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Cadillac-Hummer-Saab Director Mark McNabb Throws In The Towel

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Perhaps as a result of 20 years at the helm of Nissan, thriving in a corporate environment that holds executives directly responsible when ventures begin to falter, Cadillac chief Mark McNabb has officially submitted his walking papers. Previously employed as senior vice president of sales and marketing by Nissan North America, and later by Mercedes-Benz, McNabb was hired by GM 13 months ago as part of The General’s new marketing strategy. Dividing their extensive brand network into four distinctive channels, GM christened McNabb director of GM’s new “premium channel,” which included Cadillac, Hummer, and Saab. Within literally months of his hiring, both Hummer and Saab were placed on the chopping block.

More a reflection of GM’s egregious mismanagement than of McNabb’s personal abilities, McNabb himself has received little criticism for the failure of two-thirds of the premium channel, at least not yet, at any rate. Wisely avoiding the same fate as his was met by his former superior, Rick Wagoner, McNabb has decided to resign of his own volition. Effective June 1, McNabb will be succeeded as chief director of Cadillac by premium channel general sales manager, Stephen J. Hill.

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