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Cadillac to Nix Future Luxury V8’s in Favor of Direct-Injection V6?

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The word around the wire has it that Cadillac is planning to do away with their V8 option for their luxury sedans in favor of their Direct-Injection V6. For a company that has built a reputation out of their “Low and Wide” stance and their V8 power this could be a historic move, but only to those who thrive on History. Considering the economy we are living in today and the rising cost of fuel it is quite a sensible move for Cadillac to make. Especially when today’s Northstar V8 and Cadillacs Direct-Injection V6 are quite comparable in their performance.

The Northstar 4.6 liter V8 that resides as an option for the 2008 Cadillac STS pushes out a respectable 320-hp and 315-ft lbs of torque at their peak RPM’s. However the 3.6 liter Direct-Injection V6 that is the predominant selling engine already for the 2008 STS manages a very comparable 302-hp, yet a mere 252-ft lbs of torque. But the Direct-Inject V6 also provides an additional 2-mpg in fuel rating. With oil reaching $100 now it is more likely that improved fuel ratings are going to trump additional horses for many normal buyers.

This does not mean that Cadillac has ditched the Northstar V8 all together. The engine is scheduled to be in production through 2010 and is still the main performance engine for the XLR and the V-Series of cars.

Cadillac’s decision to reduce the use of the Northstar V8 may have further implications along the GM line, as well as with other manufacturers. With the recent passing of the new Energy Bill and higher CAFE standards there are going to be a lot of auto manufacturers looking for ways to improve their fleets over-all mpg ratings.

Source[Automotive News via WindingRoad]

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