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Caged Heat Race Series to Bring Vapid Thrills to NHL Arenas

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Have you ever watched a NASCAR race and wondered, “I really wish the cars were half as big and racing in an indoor caged arena.” Well, my slightly demented friend, your dreams will soon be reality with the “innovative” Caged Heat Racing Series. While half-size, the Shriner-inspired cars will throb with a 250cc air-cooled motor, allowing them to whiz around the 60-degree banked track at speed of over 100 MPH!!! (Although the fine print makes it clear that during a normal race, they’ll be governed to a sleep-inducing 50 MPH.) And to make the race even more exciting, the track is made out of clear Lexan sheets and is designed to perfectly fit into an NHL-sized hockey arena. What could possibly go wrong? Combine this with a pyrotechnic show and a “rock concert” atmosphere and it’s sort of like a Micro-Machines monster truck rally. The best part of it will likely be the contact methamphetamine high you’ll get from the dude sitting next to you. Check out the poorly rendered video below for a vague, semi-incoherent introduction to what Caged Heat is all about.

Press Release

New Race Series Set to Make U.S. Motor Sports History

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Sept. 25 /PRNewswire/ — The Caged Heat Racing Series is set to make motor sports history as it becomes the first racing series of its kind. This innovative series is designed to pit 30 custom-built half-scale stock cars against each other, on a custom engineered 22-foot high indoor caged racetrack.

April 2010 will mark the beginning of a new era in car racing, as the Caged Heat Racing Series kicks into high gear for a 20-city tour across the U.S. This family focussed, entertainment experience will fuse the sport of racing with the energy of a rock concert.

Race nights will consist of lighting, audio, and pyrotechnic effects as drivers compete

in The Cage; a 22-foot-tall track, banked at 67.5 degrees, with 125-foot straight-aways, and 80-foot x 180-degree sweeping turns that fits into NHL sized hockey arenas.

“We’re very excited about the launch of this exciting new sports property, and to be in discussions with potential sponsors and partners who see the value proposition and ROI that the Caged Heat Racing Series offers,” said Thomas Wall, CEO Caged Heat Racing Series. “With the popularity of racing in the United States and an economy on the rebound, now is the perfect time to offer race fans and sponsors a new, affordable, exciting sport.”

“My family and I have been involved in racing our whole lives and The Caged Heat Racing Series is truly a unique event that I’m very excited to witness and be affiliated with,” said Jeff Andretti, former IndyCar and NASCAR driver and CEO of Jeff Andretti Coaching Group.

This watershed moment will bring racing fans an intimate in-arena experience, allowing them to get close to the action. In addition, sponsors will have the exclusive opportunity to fully engage their consumers, by working along side series officials to create innovative strategic plans that not only grow the sport, but drive their business interests.


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  1. Dave says:

    Call me vapid if you will, but I think this sounds awesome. I don’t even like NASCAR and I would be willing to give this a shot.