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Cal Poly Makes Everything Look Like a Gas Guzzler with 2,752.3 mpg Car

Posted in Compact Cars, Concept Cars, EcoLust by Dustin Driver | February 19th, 2010 | 1 Response |

Compared to this, even you look like a gas guzzler. Students at Cal Poly have built a super-streamlined ride that clocks a record 2,752.3 miles per gallon. They call it the Black Widow. The all-carbon-fiber three wheeler weighs a scant 95 pounds and is powered by a seriously tweaked 3-horsepower, four-stroke Honda 50cc single. Its coefficient of drag is an astounding .12. It uses 20-inch bicycle wheels, two in the front and one in the rear. Yeah, it tops out at only 30 miles per hour, but still, it’s an incredible feat.

Source: Inhabitat

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One Response

  1. 02cougarc2 says:

    really neat to see this! Im impressed you can get that 3 HP 50cc to do 30MPH. Awesome to see the advancement of technology!