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Buy It or Build It: That is the Question!

Posted in Car Branding, car modifications, Car Tech, Cars, Ford, Pony Cars, Pop Culture, Popular Cars, Pro-Touring by MrAngry | November 3rd, 2010 | 4 Responses |

Lego Mustang

With the current crop of cars on the market I’m beginning to wonder if the idea of building a custom car has lost some of its steam. Not too long ago in order to get a car with some real tire shredding performance and top notch handling you needed to build something yourself or spend big money to get something exotic. Nowadays though its seems that the tables have turned on customizers and builders the world over, as the manufacturers are really starting to turn out some amazing machines. Just stop and think for a moment about what type of performance $40,000 will buy you in today’s market.

2011 Ford Mustang

A bone stock 2011 Ford Mustang GT for example will set you back a cool 30k. For that you get 412 hp, a 0-60 time of 4.3 seconds and 1/4-mile time of under 13 seconds. Folks, 10 years ago those were super car numbers. If you were going to try and build a car that would go, stop and handle like a modern day pony car in today’s market it would likely cost you almost twice that amount.

Pro-Touring Mustang

One thing that today’s cars, regardless of the make can’t do is provide their owners with the same amount of oohs and aahs that a custom build can, something that for most owners is a large part of the equation. In the back of my mind I’ve been thinking about designing another custom car, an idea that I’m running very hot and cold with. On the one hand we could create something that is a true “one of one” machine, but on the other, and from a pure performance point of view, I could go out and purchase something right off the dealer lot that will be leaps and bounds above anything we could put together. It’s a tough call… what would you do?

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4 Responses

  1. J. Herrera says:

    Buy a shell of any type of car you want, import, domestic, classic you mention it, and start from there. A car from a dealer lot doesn’t have a soul but in order to build a custom one, you will bleed, cry, frustrate yourself in order of building your dream machine and it will be another part of yourself.

  2. Ty says:

    LOVE SW’s Mustang! But you’re right in your arguement! It would cost twice as much to build a 67-72 musclecar into a vehicle capable of performing, handling, and braking as good as a modern day Mustang or C6! Ask me how I know! LOL I think that’s why we’re seeing a lot of guys buying the new Shelby’s and Z51/GS/Z06s… oh, and they come without the headaches/frustrations and with a warrantee! Great article Mike!

  3. Froggmann says:

    Sure one of the new crop of 300+ HP cars will be fine and dandy for a skinny-pedal smasher. But no matter what there will always be a motorhead (Petrolhead) who will find them to not be quick enough, not be nimble enough or stop fast enough and modify the vehicle up to par.

  4. eddie_b16b says:

    if all the option boxes are checked you dont anything to modify whats the fun in that.if you hand pick everything you can research and learn and have something that is truly yours,however the factory package increases the value of the car and is better for resale. you make the call friend-o.