doesn’t realize that trying to stop racing through fear, it just won’t work. All right I’m out Peace

  88. Scotty says:

    Agreed…California’s laws compared to other states are BULLSHIT. I have court in 3 days for mine..Racing a ricey honda in my Bimmer. Possible 6 months licence suspension, 40 hours of Com service, 24hr. in jail and max fine..1350 plus however much the speeding ticket is…NOT worth it. RUN.

  89. vinnie says:

    you know im all for crushin foreign cars but i agree with the fact that id rather have a little racing then my streets filled with drugs and dead bodies. usa car kick all your foreign cars asses dont say yeah right cause if a real american car wanted to kick your foreign cars asses it would.

  90. Shane says:

    yup, you ever take my car and crush it, i’d change my life from racing to out on the streets, id probably get me into drugs and violence cause what else is there to do when you’d take my one and only thing that i enjoy doing…watch, the more cars they take and crush, the more violence and redemption all these racers will have on law enforcement, it will start a rage/war between them. yup, i dont think youll ever catch me in my car, i have CB radio, Cop scanner, cop radar, everything to keep me away from thoes pig’s,….why cant they go out and catch all the petifiles, all these gang bangers, investigate all the crimes that have to do with shooting’s? theres plenty more important things these cops could be doing but there just lazy and would rather try to chase a car then to chase a criminal, shows what pussy cops we have out there so called “protecting us” yet crushing our cars…well i said enough, good luck catching me one day, youll never catch me or come close unless u have a professional drifter like myself to try to catch me…

  91. Shane says:

    ohh and its all about American Cars!!! 1994 Ford Mustang GT 5.0, maxed to drifting status

  92. Bambi says:

    Auctions these cars off, donate them to charity, take off the illegal mods and give what is left over to charity. Anything could be done with these cars besides waste them! Do you not think it would upset the kids racing just as much if they saw a cop driving their cars daily?

  93. joe says:

    look who gives a fuck who died in street racing and the dangers the point is its fucking fun

  94. carlos says:

    street racing has always been around. it only started being a problen when these stupid fast and furious movies came out, then every lame looser tought your every day family gas saving honda was cool. most of these loosers dont know squat about cars they just show up at spots and drive like idiots. street racing was never a problem before those stupid movies came out because the people who were racing then had muscle cars that were actually worth something and knew what they were doing. now its just a bunch of pretty boys who want to show off. people with nice cars dont want to show up there no more because these loosers ruined everything and they dont want to be seen with ricers

  95. camccrum says:

    yes this is true that alot of guys and or girls once saw those moves thought that there car could keep up or out do old schools. imports are nice cars dont get me wrong, I myself drive one and race it but i know for a fact my 98 trans am built from the ground up wont just walk away form a car it will leave them wishing they would of never met me at the light and to the Person who has the 98 honda Civic i know that the ones i race is only pulling about 450 to 500 but they are putting money right back in it because of the s*** they use and they still cant pass me. No i am not trying to say my car is the best in the World in fact i know its not because i know there are always bigger and better ones out there like the Saleen s7. off of the floor this thing has 750 horsepower with all of that going to the a** end if you were to put nos,a bigger chip,turbo, etc who know what that car will do.I lived in cal for a while and if you car cant out run the cops and you to scared to put your car tho a real rush then leave it to the real racers who know what they are doing and stay the F*** out of our way

  96. Mr. Pontiac says:

    hey morons, way to make kids run. and also, f**k the guy sayin moddin cars is a waste of time and money. guess wat jacka**, i’m a fulltime college student with a 600hp trans am. and mommy and daddy didnt pay for it either. so maybe ur jealous, or maybe ur gay, i dont really kno or care. but get over it.

  97. Alen says:

    Just got a racing ticket in Southern California, racing a 09 civic Si Coupe in my 2010 Mazdaspeed 3. This is my first time getting caught after doing this for 7 years. Cop did not impound the car, but I do have a court date this December, any thoughts on what the charges would be? My record is clean. Please email me if you know anything. kazaryan_alen@yahoo.com Thank you. Oh, and FUCK the POLICE. Thank you.

  98. drey says:

    i agree whit all the other ppl on here fuck y’all police

  99. Ok, yes street racing is stupid, but i am a hypocrite for saying so cuz i do it myself. there is a fine line between crazy driving, and just plain out stupid. street racing should only be done by the gear heads that spend hours upon hours in the garage under the hood of that car..the way i see it if you spend that much time working on that car…more then likly you know how to drive it. i street race my car…its a gearhead thing…Law enforcement taking peoples vehicles for racing and doing with them as they please (crushing) is wrong and im sorry to say that if someone takes my car and thinks they are going to destroy it might want to rethink about what they are about to do and all the gearheads would agree with me when i say that…i give my condolences to those who have lost a loved one to a street racer. but also think about the street racers that have lost their lives doing what they love…its all the same…dont crush our cars we spend so much time on them that we become attached believe it or not

  100. Bruce Fuller says:

    I wonder if a motorcycle event leaving San Deigo California for a location in Eastern Canada that had a payout for the winner of 1 million dollars with 1000 Motorcycle is the event would be considered a race.

  101. Travis says:

    I just got busted for street racing 4 nights ago in my 70 chevelle (no rice) racing a 69 chevelle we both got cought the cop got us when we were both just off the line. They say ther going to crush both cars. we were on a dead street in industial buildings I understand we did something stupid and it wasnt the safest thing to do but please dont crush 2 american clasics, I’d rather mine be sold at least she can still live and have a good life. Isn’t this cruel and unusual punishment? like I would think so if any one knows please reply to me?

    • SupraTURBOOOOOOOOO says:

      I completely agree with you I hate seeing these works of art (cars) being crushed. I have toyota supra and I would run any day before I would let a pig catch me and crush my ride. I have oer 40,000 in aftermarket parts, it would kill me. The day my car is crushed is the day I go to my safe and take out my m16a4a1 and get revenge.

  102. richard vanfleet says:

    cali invented custom cars drag racing drive in restraunts and custom cars. but we as teens always tried to find a safe place to race and most of the time you put up the pink slip to your car and than came drag strips long beach,fontana,sanfernando,riverside orange county and others and than this all disappeared it’s sad,but the rush one gets racing is second only to sex and even though i’m alot older than most i have numerous cars that look relatively stock but has serious horsepower it’s hard for me to resist even today when some kid roles up next to and checks out this old man driving an 02 camero an starts revving his eng and i just look away time the light and that LS3 600HP eng comes alive (C YA ) you all are car guys but try to pick your spots and I know in LA its diffi cult and by the way I feel that if your going to crush a car start with the drunk drivers they kill and mame more people than these kids do but hey if they passed that madd would be out business! race safe kids. FAST= FIND A SAFE TIME……………..

  103. Oh lord have mercy on dem hondas that dude probably went and killed himself later on that day

  104. Jer says:

    I wonder how much DUI would drop if they did the same thing for first time offenders? Crush their cars, I mean, since DUI killed, what, over 9,000 people in 2011? And THAT from the NHTSA. Yeah, good job police, crush the “dangerous racers” cars, but enable the real menace. There’s a reason I don’t take my family out at 2 in the morning, and it’s NOT street racers.